Against The Gods – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – Good Grandson, You Truly Are My Good Grandson

After eating lunch, Yun Che fell into a comfortable sleep in the guest room arranged by the Xiao Sect. He had not gotten much rest after tossing and turning in bed the previous night, thus made this sleep particularly deep and allowed him to sleep until the sun had set. Since he had specifically instructed earlier that no one was to disturb him, no one had come in this period of rest.

“Where did you learn the art of healing and disguise?” As soon as Yun Che had risen from his bed, Jasmine’s voice came from his mind.

“Of course it was from my master……. My previous master”. Although many years had already passed since his master’s demise, when he thought of his teacher, Yun Che was still unable to completely release his grief. The child wishes to be filial, yet his parent has passed away; he had always been subjected to this kind of feeling. This has also become Yun Che’s greatest lifetime regret, as well as something that gnawed at his heart.

“Normally, the art of disguise uses air to transform, and can fool someone whose profound strength is lower than one’s own, but someone whose profound strength that exceeds one’s own will immediately see through it. Yet you, you are able to keep the entire Xiao Sect in the dark?” Jasmine’s voice was full of surprise and puzzlement.

“Hehe. My disguise technique doesn’t even have the least bit of correlation with profound strength. Don’t even mention Xiao Tiannan who’s in the Earth Profound Realm, even Sky and Emperor Profound practitioners would also never see through it. However, if I were to run into a fellow veteran, then the same cannot be said.”

Yun Che stepped down from the bed and stretched his body before the window. A wisp of an evil smirk slowly spread across the corners of his mouth…. First, I’ll let you guys rejoice for a few days. Then afterwards, you guys will naturally weep somberly under a sky of chaos and darkness. Hehehehe……

Even if you beat Xiao Tiannan to death, there was no way that he would have anticipated that the Yun Che he had sworn to torture to death, would actually be inside his Xiao Sect. And also be addressed as “senior” by him, and be waited upon in the same way he would treat his ancestor.

Once Yun Che stepped out of the room, he immediately saw Xiao Tiannan pacing back and forth nearby. When Xiao Tiannan spotted him, his face immediately revealed a joyous expression. He quickly walked over to Yun Che, and spoke with incomparable respect: “Senior, did you had a good rest? If there’s anything you need to say, please do not hesitate to say so.”

Yun Che knew that after seeing Xiao Luocheng’s condition, Xiao Tiannan would definitely be more respectful than before. He chuckled and nodded his head whilst saying: “I slept pretty well. I have not been up a mountain for quite some time now, so the mountain air is refreshing. Let’s go and see how the little fella’s doing.”

As though he had heard the sounds of heaven, Xiao Tiannan promptly responded and quickly led the way, making a beeline towards the medicinal hall. While on the way to the medicinal hall, they encountered the Xiao Sect’s disciples, who immediately greeted Yun Che with respect. It was evident that Xiao Tiannan had already explained that this was an extremely prestigious guest who must be received with the greatest of courtesy. Of course, the identity of this “genius doctor”, was something he would never let the disciples know…… The fewer who knew, the better.

After reaching the medicinal hall, a clear-headed Xiao Luocheng revealed a grateful expression upon seeing Yun Che and started struggling to rise to his feet. He attempted to bow to him as a weak and sincere voice escaped from his mouth: “Junior Xiao Luocheng…… Thanks Senior Genius Doctor for saving my life and gracing me with the chance of rebirth……..”

“Haha, it’s the thought that counts. With your body like this, don’t move about too much.” Yun Che laughed benevolently, as he stood by the bedside. “Come, let me take a look at your veins.”

After which, he reached out his hand and pinched Xiao Luocheng’s right wrist. Immediately after, his face lost all semblance of a smile as his expression became darker…. and darker….

This drastic change in his expression immediately caused Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao to grow extremely nervous. Just as he was unable to resist the urge to ask, he saw Yun Che move his hand from Xiao Luocheng’s wrist as he cursed in a fit of rage: “Didn’t daddy here specifically warn you time and again that you absolutely must not feed him anything without my instructions! Did you think of daddy’s words as nothing more than just the wind passing through your ears!”

Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao simultaneously exchanged looks. Xiao Tiannan took a small step forward and spoke while trembling in fear: “Senior, this… This… is this junior’s wife’s eagerness to dote on her child. She thought that such a heavy injury would be extremely taxing on one’s body and should have a bit of nourishment. Added with Luocheng’s complaints of hunger, it then caused my humble wife to simmer a bowl of chicken soup……”

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Yun Che suddenly exclaimed in a burst of anger as he swung his hands about: “What eagerness to dote on your child! You people are trying to murder him! This daddy here wasted the entire morning brewing the medicine and any effect the medicine would have, had been f*cking taken away by this bowl of chicken soup! This also caused the utterly broken profound veins to swell up. With these two damages at such a degree, the treating this injury is practically ten times more troublesome than before! Simply absurd! Forget it, daddy here won’t treat your son any longer, go find whomever you want to treat it.”

With every word that came out of Yue Che’s mouth, Xiao Tiannan’s face only became paler and paler. Immediately after Yue Che finished speaking, Xiao Tiannan’s entire body began to tremble; he was so shaken by what Yun Che had said that he nearly kneeled down on the floor. Xiao Tiannan promptly stepped forward and pulled Yun Che, his panicked voice immediately pleaded “Senior…… Senior please calm down! It was this junior’s ignorance! I was unable to properly instruct my wife. This was entirely my fault! As long as senior calms down, this junior is willing to accept any punishment. I will guarantee that such a thing will never happen again…….. Senior, it was all this junior’s ignorance! But my son has done nothing wrong and at present, his injuries are extremely severe. If senior does not help him, then he will certainly be crippled for life! I beg senior to be merciful, save my son!”

“Humph! Ignorance? How can you possibly call this ignorance! This is obviously stupidity! And you dare say that your son has done nothing wrong. I’m saving him, yet the one harming him is you…… Good thing I found out early; if I had heedlessly slept for a few more hours, this son of yours would be completely finished right here……. If your son had died then, you would’ve been no better than an animal….. Since my words had been taken for granted, why bother asking me to treat him? Why don’t you go save him yourself……”

Yun Che’s face was flushed red with anger as he spat at Xiao Tiannan and berated the master of the magnificent Xiao Sect Branch Sect with a stream of curses. Each subsequent sentence was harsher and vulgar than the one before; Yun Che was only a step away from cursing the eighteen generations of his ancestors. As New Moon City’s most influential figure, Xiao Tiannan had never been scolded this badly before; yet at this moment he respectfully bowed his head like a grandson and did not retort with a single word…… He was doubtful when Xiao Baicao said that this Eccentric God Hand had a short fuse, but any of that doubt had long since been blown away. Without a hint of the elegant demeanor of a genius doctor, the elegant and scholarly-like doctor from before was now practically like a shrew who cursed on the streets.

This scolding from Yun Che was like eating a good meal; it invigorated his entire body. He had gotten to hurl all sorts of abuse at the leader of a big sect without restraint while only being at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, and Xiao Tiannan had not dared to even retort at all. Only those who have experienced this kind of pleasure would understand this kind of feeling.

This “genius doctor” finally appeared to be worn out from scolding and finally rested his case. After staring at Xiao Luocheng for a moment, he suddenly sighed: “Forget it, this kid and I can also be considered to be fated. Even though you and your group of fools have dropped this pile of shit on me, in most cases, I would usually just slip away and leave you to your troubles, but….. *Sigh*……”

Yun Che silently stared at Xiao Luocheng with a somewhat baffled expression. His gaze held a hint of sadness and kind benevolence: “This kid, is really too similar if compared to my little grandson when he was young…… *Sigh*, indeed too similar…… Kid, your name is……. Xiao Luocheng?”

Xiao Luocheng nodded and respectfully answered: “Yes, this junior is named Xiao Luocheng.”

“Back then, that little grandson of mine was also called Huangfu Cheng. Both of you have ‘Cheng’ in your names, this truly is coincidental…… Truly is coincidental. But what a pity, even though I possess medical prowess than can pierce the heavens, I can’t revive that grandson of mine. But now that I’ve met you, I can’t help but think of that little grandson of mine, and my memories from back then…….”

As Yun Che spoke, his voice also became softer and softer; as if he was caught up in old memories. His expression became more and more sullen as a thin layer of mist slowly formed over his eyes.

Hearing Yun Che’s promise to continue treating Xiao Luocheng, Xiao Tiannan was overjoyed at this unexpected good news; at least he had not endured that beratement for nothing. Listening to his following words, his heart was suddenly moved, and he sighed out. “Senior’s little grandson…… He was surely an exceptional genius without peer?”

“Heh heh, yes.” The genius doctor seemed to be immersed in his memories like before; a cloudy look came over his eyes as he spoke with an emotional voice: “But what a pity, heaven is jealous of the elite. At the age of sixteen, my little grandson had already come to a premature end… And it just happens that he was around this kid’s age. It was because of my little grandson’s passing that I painstakingly studied the art of healing; but sadly, time cannot flow backwards. Even if I improved my medical skills any further, it would still be impossible to save him.”

Xiao Tiannan’s heart was abruptly stirred. He forcefully swallowed his saliva, and cautiously probed: “My son Luocheng and your noble grandson are similar in appearances, their names are similar, and even their ages are similar to his back then…… This is simply a fate destined by the heavens! Since senior misses his grandson so much, and can’t forget the grief from back then, why don’t….. Why don’t you let Luocheng recognize you as his godgrandfather? On one hand, this may ease your longing for your grandson. On the other hand, Luocheng is also gravely injured at the moment. If Luocheng can make a full recovery, wouldn’t this happen to settle your regret for not being able to treat your grandson back then? Lastly….. Senior has graced Luocheng with the kindness of rebirth. Luocheng is a pure and good child; he will definitely be as filial to you as he would treat his real grandfather. So….. What does senior think?”

Damn!! This Xiao Tiannan is seriously too f*cking smart; all he needed was a little hint…. Yun Che greatly praised in his mind.

As he heard these words, the genius doctor’s entire body shook, and his entire body started to gently tremble in excitement: “Wha….. What did you say? What you just said…. Do you really mean it?”

There was nothing Xiao Tiannan did not understand after seeing the genius doctor’s reaction. A great happiness sprung forth in his heart, as he promptly exclaimed: “Luocheng! Hurry up and greet grandpa!”

Xiao Luocheng certainly knew what he had to do now. He laboriously lifted his upper body, looked at Yun Che, and enthusiastically yelled: “Grandpa!”

“Wha…… What did you call me?” The genius doctor’s body shook once more as his lips also started to tremble.

“Grandpa! As long as grandpa does not mind, from now on, I’ll be your grandson.” Xiao Luocheng shouted with complete sincerity.

“Good! Good!” The genius doctor’s entire body dramatically shook, as two uncontrollable teardrops dripped from his eyes. He reached out his trembling hands and rested them on Xiao Luocheng’s shoulders as he excitedly replied: “Good grandson! Good grandson! Rest assured, your illness, grandpa will definitely cure it for you. This will definitely not be like what had happened that year! Good grandson…….. My good grandson…….”

The more the genius doctor spoke, the more excited he became. A distinct stream of tears suspended on his face…… If this world had an Oscars Award, to not award it to Yun Che would practically be going against god’s wishes.

To call your enemy grandson whilst the other party respectfully called you grandpa; what kind of feeling would this be…….. It was better to say that only those who have experienced this would understand it!

At the same time, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao were also that happy and gratified. Who would have thought that Xiao Luocheng would actually resemble this Eccentric God Hand’s grandson and thereby succeeded in making him his godgrandfather. This simply was an enormous amount of good luck. With this recognition as his grandfather, the wounds on his body were absolutely not even the slightest of problems anymore. After treating the wounds, it was only logical that he would help Xiao Luocheng open his profound entrances. Not only that, to be such a highly skilled doctor, his medicine refining skills were bound to be second to none in this world. Any medicine that came from him would undoubtedly be hard to find, and the efficacy would be against heaven’s will. To have Xiao Luocheng be his “grandson”, how could he not go all out in his generosity?

Xiao Tiannan’s entire heart blossomed with happiness. He could almost already see Xiao Luocheng fully healed and proudly laughing in the main sect. He even saw himself following behind his meteoric success, even so much that this little branch sect would completely merged into the main sect…… On the other hand, Xiao Baicao was also extremely excited; so much that he unceasingly said: “Congratulations Sect Master, congratulations Young Master Xiao, congratulations Senior Huangfu for getting such a good grandson…… This is definitely a major occasion. Sect Master, since this is such a joyous occasion, once Young Master Xiao’s injuries are treated, we must definitely celebrate for a day.”

“Ha ha ha ha! How can one day be enough. We would need at least an entire three days. Ha ha ha ha.” Xiao Tiannan laughed heartily as he spoke.

“Grandpa, this grandson…… will kowtow for you.” Xiao Luocheng thoughtfully struggled to try and get up. Even though each movement caused unbearable pain, he struggled and resisted like before, and prostrated himself before Yun Che.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Yun Che promptly supported him using his shoulder, and spoke with a face of self reproach: “Good grandson, the wounds on your body are not light, you absolutely must not move about too much. It’s not too late to pay respects when you have fully recovered; all that matters is if you have the heart.”

“It’s….. It’s fine, no need for grandpa to worry. Even if I am injured, I can still kowtow for grandpa.” Xiao Luocheng said as he gritted his teeth with a stubborn face.

“Heh heh. Senior Huangfu, Luocheng’s mind is obsessed with being filial, and even more so, has a heart full of gratitude. Just let him kowtow. Furthermore, he has already recognized you as grandfather, this kowtow is also necessary.

When Xiao Tiannan had just finished speaking, Xiao Luocheng already lowered his head. On the bed, he forcibly exerted himself and gave Yun Che a kowtow. When he raised his head, his complexion had already become deathly white from the pain.

“Aiyo, aiyo……. Good grandson, you truly are my good grandson” Yun Che said as he hurriedly helped Xiao Luocheng up with a face full of “adoration”.

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