Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

“We can’t act rashly.” His eyes that were deep like the ocean shined with intelligence. “Although I’ve already stayed in Feng Bo country for three years, the spies still haven’t withdrawn, so we can only endure.”

“We can’t just watch little lord get insulted, ah!” Hei Mu frowned, “We can quietly deal with this prince without exposing ourselves!”

“Right now, I’m the crippled prince in Feng Bo country that everybody mocks. Even if Xuanyuan Huan is dead, there would be another, and another, and another. That would be meaningless and will only end up provoking suspicion.” Dibei Chen’s tone was cold as he looked at his legs, “Still no news of the godly doctor?”

Hei Mu’s face sunk and he shook his head, “No news.”

If it wasn’t for the sudden problem with his little lord’s legs, there wouldn’t be any need for them to stifle their demands and suffer in silence!

There will inevitably be a day when they pay back everything in full!

Dibei Chen’s expression stayed the same. Even though the people under him were unyielding, he was as tranquil as night, his maturity far exceeding his age.


The next day, an interesting rumor spread through the palace walls.

Who knows what leopard heart or bile they’ve eaten, but the Crown Prince’s two subordinates Zhang Ping and Song Ji dared to appraise the buttocks of the Prince Jing and the Crown Prince on their backs!

Prince Jing’s buttocks are white!

The Crown Prince’s buttocks are even whiter!

These two sentences seemed to become the dinner table joke. Some people even jeered about how Zhang Ping could compare Prince Jing’s snow white buttocks. After all, many onlookers that day saw Prince Jing’s butt, but how could they know if the Crown Prince’s was whiter?

This developed into an in-depth investigation, and suddenly a single large word spontaneously emerged in everybody’s mind: Homosexuality! No wonder the Crown Prince would always keep Zhang Pei and Song Ji by his side!

And since the news spread, Xuanyuan Huan and Xuanyuan Jing both hadn’t stepped out of the palace once. However, this only provoked further suspicion as the people turned to their own conjectures, laughing incessantly one after another!

Xuanyuan Huan and Xuanyuan Jing’s reputations were usually bad, but it was still incredibly rare to see them being disgraced like this. So everybody continued to add vinegar and oil to the fire, further shaming the two men who could only hide in their mansions.

Baili Huangzhuang left the General’s household in early morning. Ever since Bi Qing was beaten to death, the General’s household had never sent any more maidservants to attend to her again.

But that actually saved her a lot of trouble. Nobody would care about her life and death so even if she left the General’s household, nobody would know or care.

Taking the lead to the pawnshop, Baili Huangzhuang sold all the jewelery, successfully gaining thousands of gold coins. However, she told the pawnshop to reserve it, and that it wouldn’t be long until she came to buy it back.

After all, most of it was her mother’s jewelry, and couldn’t be sold.

To become a godly doctor, the resources of the workplace must be great. Maybe that was saying a little too much, but most importantly, she needs somewhere appropriate to open her business first.

“An appropriate location… …” Baili Huangzhuang whispered to herself. Currently, she had no idea of how the imperial city worked, so she needed to find somebody experienced with the market. “Ten-thousand Medicine Lane’s shopkeeper, Ji Wenbei!”

A herbal medicine shop and a doctor were often connected with each other, and Baili Huangzhuang believed that Ji Wenbei understood this very clearly.

In her past life, she was the family head and had met many people. Although Ji Wenbei was a businessman, his heart was good and wasn’t a profiteer. If she asked him, he should agree.

Just as she thought, when Baili Huangzhuang proposed the idea, Ji Wenbei agreed without hesitation.

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