Against The Gods – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – The Battle That Shook the City (7)

In the instant the first gate opened, Yun Che faintly heard a quiet muffled sound from his profound veins. Right after, the profound energy inside the profound veins all of a sudden, inflated. This inflation was not just a pure expansion; even the density dramatically surged up to an astonishing degree…. Volume and density skyrocketing up at the same time was a state that was completely against common sense, yet at this moment, the fact that this state was occurring inside Yun Che’s profound veins, was the impeccable truth.

And accompanying it, was the complete berserking of Yun Che’s profound energy!

Jasmine had told Yun Che before, the ability of “Evil God’s Secret Arts”, was precisely “Berserk”! The profound energy would become crazily berserk!

The ballistic profound energy flooded out from all Fifty Four Profound Veins, and instantly instilled into every corner of Yun Che’s body. A terrifying feeling that his profound veins and body would possibly explode came to him. However, it was only “almost exploding”; not anything that his profound veins and body can’t completely endure. Jasmine had said that the current him could barely activate the first realm “Evil Soul”, and as expected, it was somewhat strained!


Feng Guangyi and Yun Che’s fists solidly clashed together, and gave out a deafening dull sound of impact. This was a direct showdown of pure profound energy, without any sort of trickery!


The crisp sound of bones breaking reverberated; everyone heard it clearly, and none were surprised. Subsequently, a incomparably shrill scream of agony resounded…. Yet this scream, made everyone become as dumbfounded as wooden chickens….

Because the one shrieking miserably was actually not Yun Che, but…. Feng Guangyi!!

All four of his fingers except the thumb were shattered at the moment of the collision, and even his wrist was violently crunched backwards. However, Yun Che’s fists did not stop here; after blowing away Feng Guangyi’s fists, it continued onwards while carrying the berserking profound energy, and harshly pounded onto his chest.

Feng Guangyi’s protective profound energy was shattered in an instant, as if it were as frail and thin as glass; he felt as if his chest was viciously smashed by a enormous boulder of over fifteen tonnes. His entire body flew backwards like a falling leaf wrapped up in a fierce gale of wind, as his back violently crashed into the supporting pillar in the center of the Main Palace. After bouncing a few meters off the pillar, he laid on the ground in a twisted posture with eyes that bulged wide open. He was incapable of standing up until quite a while.

The Main Palace instantly became absolutely silent. Everyone present opened their mouths to an enormous length, as they simply could not dare to believe the scene before their eyes….

In a head on match of pure profound power, a first ranker of Nascent Profound Realm, had unexpectedly surpassed…. had completely won against a third ranker of Nascent Profound Realm! Let alone those young disciples, even the Elders that had experienced an innumerable amount of trials and hardships during their long lives, found it hard to believe.

Yun Che slowly lowered his arms; concentrating his spirit and calming his energy, he shut the gate that was briefly opened. Instantly, the sharp swelling pain that covered his entire body and profound veins vanished along with it, and a faint feeling of exhaustion appeared. He took a few steps forward; as he looking at Feng Guangyi whose gaze was full of shock, humiliation and bewilderment, he indifferently spoke: “I’m arrogant, because I have enough strength that allows me to be arrogant. However, you acting arrogant in front of me, is only asking to be disgraced. A dignified third ranker of Nascent Profound Realm, actually lost this miserably in a battle of pure profound strength against a first ranker of Nascent Profound Realm. Heh, do you know who’s the real joke now?”

“You….” Feng Guangyi clenched his teeth, and struggled to stand up; his right hand trembled under the extreme pain, and his face was ghastly white…. He knew clearly, that from the exchange just now, he had sustained internal injuries that were not light at all.

The Main Palace was still extremely quiet; the majority of the disciples of the seven sects were already thoroughly flabbergasted. Their sects had exchanged pointers often, so they were aware what kind of strength Feng Guangyi possessed. Especially his “Storm of Nine Forms”, which was enough to even force opponents two levels above him to become flustered. Yet, he had only used his “Storm of Nine Forms” to its second form, and had already been utterly smashed into a battered condition by Yun Che’s fist.

“Yun Che! You… Did you think you’ve really defeated me!” Feng Guangyi became furious from embarrassment, as his left hand tightly clenched: “Earlier, I was only careless and held back; or else, with only your first level of Nascent Profound Realm, how could you possibly be victorious against me!”

After finished speaking, he had already lifted his left hand and activated his profound art again, and circles of whirlwinds blew around his body. However, anyone could clearly see that the whirlwinds this time were nearly half as strong as before; it was evident that he had suffered some heavy injuries.

“Enough!” The Palace Chief of Stormy Profound Palace snorted coldly: “Guangyi, you’ve already lost. Hurry up and step down!”

Feng Guangyi’s left hand tightened even more, and said while clenching his teeth: “Palace Chief, this disciple didn’t lose! I was only careless and underestimated the opponent; my Storm of Nine forms had only gotten to the second form. If I had completely casted it….”

“Shut up!” Stormy Profound Palace’s Palace Chief had already became furious: “That contest of pure profound strength earlier, unless one is blind, it was obvious whether or not you held back! A third ranker of Nascent Profound Realm lost against a first ranker of Nascent Profound Realm; yet you’re still looking for excuses! Do you think you haven’t lost enough face for our Stormy Profound Palace!”

Feng Guangyi’s complexion suddenly darkened. He glared at Yun Che with eyes of hatred, and walked back with his head lowered.

Yun Che took out a low level Profound Recovering Pellet, swallowed it, and slowly recovered his profound energy. He then stood in the center of the Main Palace again; his eyes loftily swept toward the seven sect’s seatings as he aloofly said: “That’s already three. The next one… who will it be!?”

He stood there like an arrogant king as he emitted a king’s pride, and shouted out a kingly declaration.

Who’s next?

This was not only a prideful challenge, but also a taunt and slap to the face!! Because he, a disciple that had just joined the New Moon Profound Palace, actually had already consecutively defeated three disciples from their seven sects! Moreover, these three disciples were not just any common disciples; in the youth generation of New Moon City, they were famous, and were all publically recognized as geniuses! However, today, they had fallen under this Yun Che’s hands.

Not only that, their opponent was merely at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm!

Everyone’s gazes that looked at Yun Che all changed. His win against Xuan Yu, could be because of him relying on that bizarre profound movement skill and catching the opponent off-guard; his win against Yan Ming, seemed to be because of the opponent’s embarrassing beginner’s mistake. However, his win against Feng Guangyi…. Everyone had witnessed clearly, that it was a honest clash of profound strength without any fancy tricks; and it was a complete victory of his, without the slightest discount!!

In order to defeat a third ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm to that degree, it would at least require the profound strength of the fifth level, or even the sixth level of the Nascent Profound Realm! Yet a first ranker of Nascent Profound Realm, actually released such a terrifying profound strength; what kind of notion was this? The only explanation, was that he had always deliberately kept himself from breaking through, and kept his rank of profound strength at a very low level; thereby allowing his profound energy to incomparably thicken under cultivation. If it’s like this, even if his profound rank was only at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, its power could perhaps even match those of the fifth, or even the sixth level of Nascent Profound Realm!

This was the only reasoning that anyone could think of!

In other words, this Yun Che…. at the age of sixteen, possessed the true strength of one at the fifth level of the Nascent Profound Realm or higher!!

As they thought about this, everyone was violently moved! This was a devil’s worth of innate talent and potential! This kind of innate talent, was the finest even within the seven major sects!

Lan Xueruo’s eyes were filled with wonder, as she couldn’t help but exclaim: “Junior Brother Xia, your brother-in-law was actually this formidable! Is he really the same as you, who came from that Floating Cloud City in the east?”

Although her innate talent was excellent, if she was at the same age as Yun Che, it was absolutely impossible for her to reach that sort of level.

“This…. this…. ah…. Mn….”

Compared to Lan Xueruo, Xia Yuanba was shocked to the point that he even forgot about the pain from his injuries. He knew Yun Che from the base of his root; as he looked at the current Yun Che show off such power, both of his big eyes had almost bulged out from staring too hard. He didn’t know how many times he had already chanted in his heart “Brother-in-law was actually this amazing…. Brother-in-law was actually this amazing…. Brother-in-law was actually this amazing….”.

The New Moon Profound Palace elders, who had their heart gripped, who were worried in various ways, now smiled with joy one after another, as their eyes glinted with an odd light. To win against Feng Guangyi; what Yun Che displayed was definitely an overwhelming strength, without any kind of opportunistic tricks involved! He consecutively defeated three genius disciples that were famous throughout the entire city, deflated the pride of the seven sects, and made New Moon Profound Palace stand tall with pride. The most crucial point was that this time, such a talented disciple with powerful strength had actually emerged from New Moon Profound Palace; with Yun Che’s current strength and potential that he had displayed, he may even reach the Sky Profound Realm in the future! If that day really came to existence, then at that time, the entirety of New Moon Profound Palace would bask in glory because of him.

“Elder Sikong, is he really our Profound Department’s new recruit?” Asked two elders who sat beside Sikong Han, almost at the same time. Although Yun Che had the New Moon Profound Palace’s insignia on his person, and even proclaimed himself as a New Moon Profound Palace disciple, even up to this moment, they still could not dare believe that this youth, who possessed such an astonishing innate talent would actually enter their New Moon Profound Palace.

Sikong Han slowly nodded. With a face that couldn’t stop the upcoming laughter, he used his fingers to twirl the beard beneath his chin as he proudly spoke: “Right! He is the grandson of my longtime friend. He heard that I was here, so he came here to seek shelter. Heheheheh.”

“Aiya! This time, Elder Sikong has recruited a genuine genius!” The two Elders exclaimed in succession.

The insides of the New Moon Profound Palace disciples’ hearts were already seething with passion; as they watched Yun Che defeat three people consecutively and still continued his haughty taunting, for them, who had always been oppressed, bullied, and mocked by the seven sects, the excitement and satisfaction they felt in their hearts were indescribable. Yun Che’s name and his figure at this time, were also deeply engraved inside their hearts. This little junior brother that had just joined the palace, allowed them to raise their heads up in front of the seven sects for the first time.

When confronted with Yun Che’s challenge this time, no one who belonged in one of the seven sects jumped out.

Amongst the disciples that the seven sects had brought with them this time, excluding the extremely abnormal Xiao Luocheng, the strongest in the sixteen year old age group would be at the pinnacle of the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm, which was around Feng Guangyi’s current level. Yet Feng Guangyi faced a disastrous defeat under Yun Che’s hands in not even three moves; it would be difficult to expect a different result if someone with a similar strength went up. To be defeated by a New Moon Profound Palace’s disciple of the same age; as disciples of the seven sects, how extreme of a humiliation was this? If word got out, it was not known how many people would mock them for it. No one would want to touch this kind of trouble.

As for those who were older, they were even more unwilling to get on stage. Winning, would be considered to be taking advantage of the weak; not only would it not be glorious, they would instead, be ridiculed by others. Losing…. now that would just be extremely ugly.

As for Xiao Luocheng, although he was also sixteen, everyone subconsciously didn’t take him into consideration. As the young sect master of Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect, he had stepped into the tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm at the mere age of sixteen; famous for being number one of the younger generation in this two hundred and fifty square kilometers of New Moon City, his halo was unrivaled. Although the strength and talent that Yun Che displayed was extremely astonishing, no one would compare him with Xiao Luocheng, for that would simply be an insult to Xiao Luocheng.

Xiao Luocheng calmly sat in place as his long slender fingers lightly traced around the edge of his wine cup. The corner of his mouth had a trace of an indiscernible indifferent smile, as if he had absolutely no interest in the events that were currently taking place within the Palace hall.

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