Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 27

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The Emperor doted on Xuanyuan Huan very much. Once he realised that the imperial physicians couldn’t do anything, he will definitely inform the outside world to call skilled doctors and physicians into the palace to treat his son.

By that time, Baili Huangzhuang would sweep in and cure Xuanyuan Huan, giving her publicity free of charge!

Then, everybody would know of her Godly Doctor Square, and business would naturally flow steadily from then on.

“We’re going to the palace now?” Little Black and Little White were both puzzled before speaking up angrily, “In my opinion, it’s not much better than just directly killing Xuanyuan Huan!”

Xuanyuan Huan forced Master to suffer so much, this little pain is really not worth it!

“Compared to what he had done with the dead Baili Huangzhuang, this death is far too easy!”

A sharp light flashed through Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes as the enchanting smile on her lips revealed a trace of ruthlessness. This pain the previous Baili Huangzhuang had suffered for years, she will pay it back a thousand fold!

“Master’s plan is to let Xuanyuan Huan suffer for 2 days before going to the Emperor’s palace.”

Little White immediately guessed Baili Huangzhuang’s intentions. She would first let Xuanyuan Huan taste all the pain the drug could possibly offer, before curing him of the poison.

As he envisioned the moment when Xuanyuan Huan thanks Baili Huangzhuang gratefully, Little White laughed.

“That’s right. We also need to let everybody know just how severe this illness is before I cure it. Otherwise, how would I be able to show off my medicinal skill?”

The next two days were just as Baili Huangzhuang had expected. Many doctors and physicians entered the palace with their heads held high, but left the palace sighing with heads tucked low.

This strange illness was completely unheard of.

Whether it was the miasma poisoning powder or itching powder, they were all Baili Huangzhuang’s exclusive, hand-made recipes. Throughout the millennium, the recipes had gradually gotten lost in the flow of time. It was completely normal that nobody in Shengxue continent had any idea what it was.

Furthermore, even 1000 years ago, there were only a small number that knew of these recipes.

Because Baili Huangzhuang was always interested in drugs, poison, and powders back then, she had always spent her free time researching these various things. As such, many of these recipes were made by her own hands.

When she had shown her results back then, all the elders noisily clamored as if they had seen a dog fly or a chicken bounce.

Baili Yuyan had to be forcibly restrained due to the itching powder, her skin and flesh teared open. Nowadays, she hid in her estate, never visiting Xuanyuan Huan once even while he was ill.

This matter aroused everybody’s suspicions. After all, who didn’t know Baili Yuyan and Xuanyuan Huan were a couple?

Now as they saw such a situation, they couldn’t help wondering in their hearts: Did something happen between the two?

Although Baili Huangzhuang didn’t know how bad Baili Yuyan’s wounds were, she could easily guess that they weren’t small.

This itching powder was her own recipe, so how could she not know just how serious it could be?

Baili Yuyan had poisoned her blind, so she’ll destroy her looks! It’s an eye for an eye.

“Another day passes, more doctors enter the palace and walk out shaking their heads. In my opinion, it seems like His Royal Highness is most likely hopeless.”

“Shh, be quiet! If you dare to spread such a rumor, then be careful to keep your little life!”

“Bah, the Crown Prince had always been arrogant and despotic, who knows what unspeakable thing he did to receive such retribution! It’s karma!”

“I’ve heard that the Crown Prince fell into a coma, and if he’s not cured today, then he might not live through the night, ah.”


In the imperial city, almost everybody was talking about Xuanyuan Huan’s condition.

Being a prince of a country, although he wasn’t very well liked, everybody was still very concerned.

“I guess it’s time for me to go now.”

Baili Huangzhuang’s small, clear face rippled with self confidence as she picked up her medicinal box and began walking to the imperial palace.

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