B Group no Shounen – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – The Weeping Man

During the class before lunchtime, Ryou’s heart throbs when he receives a message from Erika, suppressing it with self-control he then checks it, let’s have lunch together, it’s an invitation.

Ryou wonders why he is still being invited, with such sad thoughts he replies with a refusal.

Ryou doesn’t want to meet up until his feelings have cooled down a bit, from the middle of last week all lunchtimes and while returning home (Its was actually only from Thursday, so only two days), have been together with those beautiful girls, and not with the boys from class. Because there were numerous rumors last week, in order to make sure they’re completely forgotten, though he’s not happy about it, he decided it’s best to go to the cafeteria together with the boys from class. He’s also gotten moderately tired of buying bread.

After class was finished and it became lunchtime, Shouji looked back from the seat in front and called out to Ryou.

“Ryou, is it the cafeteria today?”
“Ah, then let’s go together.”
“Ah, they also seem to be going so let’s all go.”

While Shouji nods, he says so looking at the group Ryou normally talks with in class.

“May as well.”

Ryou nodded back in return.

In addition to Ryou and Shouji, is the group Ryou is normally together with (certified B by Ryou). With a wide physique and a wide heart is the cheerful Kawashima Satoru, wearing black glasses and a serous face is the unique Natsuyama Takumi, and there’s the tall in stature but frivolous Higashi Shinosuke, such a lineup make their way to the cafeteria. They each receive their respective orders and sit at a vacant six seat table.

As they’re sitting, Shouji says in an amazed voice to Ryou and Kawashima.

“An amazing amount as usual, you two.”

On Ryou’s tray is three large portions of food from the menu. Kawashima’s tray is the same, no, the quantity is slightly more than Ryou’s (cafeteria aunt’s service).

“Isn’t this much normal? Heh Ryou?”
“Indeed. How can so little be sufficient, it’s you guys’ stomach’s that are strange.”

When Kawashima seeks agreement from Ryou, Ryou promptly agrees.

“So the talk has come to this. Satoru I can understand because of his chubby figure. But the most mysterious on is Ryou and your stomach. You don’t exercise yet you physique is the same as mine and you eat more than three times as much as me.”

Natsuyama Takumi retorts to Ryou’s statement, Ryou shrugs his shoulders while answering.

“I don’t know, I’ve always had this amount.”
“Rather than that, there’s something I want to hear Ryou.”

Higashi Shinosuke addresses Ryou with an unusually serious face.

Ryou looks towards his friend’s serious face, seeing they all look serious and asks back in a humble manner.

“What is it?”

Higashi nods in return then opens his mouth.

“Is Fujimoto-san not coming anymore?”
“Fujimoto-san…? A-ah, her.”

For Ryou, Erika is recognized as ‘Erika’, and her full name ‘Fujimoto Erika’ was forgotten. If the family name is heard he wouldn’t immediately connect that Erika=Fujimoto. And when he is with Erika, Azusa and Saki are with them, though he hasn’t heard what Saki calls her, Azusa always calls her ‘Erika’.

The others all have a uniform facial expression of bewilderment seen Ryou who forgot for a moment, don’t you remember it? Don’t joke around, pretending not to know, Ryou was unanimously abused.

“Hey, calm down. Don’t you know I have trouble remembering names not stored on my phone?”
“Even so, it’s abnormal not to recognize the name of this school’s super idol at once.”
“That’s right, but let’s move this along.”

Thanks to Ryou’s excuse, Satoru shows some consent when he speaks, Takumi also shows approval when he speaks while correcting his glasses.

Then, Higashi once again calls out to Ryou with a serious face.

“I ask you! I also want to speak with Fujimoto-san!! If that’s impossible then let me see her from nearby!!”

Saying so, Higashi places both hands and his head on the table bowing to Ryou, it’s the sitting down version of prostrating yourself.

“M-me to, me too”

Kawashima promptly tries to take advantage.

“I want to take a photo from close by.”

Natsuyama says so while his glasses shine.

Ryou is taken aback looking at the unusual faces of this lineup.

“Y-you guys. Aren’t you misunderstanding something?”
“Even a misunderstanding is okay, I saw a miracle last Wednesday. That super idol spoke to our friend, intimately shaking your shoulder to wake you up, so I ask you please. I’m saying this isn’t a miracle.”

Higashi raised his head and spoke with delirious enthusiasm.

Seeing the excessive appearance of Higashi, Ryou quickly denies it.

“That’s why I said so! I helped when she fell, and I received thanks!! Our relations are only that, so we didn’t even exchange phone numbers! We didn’t become friends either, I don’t have the power to have her talk with you!!”

Ryou told a white lie. Phone numbers were exchanged. Although there are slightly complicated feeling you could say she’s a friend, please talk with my friends, he doesn’t think that’s something he can say with their relations.

“That’s, UNFAIR!!”

Higashi screams and cries. Tears were actually streaming down.

“W-what the hell.”

Ryou somewhat pulls back due to Higashi’s appearance.

“Akira, didn’t you speak with Fujimoto-san, I was near and saw it!”

Ryou made a facial expression of unknown meaning, Shouji Akira points at himself and let out a voice of surprise.

“That right! You we’re called out to by Fujimoto-san, did you not see Fujimoto-san’s begging pose in front of your eyes!”

Higashi condemns Shouji while in grief.

“Oi, Higashi. What’s with that begging pose. Don’t say things that can cause misunderstandings in a loud voice.”

Ryou sees the surrounding painful glances and tries to stop his friend.

“In my case, it was really just by chance. I was only in the front seat. There’s no reason to criticize me.”

Shouji cries so to defend himself from the crime he’s accused of.


That’s Higashi shouting so from his very soul.

All those present, became speechless.

The entire cafeteria is quite for a moment and all attention is directed towards Ryou’s table. The chief offender Higashi is cowering on the table and crying bitterly.

It’s a scene where you would hesitate to speak, in a sense, Ryou who could be called the perpetrator of this situation call outs gently.

“Listen Higashi. ,,,me letting you come close to that person, I don’t have that kind of power to let you talk. Look at my appearance, won’t you understand if you just look at it?”
“Besides, if you want to talk so much shouldn’t you just try talking to her? Try talking a little, if you’re addressing that person then I think she’ll respond properly.”

When they heard those words, Kawashima, Natsuyama and Shouji, oh shit, they shake their heads as if to say so.

Ryou looking at those three wonders where he said something incorrect as an impatient expression floats on his face. Higashi abruptly stands up and says with anger on his face.


Word by word he said so in loud voice.

It seems Ryou is thought to be in the wrong with what he said and had the reverse effect.

“That was Ryou’s bad now.”
“Ryou’s to blame.”
“Ah, it’s Ryou’s fault.”

Shouji, Kawashima and Natsuyama say so to Ryou, though he doesn’t grasp the situation, Ryou reluctantly apologizes to Higashi.

“Well, sorry.”
“Che, this guy was merely lucky.”

Higashi curses the apologizing Ryou and sat down with a thud. As could be expected Ryou was irritated. The other three peel their faces away from Higashi’s frivolous attitude.

“Say, Ryou, is it really not possible?”

In order to change the mood Kawashima asks Ryou with a bit of expectation mixed in.

“Ah, I can’t. And there are no more opportunities to talk as well.”

Ryou resolutely denies it.

“It might be so…”

Natsuyama calmly shakes his head.

“Then, if there’s ever a chance, I beg you!”

Higashi with his from a short while ago gone, says so to Ryou without learning his lesson.

Ryou then spoke with a weary face.

“That’s if there is even an opportunity to talk! Do think I’ll have the relations where I can just suddenly lead you all together to speak with her.”
“That’s right…”
“Well, certainly…”

To that, Kawashima and Natsuyama couldn’t help but agree.

However, the idiot still hasn’t given up, Higashi says with vigor.

“So then, supposing it does, when you have such a relationship I’ll ask!!”

Ryou is amazed at Higashi’s persistence.

“If it does then…”

By some chance, if their relationship becomes like that, but, isn’t thinking that far being conceited? Ryou thought so, as well as in such a state of affairs he would definitely stand out, it has to be avoided.

“Fine then, I leave it to you!!”

Still furthermore persistent, Ryou raises both hands as if he has given up as Higashi is drawing closer waiting for confirmation.

“I get it!”
“You better not lie, or it’s an end to the friendship of all those here! It’s a promise!!”
“Ending our friendship…, are you in elementary school!?”

Ryou promptly lets out a retort.

While sighing, Natsuyama says to Ryou.

“Isn’t it fine already, it’s just promise like that, Ryou.”

Sighing as well, Ryou says.

“Okay then, it’s a promise!”

Satisfied with Ryou’s words, Higashi began to eat his meal with a smile.

Ryou seeing that complained so that only Shouji next to him could hear.

“He’ll just have to wait for such a miracle, wouldn’t it be quicker to just say something himself?”

Shouji smiles, and talks in the same way that only Ryou can hear.

“There is that. But, I don’t think it’s that much of a miracle.”

Ryou is momentarily surprised and asked back immediately.

“What do you mean?”
“Exactly what I said. Besides, that guy’s intuition seems to be correct.”

Shouji laughs while saying so, but Ryou’s question wasn’t answered in the slightest.

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