ATG Chapter 495

Chapter 495 is brought to you by SummerRain and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by phillip b, anon#K, Christopher M, James T, Douglas B, and Brett F. Thanks guys!

This chapter was actually supposed to come out earlier, but I got distracted by people singing karaoke in falsetto halfway. If you spot anything weird, please do tell me in the comments below! Since it’s almost 2am here, there will be a poll going up for their names when I get home tomorrow! You’ll know what I mean when you read the chapter. For now, please leave any suggestions you might have that are similar to their name. Make sure to include the numbers, as the numbers are their names.

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2 Responses to ATG Chapter 495

  1. Foofoo says:

    How about Tian Xia Di Yi, paren World’s Number One, etc?

  2. Loki says:

    Tianxia Qi … would be the safest bet for their name.

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