B Group no Shounen – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Pray

The three, who were told by Ryou to go home, naturally didn’t do so, and are watching the plaza from a different spot, hiding themselves while breathing roughly.

“Why do you think we were told to return ahead?”

Azusa asks Erika.

“Maybe to not involve us. When he helped me before he gestured with his hand for me to get away.”

When Erika answered so, Azusa says with a face as if she couldn’t comprehend.

“But if that‘s the case why did he say to go home, and not to go hide ourselves?”
“That’s right…, I wonder why. Anyway, I can’t leave Sakuragi-kun alone and go home. I just nodded without being able to disobey.”

Azusa and Saki nod in agreement to what Erika said.

“Sakuragi-kun, will he be okay?”

When Erika says so worryingly, Azusa then says after thinking a little.

“It’ll be… alright, I think. Perhaps, he is stronger than I believe. Perhaps he’ll have a have a hard time…, perhaps get a little hurt…, I think it’ll be alright.”
“..Hearing you say it like that doesn’t make think it’ll be completely fine. …Ah, please, don’t get seriously injured.”

Erika unites both hands together while saying so, when she closes her eyes, Saki grips Erika’s sleeve while pointing towards the plaza.
Erika shifts her attention; Ryou is standing in front of the group.
At this late point Erika becomes afraid, and her hand started to tremble. When seeing someone you know confront large group of people like that, seeing the difference in the number of people is frightening, even though she was in a hurry, this is what she requested, only realizing this now, she could feel her face going pale. Why had she thought him to be coldhearted, it’s finally understood that he was the only one who was calmly looking at the situation. Erika glances at Azusa, her face is similarly becoming pale, it’s likely that she is having similar reflections, Erika thought.
Her lips are trembling. Praying that he is unhurt, she smiles to herself. She thinks she probably was too brazen to ask that of him, and if she didn’t do that then he wouldn’t have gone in.
At least, if he falls and cannot move, she’ll go to help no matter what. Erika looks with such an attitude, she sees six people who are frenzied moving towards Ryou, Erika holds down her scream which almost leaked wither hand.

However, without one minute passing, Erika moves away her hand which was holding down her mouth, and in what is not fitting for a high school girl, she let out a stupid voice. The three were the same.


Erika couldn’t believe what she just saw, is what she saw really reality, closing her eyes she reproduces what she just saw.

Ryou stands in front of the group, the six people who are called turn around and all stared at Ryou.

“What, bastard? You a friend of these guys?”

The first person in front of Ryou is a man with long dyed brown hair whose face made him seem to be stupid (Ryou’s assessment) who said so to Ryou, Ryou shakes his head.

“Nope. However I do go to the same school as these guys, that’s all it is so how about letting them go.”

The six who heard Ryou’s words let out coarse laughter. The man of the six who is in the middle then says to Ryou.

“What, you came to help when they’re not your friends? Pretty cool aren’t you.”

When saying so, the six laugh together again. Why do such dimwits laugh together like that, Ryou is thinking so. The man who is in front again opens his mouth.

“Really, cool isn’t he. But isn’t it tiresome to stand on your legs when you’re cowering in fear?”

The six are going, cool, cool, as if making fun of him while laughing and clapping.

As for Ryou, why must I keep company with such idiots, while having a headache he opens his mouth.

“You’re praising me, thanks. While you’re praising me how about I take those three.”

Ryou pays attention to the three and says so, the three are conscious and absentmindedly look at Ryou.

The six’s faces become a little stern, and the man on the right says.

“These guys are lame. This three make me sick. You don’t seem to be frightened, want to play?”

An unpleasant smile floats on the six, and several voices of consent are given.

Ryou conceals the amazement on his face, and said.

“Wait a minute. A person with much effort, is trying to negotiate peacefully with their mouth… are you seriously short tempered? Well?”

Thereupon the six unanimously raised voices of anger.

“What you say, bastard!!”
“You dare say that so arrogantly!!”
“I’ll kill you!!”

After all, do negotiations not work with this kind of people, Ryou breathes out a large sigh in resignation. After speaking with these idiots, a few minutes have passed so if those three miraculously listened to what Ryou said, then they shouldn’t be in the vicinity anymore. Thinking they’ve returned, Ryou believes is wishful thinking at best, he raises both hands.

“My bad, my bad, but it’s natural to get mad when idiots make fun of me. I also think what you said was stupid. N…? Ah, sorry, I was a bit short tempered when I said so. Sorry, my true opinions leaked out.”

Ryou calmly says with a given-up pose, some from the six people’s faces are reddened while slightly shaking, glaring at Ryou, before long on of them shouts at Ryou.


With those words they simultaneously move towards Ryou.

It can’t be helped if they’re Erika’s classmates, this should prevent them from further injury, the largest kindness Ryou can give to those three men came to mind, and he turned his attention to the six.

Among the six, the front most man is an amateur who is holding up his hands, the moment he entered into the range of Ryou’s kick, the edge of Ryou’s right foot strikes the man’s stomach at a speed he couldn’t see, the man is blown off diagonally to the right so he doesn’t knock into the three.
Next is the man by Ryou’s right side, before he notices that his friend has been blown off, Ryou kicks the ground to chase after the man who was blown off, and standing in front of the man who was previously to Ryou’s right, the object this time is to not let the three people be behind this man, the man in front’s stomach is kicked as is, and is sent flying.
For an instant the two men were simultaneously in the air, with some time difference the two crash into the ground. But before the first man crashes into the ground, Ryou kicks the ground, landing diagonally with his left foot in front of the man in the middle of the six, without losing the momentum from his movement, his right foot moves to the left side in a roundhouse kicks.
In an instant the three remaining lost sight of Ryou, paying more attention to his movements, it was already after three had been kicked. Ryou isn’t flustered being in the center of the three remaining people, moving a short distance, again without losing momentum he kicks the man in front flying.
The men to the right and left recognize that after Ryou had kicked the man in front of him, though startled the hold up their hands, Ryou promptly changes his posture and roundhouse kicks the man to the right with his right foot, the man who was to the left, with his feet as is, is blown off with a right foot spinning back roundhouse kick.

Six men are crouching on the ground in agony while collapsed. Ten seconds haven’t passed since Ryou’s first kick. They haven’t fainted due to Ryou adjusting himself to the degree where they won’t.

The three who were helped have vacant and absentminded faces. It’s understandable, before their eyes, in an instant Ryou brought down the men who were assaulting them. Additionally the three couldn’t see the entire process of them being defeated. Were they hit or kicked. Thinking about it, when Ryou moved a little, someone went flying. It’s natural since Ryou was moving like a shadow, the first kick was sudden sending one of them flying, when they noticed noticing Ryou was across from them, it was already after he had kicked for the second time. Looking towards Ryou after the second person was in the air, Ryou who they thought would be there, was already gone, hearing the sound of a strike from the side, when turning their face, Ryou wasn’t in that spot again, and a person was in the air. Though incomprehensible, again they heard the sound of strikes, when shifting the attention that way, was the figure of Ryou who had done a back kick.
In other words, they had only seen the figure of him kicking two people, how the others were defeated wasn’t seen, when they became aware, the six people who were assaulting them were crouching on the ground.

Ryou confirms that the six haven’t fainted, he turns towards the rescued three who are looking at himself with dull faces, he points his chin towards the way back and said.


Among the three is man with a relatively good physique, thanks to that he thinks the damage to not be too bad, that man raises his doubts.

“I said to go home. Because I’ll clean this up.”

The good physique man, Okamoto, has a facial expression implying he has question, suddenly, his attention shifts to Ryou’s breast pocket, the blue color confirms that he is in the same year as himself, and his eyes opens widely.

“S-same year student…?”

Ryou loudly clicks his tongue to Okamoto’s response, and said.

“Oi, don’t look for me at school. Don’t tell anybody about today. Since I saved you, can you listen to what I said?”

Ryou says so threateningly, Okamoto nodded many times.

“Good, then take those two, and quickly go home.”
“Y-yes… o-oi, Yoshida, Kudou, can you stand?”

The three have wounds over their faces, Yoshida had difficulty walking, but fortunately was able to stand up, the three began to walk while supporting with their shoulders.
Ryou called out to the backs of the three who had begun walking.

“Oi, don’t walk this way anymore. And absolutely follow what I said just now.”

The three go, sorry, thank you, many times while bowing their faces and returned.

Making sure that the three had gone, one of the six had recovered a little from his damage, seemingly able to talk, he glared at Ryou.

“Bastard, what did you do. What the hell are you?”

Ryou almost spurted out.

“What’s there to see, no matter how you look at it I’m a normal high school student. All that can be said is that I kicked you.”
“Heh, it’s like that. I remember the faces of those three from just now, I’ve memorized you face as well.”
“…What are you saying?”
“I’m saying that we will get revenge, on you. And those three from just now. How about hurting us more while we’re like this? However, that just means we will have more and more revenge!! Hahahahahahaha!!!”
“Let’s hear this… why those three as well?”
“Because they’re your friends! Hahahaha!”
“I said before that they’re not my friends.”
“Relations don’t matter, as long as they’re your acquaintance is reason enough to be hit by us.”

When the man says so, all six raise their voices laughing. Apparently, all members have recovered enough to laugh.

After all it became like this, Ryou lets out a large sigh, scratching his head briskly.
Ryou closed his eyes and prayed. That those three girls had gone home. Perhaps he thinks that to be impossible or at least returned the moment the six people hit the floor.

For the sake of not looking at him after this.

Ryou stops praying, staring at the six he closes his eyes. Then the six began to laugh.

“What, are you scared of us getting revenge.”
“If you cry and beg us we might just sto~op.”
“Later, we’ll get ten more and herd up you and those three.”

Ryou gnashes his molars.

――――――――――These pieces of shit

Ryou felt his anger increases.

――――――――――I’m convinced

Ryou gathered murderous intent.

――――――――――These guys are people who should be killed

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