The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist – Volume 1 + More

Heya again all!

Just finished copying over all of my translations for The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist to here. For those who haven’t heard of this series before, here’s two quick links to check it out:

Lots of easy-going times to be had in this story. Hope you all like it, enjoy.


(~’.’)~ Start Here ~(‘.’~)

Lazy Dungeon Master – Chapters 1 ~ 110 + Omakes + Side Stories

Heya everyone!

Here to announce that I’ve completed copying over Lazy Dungeon Master! Here’s a few easy links to acquaint yourself with the series and get going!

Note that you can find images from the Light Novel at the bottom of the project page, with there being some Black/White images placed in the chapters as well!


(~’.’)~ Starting Chapter Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Starting Omake Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Starting Side Story Here ~(‘.’~)

Inside the Cave of Obscenity – Volume One (R-18)

Well, heya everyone. Ziru here!

New to the cafe and I’ll be dual hosting all of my translations here in the future, in the middle of copying everything over now.

In the meantime, enjoy. Check out the project page for the following volumes’ illustrations as well!

(~’.’)~ Illustrations Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter One Here ~(‘.’~)

(~’.’)~ Read Chapter Two Here ~(‘.’~)