Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

They didn’t expect that the person who killed the storm wolf wasn’t Xuanyuan Huan, the person they had prepared for.

The former waste has now terrorized every single one of them!

On the high platform above the hunting grounds, the Emperor and his chancellors ate pastries and drank tea, their eyes falling from time to time on the hunting field’s exit.

Today was the hunting competition’s final day, the day where the results will be announced!

The Empress, Jiang Jinying’s eyes were filled with eagerness. She was sure Xuanyuan Huan’s strength was definitely enough to get first place!

She was truly couldn’t wait to see Xuanyuan Huan.

Su Wanjing was also excited. Although Baili Hongzhuang’s strength surpassed her expectations, she was certain Baili Yuyan’s strength was enough to get second place!

Although everybody exchanged greetings warmly, their focus had long been shifted.

Suddenly, a noise sounded at the hunting field’s exit, attracting everybody’s attention.

Nevermind what achievements they got inside the hunting grounds, even getting out alive was pretty good.

But, they all hoped that whoever came out first got first place!

3 figures appeared under the crowd’s intense stares.

When everybody saw the woman in front, their faces all turned a little strange.

The first one to come out was actually Baili Hongzhuang?

Although this result was beyond everybody’s expectations, their hearts also couldn’t help but be a little curious.

The imperial body guard said Baili Hongzhuang killed the hell wolf king, ah!

After they heard the report, they still needed a very long time to accept it. Their hearts were just too shocked.

“Why did Chen Wangfei come out first? Did she already kill the storm wolf?”

“What a joke! Even if Chen Wangfei isn’t trash anymore, she still isn’t His Highness’ s, the Crown Prince or Baili Yuyan’s opponent.”

“In my opinion, I think His Highness, the Crown Prince already killed the storm wolf so Chen Wangfei no longer saw any point in staying, leaving the hunting field first.”

Hearing his words, everybody nodded one after another. That was probably what had actually happened.

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t pay any attention to everyone’s conjectures. Shao Zifan and Zhao Yunxi bowed and greeted the Emperor before going to sit in the resting area.

The results of the hunting competition are only announced after everybody comes out of the hunting grounds so for now, they could have a break.

Zhao Yunxi sat in a soft, comfortable chair. Feeling her body relaxing, she thought this truly was the best!

For the past 3 days, her body and mind were always tense. She didn’t even dare to sleep well, afraid of the demonic beasts attacking at night.

If they didn’t react on time, they would lose their lives!

Tasting the bitterness and hardship, she knew that kind of life was too unbearable for her. She never wanted to do it again!

Shao Zifan’s heart was a bit tenacious. Although the life in the mountain ranges was definitely tough, he knew one couldn’t achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. This was to reach the top.

In these 3 days, he made even more progress than he did when he was cultivating at home for 3 months, and even managed to successfully break through to the late stage of mysterious earth!

Although he didn’t get into the top 3 this time, these gains were already a great surprise!

Baili Hongzhuang sat down calmly. There wasn’t a single trace of tiredness on her beautiful face, every move rippling with elegance.

It almost looked as if she had never gone into the hunting fields and was sitting there all along.

Baili Haoxuan stared at Baili Hongzhaung. He had thought Baili Hongzhuang would die in the hunting fields but didn’t expect she would actually have such great luck!

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