Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 106

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benwang- this prince

Hearing that, Li Yuyue’s face suddenly changed, “Who do you think you’re talking to! How dare you reproach me!”

Dibei Chen’s handsome eyebrows twitched, his lips that had curled up into a grin slowly turned cold.. “Reproach you? You think you’re worthy? Daring to threaten my woman, I’ll surely make you regret it!

Dibei Chen’s eyes were cold, his low voice echoing with a cold threat. An imposing aura suddenly erupted from his body.

Li Yuyue’s whole body shivered with fright as she backed off.

Under Dibei Chen’s terrifying aura, she felt like she couldn’t even control her own body. Li Yuyue looked at him with fear, how could she have not known Dibei Chen’s strength was actually so powerful?

Moreover… His unexpected tone of speech, and his domineering attitude simply left one unable to speak back!

“You…… if you dare to injure me…… His Highness, the Crown Prince won’t let you off!” Li Yuyue trembled as she shouted.

Looking at his matchless cold eyes, Li Yuyue for the first time, felt fear down to the very bottom of her heart.

“Whoever dares to threaten benwang’s wife, benwang also won’t let that reckless person off.”

His words made Li Yuyue’s heart turn cold. Dibei Chen was actually so protective of Baili Hongzhuang!

The crowd surrounding them stared blankly in shock, for a long time Prince Chen had been known for being easy to bully. But no one expected that Prince Chen’s anger would actually be so terrible!

But most importantly, Prince Chen had actually become an eager wife protector!

So the rumors weren’t fake, and Prince Chen truly was in love with Baili Hongzhuang. Whether it was the betrothal gifts or not giving any face to General Baili on the wedding day, it was all enough to prove Baili Hongzhuang’s position in Dibei Chen’s heart.

Li Yuyue had actually bullied Baili Hongzhuang right in front of his face, Prince Chen was furious!

Seeing this desperate situation, Wei Nichang came running hurriedly, it didn’t matter who those two were, but if she didn’t intervene now, her entire Nichang market could crumble down completely.

“Prince Chen, Miss Li’s words were only said in a moment of impulse. You shouldn’t let Miss Li’s words bother you.

Wei Nichang’s face was filled with smiles, but her heart was secretly in chaos.

Ever since Prince Chen recognized Chen Wangfei as thus, to say the least, his temperament had changed to a certain extent.This Chen Wangfei was truly had some ability!

Baili Hongzhuang also muttered something now: “Li Yuyue, if you want to complain, do it after you choose a partner.”

Baili Hongzhuang had many ways to send Li Yuyue packing, but it must be carried out in secret. Confronting her directly in public would only lead to a bad outcome.
“Wangye, its only a waste of energy to be mad at her.” Baili Hongzhuang laughed indifferently.

Dibei Chen’s cold face eased a little bit, “Since Wangfei said so, benwang will drop the subject early. If you dare to invite a snub or court a rebuff, benwang will make you regret not treasuring this chance

Watching Dibei Chen withdrawing his aura, Li Yuyue’s whole body fell weakly. Her back was covered in cold sweat

“Wangye, can you go wait for me outside? I still have a few words to speak of with Miss Li.” Baili Hongzhuang said.

Dibei Chen nodded and Hei Mu immedietly took the white dress Baili Hongzhuang had in her hands and paid for it before directly walking out of Jichang Square.

After waiting for Dibei Chen to leave, Li Yuyue stared scornfully at Baili Hongzhuang,“I never thought you were so good at seducing men!”

Not just Dibei Chen, even His HIghness, the Crown Prince was one of Baili Hongzhuang’s admirers!

Since the day he had wanted to marry Baili Hongzhuang in the drafting feast, she had always been a wound in her heart.

She thought Baili Hongzhuang would’ve been furious, but Baili Hongzhuang only curled her lips into a smile.”Thank you for your praise.”

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