Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 275

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Dibei Chen’s face was terribly gloomy. To think that talented, cunning, black-bellied woman, that strong, resolute and decisive woman, the wife that he, Dibei Chen, had given his commitment to, would fall!


Dibei Chen’s palm struck the table case made from top-quality pear wood, the terrible energy of his strength spreading out. Hei Mu who was exposed to the shock directly flew to the wall, spraying blood heavily which poured down to the ground.

And that table case, has long been turned into powder.

Hei Mu rose up from the ground, supporting his injured body he kneeled once again in front of Dibei Chen.

He failed to protect the young master’s most important person, his crime deserved a million deaths!

Eyes that were indifferent and incisive, like a wolf on the prairie, flashing like cold daggers, with boundless killing intent.

However, Dibei Chen eventually waved his sleeves, “We leave for Azure Water School!”

As long as he did not see the corpse of Baili Hongzhuang, he will not believe that wise and clever person will fall.

“But young master, you are now …”

Hei Mu had yet to finish his words, that hawk-like falcon sharp eyes have been locked on him. If he dared to say another word … …


Hei Mu did not dare to say any more words. The young master not killing him has been beyond his expectations, if he dared to say more, the young master will not be lenient.

But … … now is the critical moment for the young master to recover his right, if he leaves now, no doubt it will be a lot more trouble.

Looking at Dibei Chen whose eyes showed firmness and decisiveness, Hei Mu understood, the young master has settled his mind on it.

It seems that he still underestimated the significance of Miss Baili on his young master’s heart.

Originally, although he felt that the young master is quite different to Miss Baili, other people do not know, but he is very clear, that the young master and Miss Baili are husband and wife in name only and are not husband and wife for real, thus he did not regard Miss Baili as a true young madam.

It now appears, that Miss Baili is the genuine Young Madam.

Thinking until here, Hei Mu’s heart sank, all of this is blamed on him!

Baili Hongzhuang’s group of four people rushed for a few days on the road, because the entrance of the road was being occupied by demonic beasts, they can only walk around it, wasting a lot of time.

On the way, almost everyone is talking about the Demonic Beast Tide, from some people showing grievous expressions it could be seen that they must have relatives who had died at the Luo Yun Mountain.

Azure Water City.

When Baili Hongzhuang’s group of four people arrived in Azure Water City, eyes showing surprise or delight fell on them along the road.

Gong Shaoqing and the rest as Azure Water School representatives, the news of them going to to the Luo Yun Mountain to accomplish the mercenary task has long been known.

Almost everyone is concerned whether they can return safely, because, it is too difficult to escape from the Demonic Beast Tide.

In this half a month’s time, the school’s male and female students are simply worried.

Dongfang Yu and Gong Shaoqing are the objects of love for many female students, even if they’re not close enough, they are still their hearts’ fantasy!

If the objects of their fantasy are gone, then their days in Azure Water School would be more boring.

Liu Qinyue is also the dream of many men in Azure Water School, worthy to be called their dream lover.

Even though many people know about Liu Qinyue’s love for Gong Shaoqing, this still cannot stop their inner fantasy.

Not only Liu Qinyue, the newly enrolled Baili Hongzhuang is also the object of affection for many men.

On the appearance, on the beauty, Baili Hongzhuang compared to Liu Qinyue is in no way inferior. Liu Qinyue already has a person she likes, but Baili Hongzhuang is a new enrollee, they are full of hope!

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