Against The Gods – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Seed of the Evil God – Fire (2)

This sort of lineup would be enough to generate a huge uproar no matter where it appeared in Blue Wind Empire. Appearing in this small and remote place could only be described as inconceivable.

Yun Che lifted his head and saw the five black dots from the northern skies fly toward him in a single glance. After reaching Sky Profound Realm, one would be able to practice the Profound Floating Technique, and fly through the sky. Unquestionably, these five people were just as Jasmine said; they truly were super-strong practitioners of the Sky Profound Realm!

The flight speed of these five people weren’t fast, for only after a long time elapsed did they finally pass above Yun Che. When they noticed that someone was watching them, two people among the group slightly shifted their gaze downwards and glanced at Yun Che…. But they only took a glance at him, and then retracted their gazes. The other three didn’t even bother to look at him. A person that was only at the Elementary Profound Realm, simply didn’t meet the qualifications to have their direct attention or concern.

After they flew further away, Yun Che slightly contemplated, and then promptly made a decision. He immediately put away all the medicinal materials he had collected, these few days, into the Sky Poison Pearl. He then changed his clothes and started to run in the direction that those five strong practitioners of the Sky Profound Realm flew towards.

“What are you doing?” Jasmine asked while knitting her brow.

“Of course, trying to catch up with those five people!” Yun Che quickly said without stopping his footsteps.

“Don’t tell me, you want to catch up and beg for them to accept you as their disciple?” Jasmine spoke with a callous tone.

“How would that be possible! I already have Jasmine as my little master, how could I fancy others.” Yun Che immediately threw out some flattering words, then he flashed a grin and said: “The most likely reason that powerful people at Sky Profound Realm actually appeared here, would be because they’re here for some sort of Profound Beast. It’s likely to be a high level profound beast too, or else, it definitely won’t need five strong practitioners at the level of Sky Profound Realm to strike together! High level profound beasts have treasures all over the bodies; if they are capable of killing it, they would unquestionably acquire an exceedingly amount of tremendous rewards.

“Then, how do you know that they’re not just passing by?” Jasmine spoke while looking at him with the side of her eyes.

“It’s very simple. Because the speed of their flight is slow, slow enough that even I would able to catch up. No matter traveling or treasure hunting, their mood should be very imperative, and their speed shouldn’t be as slow as this. Hence the best explanation, would be that they will be facing an extremely strong profound beast, and their target is already very close. Thus they slowed down their speed and approached cautiously, using this time to discuss and strategize.”

“Even if it is so, what can you do after you’ve caught up? A Profound Beast that needed the cooperation of five Sky Profound practitioners must be a high level Sky Profound Beast. That level of battle is fundamentally something you can’t step a foot in; are you heading there to become their cannon fodder?” Jasmine said with quite a bit of disdain.

“If my presumptions are not mistaken, and they also succeed in the end, I’ll at least be able to offhandedly get something out of this, right? For an example, they may only take away the Profound Core, eyes, claws and teeth of the profound beast…. I won’t believe that they would bring everything back without leaving a single trace of skin and meat!” Yun Che said while his grin exposed his teeth.

“You’re such a wuss.” Jasmine coldly snorted and said, full of contempt.

The flying speed of the five people in mid air became more and more slow; it was as Yun Che clearly hypothesized, they were getting closer and closer to the target destination. Yun Che followed from afar, but he wasn’t really all that anxious of being discovered. Because even if he was discovered, since he was only at the fourth level of Elementary Profound Realm, they simply wouldn’t bother to put him in their eyes at all, and were probably too lazy to care.

“Violent Nascent Profound Beasts Active Ahead, Those Below Elementary Profound Realm Level Ten Must Not Enter.”

An aged warning sign appeared in front of Yun Che. The Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range was very big, and as one proceeds deeper into the mountains, the profound beasts become more and more ferocious. But overall, Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range’s profound beasts weren’t all that strong, but they were still not something that profound practitioners at Yun Che’s level could handle.

Not after walking too far, more warning signs appeared in front one by one.

“High Level Profound Beasts Active Ahead, Below Nascent Profound Realm Level Five Please Leave With Haste.”

Along the way, Yun Che had bumped into a total of five warning signs. However, the last warning sign was labeled with blood-red colored carved words:

“Scarlet Dragon Prohibited Region!”

These were only four words, but they contained enough tension to make one’s heart palpate.

Everyone inhabiting Cyan Forest Town all knew that the area ahead was a taboo region that must never be stepped into; because out of everyone who entered, none had ever returned alive.

The five people above in mid air had also stopped at this time. Separated by a long distance, Yun Che faintly heard their conversing voices.

“Is it around here?”

“Correct, that red colored region ahead, should be the nest of that Flame Dragon.”

“Are you sure that you’ve investigated the Flame Dragon’s true strength clearly?

“Mn, tenth level Sky Profound Beast! There should be no mistakes, with senior elder here, there’s no reason that we wouldn’t be able to dispose of it!”

“If we can obtain its fire-attribute Profound Core, then we could definitely let young master’s Burning Heaven Arts make another breakthrough. If successful, in the next Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, we would have the confidence to press ahead of the Xiao Sect and even Frozen Cloud Asgard!”

Burning Heaven Arts?

These four words made Yun Che feel a tremor in his whole body. These five people, were actually from one of the Blue Wind Empire’s four major sects, Burning Heaven Clan?

No wonder this kind of lineup could come out at the same time; they were actually people from one of the four major sects! One of them was even a senior elder, which meant that this arrangement of five people could be considered the core strength in the Burning Heaven Clan!

And their goal for coming here was sure enough for a powerful profound beast! The tenth level Sky Profound Beast that came out of their mouths, was it the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range’s “Scarlet Dragon”, recorded in the legends?

“Seems like someone had always been following us.”

“Heh, it’s only an Elementary Profound Realm’s little brat. Probably because it’s the first time he had seen the Profound Floating Technique, so he recklessly followed us. Hmph, if he really wants to die that bad, there’s no need to wait for the Flame Dragon to strike, I can send him on a trip to hell right now.”

“Tch, bothering with the likes of a brat in the Elementary Profound Realm, do you even care for your integrity.”

The inside of Yun Che’s heart suddenly went cold. Although he had been extremely careful following along the way, but evidently, he was still discovered. After all, the other side were all in the frightening Sky Profound Realm.

Covertly breathing in, Yun Che’s footstep retreated backwards, his heart developing an desire to back off. After all, at the moment, his strength was too weak; weak enough to not have the qualifications to even go on an adventure. If he was slightly careless, he would have to pay with his life.

As he stepped back a few steps and started to leave, his heart suddenly jumped. He could even faintly hear the the *Ba-dump* sound that came from his heart.

“This is….”


The heart fiercely jumped again. In his heart, an inexplicable feeling suddenly surfaced, to then became more and more intense.

This feeling is…..

Yun Che put his hand onto his chest, a baffled bewilderment appeared on his face… There’s something… calling for me?

Yun Che turned around and looked toward the south. This incomprehensible feeling clearly came from that direction. This feeling was really subtle; although it was a kind of illusory and whimsical feeling that could not be described with words, his heart could not even generate the slightest hint of doubt or resistance.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jasmine asked when she detected his abnormality in the Sky Poison Pearl.

“Over there, something seems to be summoning me?” Yun Che said with a serene complexion, while looking toward the south.

“Summoning?” Jasmine’s voice was filled with surprise.

“It can’t be wrong, it’s right over there.” Yun Che’s eyebrows slightly knitted together: “In the end, what kind of thing is it? Is it some special kind of bewitching technique… That’s not right! Not only is the consciousness reacting, the Profound Veins are too! No…. I must go there and take a look!”

The five people in mid air had already proceeded ahead. If he kept on advancing, any profound beast that jumped out could end his life. If the Burning Heaven Clan’s people discovered that he was still following, they may even think of him as a hinderance and kill him…

After some hesitation, Yun Che clenched his teeth and took out the last Star Concealing Grass and gripped it in his left hand. After releasing the grip, it had already turned into a crystal clear Star Concealing Pellet.

Swallowing down the Star Concealing Pellet, Yun Che’s body immediately disappeared, as if it had turned into mist. Without shadow or form, Yun Che took open strides, and quickly rushed forward.

The minute he stepped into the “Scarlet Dragon Prohibited Region”, a wave of sweltering dry heat suddenly came across his face, making Yun Che lose his breath in an instant. Ahead, was a small mountain that didn’t look very tall. He hastily rushed up and stopped at the mountain top, and looked ahead with knitted brows.

In his view, there appeared a large chunk of a scarlet-red colored region. In the middle of that region, was a nearly one hundred meter high gigantic cave, a barren environment without a single blade of growing grass. Strands of scorching white gas and ember spewed from the cracks in the ground and the caves from time to time, as if it had just been scorched by heavenly fire.

The five from Burning Heaven Clan had also arrived above the top of the cave by now. The position Yun Che was now at, finally allowed him to clearly see the faces of those five people. Four out of the the five looked to be around fifty, with a red flame embroidered on their cloth robes. As for the person in the middle, his beard was already completely white, and his complexion was composed, but every part of his body was emitting a wave terrifying aura that made Yun Che suffocate.

Five in the Sky Profound Realms…. The one in middle, was the supremely strong practitioner who was already half a step into the Emperor Profound Realm.

For Burning Heaven Clan to send out such a shocking formation, it seemed like the Flame Dragon’s Profound Core, was indeed, critically important to them.

“Looks like the information really was correct! Inside, there inhabits a humongous profound beast of the fire attribute!” The middle-aged man on the rightmost spoke with a stern look.

“Don’t act carelessly. This cave may have some unpredictable mystery and traps; it should still better to lead this Flame Dragon out of the cave.”

“Then let me do it!”

The leftmost middle-aged man took a step forward and swung his right hand; then, a dark-gold blade that was more than three feet long appeared in his clenching hand. Burning Heaven Clan’s main weapon was a single-edge blade; hence, one of their major Profound Techniques was called the “Burning Heaven Blade”. As the Burning Heaven Art was channeled, the blade ignited flames; as flames followed the blade, its power was extremely shocking.


When the middle aged man lifted the long blade, the sword’s body was immediately lit up with a scorching flame as he ferociously cleaved downwards during his howl.


A solidly thick dragon-shaped flame flew out from the blade; accompanied by a scorching heatwave and the whistling of the wind, it charged toward the front of the gigantic cave. As it crashed onto the ground with a thundering bang, the dragon shaped flame suddenly exploded outwards. A crater over ten meters deep was instantly blown into the previously level ground, and a burnt aura dispersed in all four directions.

Even the entirety of the gigantic cave, slightly trembled a bit.

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