Weapon Shop Uncle Volume 1 Outtake 1

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Outtake 1 Nord Baliao’s Ordinary Day

My name is Nord Baliao. I have just entered the First Expedition Regiment as a newly recruited soldier.

The demon race and I have an irreconcilable hatred between us. Every day, before I fall asleep, I toss and turn from side to side.

I will kill them all.

No matter if it’s the five commanders of the demon territories, or if it’s the demon king hiding in the demon’s nest. Our Expedition Regiment will push the frontlines forward little by little. Then there will be one day where I will personally cut off their heads.

I wiped the black broadsword in my hand clean. Even if it is used to cut down a hundred demons, its blade will not be injured in the slightest.

Really, it’s a good sword.

Two months had passed since I obtained it. I can only sleep after looking at it. My dreams were still filled with that roasting conflagration. My father’s whole body was charred black. He extended a hand to me, asking me to save him. In an instant, he was swallowed by the blaze.

I harbored an unadulterated hatred, and I used the sword to calm my feelings.

Two months ago, I met that person, the weapon shop uncle, Zhai He. That person extended a helping hand to me, when I was on the verge of death, without expecting any sort of payback. When I left that place, I went through a long trek to arrive in the city. I first planned to take the exam for this year’s Expedition Regiment, but I had no money. At this time, I rummaged around in my bag and found several silver coins and a pouch of bronze coins. There was still money left after signing up for the exam and staying at the inn until testing day.

Right now, I was struck with a thought. When the uncle first saw me, he must have already known I wanted to become a hero.

So he gave me the best sword in his shop and gave me enough funds.

New recruits would first undergo a month of devilish training. Many of the people next to me gave up.

My dorm-mates also dwindled, one by one, until only I was left in the end.

This year, the First Expedition Regiment only accepted seventeen people, and I was among them. If Uncle Zhai He saw this, I don’t know what he would think. I cannot betray the expectations of this sword.

No matter what kind of hardships I must go through, I will never give up.

I gritted my teeth together. I will not retreat, not even in the tiniest bit.

“Nord! Emergency assemble!”


On the level battlefield, sand was blowing in the wind. I participated in the battle as a member of the 7th Division. The opponents were the lizard species army, half-human type. They used weapons.

The troops lined up. The battle formation didn’t have a big change, it was still in the triangle attack formation. When we cut into the enemy troop’s camp, we would directly kill the commander. Afterwards, we would make the enemy either retreat or surrender. I was at the front tip of the triangle.

Forwards! Dance!

I yelled as I waved the sword in my hands. This gigantic double-edged sword had no stronghold it cannot overcome. Dancing forwards, no matter if it’s armor or if it’s the hard scales of the lizard people I could easily cut through it.

The blood of the demon beasts dyed my whole body red, but I didn’t feel anything.

Kill them.

My mind only held this thought. In a blink, I had shaken off the division behind me and was penetrating the interior alone.

“So it’s you!”

I shouted at the lizard sitting on the chariot with a different style of dress.

“Don’t fight on your own!”

From behind me came the captain’s voice, but I have to say that I don’t know a single member of my division. I didn’t need to remember their names. I wanted to become stronger, and I could only do that on my own.

Taking a deep breath, I jumped atop of the front axle of the chariot, leaping high into the air.


The two magic beasts next to the commander formed transparent magic arrays. My body was sent flying away uncontrollably. To actually use magic, a group of despicable villains.

I clawed my way up, using the big sword to cut down and attack those lizards, my breathing becoming rushed.

“Nord! Obey your captain’s orders! I’m going to cover you!”

A vigorous and forceful voice projected out.


Who’s that, I don’t know him.

I don’t want any cover. I want to personally kill these lizards.

Without hesitation, I bent low and rushed in again.

“That idiot!”

This time, it seemed like a girl’s voice.

If I cannot attack from the front, then I will choose a path that goes to the side. Before I kill the commander, I must first cut down the deputy commander’s skull.


I braced my body and inhaled deeply as I jumped high, raising my sword to cut the demons down.


I hit the magic array.

Shit, I’ll be blown away again.

My body had already started to fall.

“Explode! ‘Shimmering Light Explosion’!!!”

Just as I had no way to hope, the female voice from just now chanted. A thunderous lightning flew right past my sleeve, and the transparent array immediately appeared to break like cracking glass.

The time is now!

The moment I fell onto the ground, I used all the strength in my body to bounce up and threw my whole body forwards.

“I will kill you!!”

The deputy commander’s lance went helter-skelter and pierced threw my shoulder. But I swung down to cut off the commander’s head.

Without hesitation, I pulled out the lance pierced in my body, ignoring the bright red blood spewing out.

“Come, demons!! Die for me, just like your commander!!”

I cleaved the two deputy-commander lizard people into two.

Bathed in blood, standing tall atop of the war chariot.

The lizard people near the war chariot started to retreat, and in the end, all of the troops collapsed.

The first part of the battle was extremely successful. If it’s like this, then probably there will be  a day where I can become part of the regular army.

I can do this thing.

Today is but an ordinary day. From now on, I will kill many demons, until they have disappeared from this continent.

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