DKC Chapter 15-17 and a letter from June

Dear loyal followers of Alyschu & Co’s translations:

I am the newly minted translator for DKC with Alyschu. I am a rabid foodie and WAS a recovering bookworm. My relapse innocently begins with reading the light novel for the manga Douluo Dalu followed by Coiling Dragon on wuxiaworld. Thankfully the website was hosting Against the Gods translations which lead me to moonbunnycafe and my current obsession with Demonic King Chases His Wife aka DKC.

Once I read the first few translated chapters of DKC by Alyschu my bookworm tendencies returned with a vengeance. After more than two weeks of sleepless nights, I managed to plough through more than 4000 chapters of DKC and caught up to the latest releases. My mind just cannot let this amazing world full of rich vivid characters live in obscurity. Caught up in the moment, I begged Alyschu for a chance to help translate DKC not realizing the enormity of the task ahead. Chapter 11 was my first ever attempt at translating Chinese, thankfully it passed muster after heavy edits made by Alyschu.

As to how fast I will be translating DKC, I am susceptible to food related bribes such as secret family recipes passed on for generations etc…

On a more serious note if you are dying (and I mean it literally not figuratively) to find out what will happen next in DKC and cannot wait for the releases. Then twit me at JunWang03. N.B. as a barely competent twitter user it may take me a few attempts to twit you the answer (twitting me instructions on how to answer back on twitter may help speed up the process). Of course the fewer twits I answer the more time I will have to translate DKC, so think it through before twitting me.

Finally, thank you all for joining me on this journey into the DKC world. Hopefully, I will have the perseverance to translated DKC till the end.


ps. Here’s Chapter 15.