Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 137

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Zhao Yunqian sighed with relief, “We finally escaped the frightening experience without pain, safe and sound. We are indebted to Baili Hongzhuang.”

Shao Zifan smiled, turning around to extinguish the fire. He took Baili Hongzhuang’s final departing words to heart.

The night quietly passed.

As the sun rose, Baili Hongzhuang stopped cultivating and freshened herself up before once more continuing her journey.

Baili Hongzhuang began to take the initiative to attack. Anytime she heard a demonic beast’s movements, she would go to check it out. She needed to find the storm wolf’s location for the competition.

Throughout the course of half a day, although Baili Hongzhuang didn’t find the storm wolf, she did collect many beast crystals.

“Master, we still haven’t found the storm wolf.”

Little White’s face was helpless. Although the range of their spirit force was very wide, something in the hunting field was hindering it, making the range of their searching very limited.

After probing around with their spirit force, they were still unable to find even a trace of the storm wolf.

Baili Hongzhuang pursed her lips into a small smile, “Luoxia Mountain isn’t small at all. We’ve already explored half of it, so the storm wolf should be somewhere up ahead. We’ll run into it sooner or later.”

From the cultivators competing this year, only Xuanyuan Huan or Baili Yuyan would be able to kill it.

If someone did kill it, once the news is spread, even if they could escape the first time, they wouldn’t be able to escape again.

Baili Hongzhuang continued to move ahead when suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her.

When Ye Yitong saw Baili Hongzhuang come, her pretty face couldn’t help but turn a little disappointed.

Although there were many demonic beasts in Luoxia Mountain, killing them one by one was very troublesome. It was much better to rob other cultivators, saving time and effort!

Seeing a woman come alone without another person gave Ye Yitong this idea. After all, with her mysterious earth late staged cultivation, there was almost no chance of failure.

But she didn’t expect for this woman to actually be Baili Hongzhuang. The excitement in her heart completely disappeared..

Such trash even surviving in these mountains until now was already a miracle, how could she have killed any demonic beasts?

“Hand over all your beast crystals and money, and I will release your horse.” Ye Yitong said lazily.

Although she didn’t care about Baili Hongzhuang, as the Chen Wangfei, she should be very rich. Robbing some money was also very good.

Seeing Ye Yitong look at her with contempt, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled into a bewitching smile as she asked. “Why?”

“Why?” Ye Yitong couldn’t help but laugh, “Because in front of my strength, you’re just trash!”

“Who do you think you are?” Baili Hongzhuang’s smile slowly turned cold, “You dare to talk big in front of me!”

Seeing Baili Hongzhuang act like this, Ye Yitong sneered. It seems that Baili Hongzhuang still didn’t fully understand the situation.

“Do you think you would be safe just because of your title of ‘Wangfei’? This is the hunting field, even if I kill you, nobody would ever know.”

Baili Hongzhuang’s smile turned even more enchanting and seductive, “I want to see if you have the ability!”

Ye Yitong was speechless. Baili Hongzhuang, that trash, was mocking her?

She dares!

“Not knowing fear until facing death.” Ye Yitong’s words contained killing intent, “I already gave you a chance. Since you can’t differentiate between good and bad, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

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  1. Heart of Ice says:

    Was 15 going a little too low? 16 or 17 maybe then. Pretty hard to focus on anything but study though when in grade 11 or 12.

    It is pretty refreshing, thank you!

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    I like your comment about MC helping people. BUT read closely she originally wasn’t going to help, MC changed her mind after she was warned that the fire crivet was attcking her. So she responded with compassion with compassion. Also she didn’t reveal that they shouldn’t use fire at night until he thanked her again. So I see it as both growth for her to maybe start to trust others/not everyone is as bad as her family and others can start to see she’s not trash.
    Oops sorry for the mini novel.

    • Kiki says:

      Yeah, but i mean, usually in CN novels they kill people over every tiny thing… She helped them even though she was called “trash”. And long comments are the best!

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    “Not knowing fear until facing death.”…Ye Yetong your own statement will come to bite you back soon enough. Thanks.

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    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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    I’m little tired of constant trash-perception, how many guys already make mistake like this… thank you for chapter 🙂

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    Eh, what an annoying fly. Beat her up BH!
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