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Apartments for Rent (18+)

Alternative Name: The Tenants Downstairs, 樓下的房客
Author: Giddens Ko (九把刀)
Artist: –
Category: Chinese Novel, Horror, bizarre, mature, adult, murder, crime.
Status: Completed
Source: Book
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Sharogy of EasyGoingScans
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The story takes places in a strange and mysterious rental apartment house. Each tenant has their own unique features, interests and fetishes. The landlord is a useless bum who inherited the apartment house through sheer luck, in order to satisfy his own curiosity, he took on a set of unique personalities as tenants. He doesn’t want the hard-working well-behaved students, the office workers with steady incomes, or the simple families. He just wants “normal people” who fits certain criteria, has tendencies for abnormal behaviours, basically anyone who can satisfy his curiosity for the dark side of the human nature. As result he ended up with a PE teacher with a record for domestic violence, a university student who is a gaming addict, a divorcee with his angelic little girl, a mysterious writer, a gay couple and an eye-candy. Eight tenants and a perverted Landlord, six rooms and a bunch of secrets, the potential of our human nature made it impossible to predict how much more secrets each room held.

Movie Cover

DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult and disturbing material, viewers be advised!!

Chapter 01 – Admitted Tenants
Chapter 02 – Principles of Peeping
Chapter 03 – Gone Mental: Part I
Chapter 03 – Gone Mental: Part II
Chapter 04 – The Audience? Or the Pitcher?
Chapter 05 – Confrontation: Part I
Chapter 05 – Confrontation: Part II
Chapter 06 – End of a lifetime: Part I
Chapter 06 – End of a lifetime: Part II
Chapter 07 – ½ Rat: Part I
Chapter 07 – ½ Rat: Part II
Chapter 08 – Evolution of Civil Ethics: Part I
Chapter 08 – Evolution of Civil Ethics: Part II
Chapter 09 – One out of two chances: Part I
Chapter 09 – One out of two chances: Part II
Chapter 09 – One out of two chances: Part III
Chapter 10 – Part I
Chapter 10 – Part II
Chapter 11 – Chaotic Setting Part I
Chapter 11 – Chaotic Setting Part II
Chapter 11 – Chaotic Setting Part III
Chapter 12 – Part I

15 Responses to Apartments for Rent (18+)

  1. Luminous says:

    Sounds promising! Looking forward to the releases 😀

  2. Quack0709 says:

    Sound good

  3. Vivi says:

    Wait! there will be a movie of this novel?! Awesome!

  4. SummerRain says:

    Wow. I didn’t know 九把刀 had such stories.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many more chapters are left? I can’t wait to read the end..

  6. Shine says:

    Holy crap, this to me is so entertaining, not scary or horror at all. (Because I’m reading it not watching a film or anything) awesome story

  7. K says:

    I need more chapters!!

  8. K says:

    more chapters please

  9. Cold Bunny says:

    Next chappie please

  10. EnD says:

    Could you plz publish more chapters

  11. anony chan says:

    is it dropped?please dont drop it,i wanna know how this ends :c

  12. anony chan says:

    please finish this,i wanna know how this ends…. :c

  13. denied00 says:

    Please finish the translations. Hope someone to continue this one.�

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