Against The Gods – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – Upheaval (8)

No matter how big or small the courtyards were, the Xiao Clan had a total of around two hundred thirty three courtyards. The courtyards were all arranged irregularly and most of them looked almost exactly the same. If we don’t even mention the Xiao Sect members who came yesterday and only talk about people who have already been living here for ten or even twenty days, even they would not necessarily remember all the courtyard’s positions, nor would they accurately connect them with their owner. This was why Xiao Che was certain that Xiao Jiu had not even gone to Xiao Lingxi’s courtyard…. Even if he deliberately went there to check it out yesterday, he could not possibly find it again in such a short time. He should have been faking his search and instead just randomly walked around in a circle for a while until he came back with the box containing the Profound Opening Powder.

Xiao Jiu’s silence and the dramatically worsening complexions of Xiao Kuangyun and Xiao Yunhai would even let fools begin to understand what was going on.

Xiao Yunhai flawlessly answered Xiao Che’s first question… yet he did not know that it was only just a decoy. The second question that came immediately after made them sink into a deep hole. As for the third question…. it was virtually a resounding slap to their face.

“Little Che….” Xiao Lingxi buried her face in her hands as her vision became hazy. In her most helpless situation, everyone had kept away from her, questioned her, and wronged her for a period of time. Only he stayed the same as before. He fearlessly put his body in front of hers in attempt to shield her…. and confronted the people that not even those of the Xiao Clan would readily dare to provoke.

This silhouette left a deep impression at the bottom of her heart, and this memory may last a lifetime, without any chance of ever disappearing or fading away.

Xia Qingyue’s expression became bright once again. The questions were flawlessly answered and everyone was fully convinced of their act, but unexpectedly, he completely turned the entire situation around with only a few simple questions, while also exposing their lies. She yet again discovered that she actually did not truly understand him. No, it should be said that he had hidden his true self from everyone else…. for no one even knew of his frightening medical skills that could shock the entire world. At the moment, he had only revealed a scheme that left others incapable of movement.

The look on everyone’s face secretly changed….

However, there were no traces of any change on Xiao Lie’s face. Instead, he became even more ashen as both his hands quietly trembled together.

He knew from the start that it was an act to shift the blame onto someone else. Except that Xiao Lingxi ended up with the position of the scapegoat…. As he noticed the way Xiao Kuangyun’s gaze changed when his eyes turned in Xiao Lingxi’s direction, he went in a fit of rage. However, he could not open his mouth to speak, and could not possibly try to speak. This time, Xiao Che’s few sentences exposed their ugly and vicious intentions in front of all the people that were currently present.

But after that?

Could they even be ashamed? Would shame cover their faces? Would they apologize? Or perhaps shout loudly to say that it was all a misunderstanding?

Haha…. That’s absolutely impossible!

This would only anger them even further, and make things get more out of hand which in turn would make the consequences even more severe. The people who were present were well aware of this farce, but they did not dare to openly declare that it was happening. Instead, waves of anger came from the opposite party, like blades of grass swaying in the wind….

This was because the other party was the son of the Sect Master of the Xiao Sect! He could crush the entire Xiao Clan with a lift of his finger! Without sufficient power, what was the use of having a brilliant tongue and an observant mind? In the face of absolute power, this so-called truth could not even be considered as just a joke.

“Xiao Che!! You unfilial bastard, you still haven’t shut up!!” The First Elder pointed at Xiao Che and desperately bellowed in rage: “You again and again search for a ridiculous reason to discredit Clan Master and our noble guests from the Xiao Sect! What exactly is your motive! Why would the Xiao Sect try to frame Xiao Lingxi? Everyone in the world knows of the Xiao Sect and their word holds enormous weight. If they say that the Profound Opening Powder was found in Xiao Lingxi’s room, then it was found in Xiao Lingxi’s room! No one in Floating Cloud City has the right to question their authority!”

“This is truly outrageous, to question even the honorable guests from the Xiao Sect. Clan Master and Young Master Xiao had repeatedly exhibited their accommodating patience but unexpectedly, if you give him an inch, he’d want a mile; this is simply intolerable…. Young Master Xiao, Clan Master, this old one pleads for the rapid arrest of the thief Xiao Lingxi and the nonsense babbler, Xiao Che!” Second Elder Xiao Bo shouted in anger.

In fact, everyone present was well aware of the situation at hand, yet did not dare to say it out loud. First Elder and Second Elder shamelessly roared, and there was not one person who would speak in their favor, but there was a look of pity in everyone’s eyes…. The opposing party was the Xiao Sect. Even if you saw through their trickery. Even if you completely unraveled their scheme and the truth, what was the use?

Xiao Kuangyun’s expression had already darkened to the color of charcoal. He did not think that his “perfect” plan would backfire in his face in front of so many people…. Although these people looked at him with a fearful expression, and didn’t dare to make a single sound, he would bet his little toe that in their minds, they had inevitably sneered at him and saw him as a dog!

And all of this was because of Xiao Che!

Xiao Kuangyun became more and more enraged as he directed his killing intent at the nobody that paid no heed to his importance. He spoke in a deep voice: “I, from the dignified Xiao Sect, have no obligation to answer the question of a useless piece of trash from the Xiao Clan. Furthermore, I have no obligation to explain a matter belonging to my Xiao Sect! Which Elder in Xiao Clan is in charge of law enforcement? Immediately arrest this thief and the piece of trash that tried to vainly shield her!

“We solemnly obey Young Master Xiao’s order!!” Roared Fourth Elder Xiao Cheng, the chief of law enforcement within the Xiao Clan who saw his opportunity to make an appearance. He suddenly turned his head, his eyes revealing an ominous glint as they laid upon the victim Xiao Lingxi, and shouted in a loud voice yet again: “Xiao Lingxi, Xiao Che! You two have already committed a serious crime, come with me at once to the law enforcement hall to await your punishment!!”

The situation had made a sudden change. It was obvious that they had been exposed, yet the opposite party acted without a care for their pride and immediately made a direct approach. Xiao Che actually became alarmed as he retreated backwards, and whispered to Xia Qingyue: “Hey! Qingyue my wife, where’s your master!!”

“Don’t know” Xia Qingyue flatly replied.

“I~! @#¥%……” The reason why Xiao Che dared to mercilessly slap Xiao Sect’s face was not because his blood rushed to his head, but because he knew that Xia Qingyue’s master was in the vicinity…. Last night, he had even specifically reminded Xia Qingyue to notify her master.

In the end, Xia Qingyue only offered him “don’t know”. This motherf*cker…

Xiao Cheng’s profound strength was one the top five within the Xiao Clan, so it was fundamentally impossible that Xiao Che and Xia Lingxi had the ability to resist him. But now, a tall shadow appeared all of a sudden, in a flash, and stood in front of Xiao Che and Xiao Lingxi. With an entire body surging with profound strength, Xiao Lie had abruptly come forward….

A vibration sounded as a sandstorm brew as far as anyone could see. The Xiao Cheng that had been rapidly dashing towards his target was directly hit as he flew backwards. After landing, he staggered backwards seven or eight steps until he regained his balance.

Within the Xiao Clan…. It should be said that within the entire Floating Cloud City, the only person who could make him yield in just one strike was the one in the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm, Xiao Lie!

“Xiao Lie! What’s the meaning of this! Are you going to brazenly shield them?” If it was the past, Xiao Cheng would undoubtedly shrink in the presence of Xiao Lie, but at this moment, he nevertheless shouted with complete confidence.

Although he knew what was happening, and knew that there was no use in struggling to defend them, how could Xiao Lie silently watch Xiao Che and Xiao Lingxi be brought away to suffer such injustice? Ignoring Xiao Cheng, he faced the platform and spoke: “Clan Master, regarding today’s situation, I always had something I wanted to say! It is absolutely impossible that my daughter, Xiao Lingxi is a person that would steal the Profound Opening Powder!”

“Haha, Xiao Lingxi is your daughter, so of course you would say that!” Xiao Li laughed coldly: “However, the truth is already clear, whatever you have to say is completely useless! If you dare to shield and obstruct this arrest again, don’t blame me for not acknowledging our Xiao Clan’s relationship as I’ll also seize you together with them!

Since he stood next to Xiao Kuangyun, Xiao Li had enough confidence to lie in broad daylight and spoke as if they were fact, with an incredible expression on his face.

Xiao Lie was incomparably balanced as he looked at Xiao Yunhai and lightly spoke: “Yes, it’s true that I did tell Xi Er that the Profound Opening Powder had the ability to repair profound veins. I instantly regretted it after I told her that, because knowing her personality, I was afraid that she would be impulsive enough to steal the Profound Opening Powder. As a result, I stood in front of her courtyard’s doorway all night, until dawn! She absolutely did not even take half a step outside her courtyard entrance!”

“Tch!” Xiao Li scornfully sneered: “In order to absolve your daughter’s crime, you could actually think up of such a ridiculous reason! Think about it, would anyone even believe your words? Our friends present today, do anyone of you believe him?”

In the presence of the four Xiao Sect member’s grim faces, no one dared to speak.

Xiao Lie’s expression became coldly resolute as he spoke in a loud voice: “I, Xiao Lie have always lived a straightforward and upright life! Although not a true gentleman, I have never looked down on a person of lower status! I have never harmed anyone, nor have I deceived anyone! If what I said earlier had even half an untruth, may the heavens and earth punish me, and condemn me to a terrible death!”

Xiao Lie’s words were sonorous and struck the hearts of the people. Every individual word was filled to the brim with a profound righteousness and spirit. Xiao Lie was not only the strongest in Floating Cloud City, but his integrity was also well known! It was actually not necessary for him to swear the ‘may the heavens and earth punish me, and condemn me to a terrible death” oath for others to believe his words…. But, even though it wasn’t necessary for him to say those words, with Xiao Che’s previous statement, everyone present had already thoroughly seen the real truth. However, in the midst of Xiao Sect’s domineering power, it was fundamentally impossible to change the unfavorable accusation placed upon Xiao Lingxi. Even if Xiao Lie brought out more evidence, it was useless, and would merely cause Xiao Kuangyun to be further enraged out of humiliation.


A burst of disdainful laughter suddenly rang out in the midst of the people belonging to the Xiao Clan. A Xiao Yulong who had not bothered to speak, suddenly stood out and appeared. He turned towards Xiao Lie, laughing as he looked at him: “In this matter, this Xiao Yulong has absolutely no right to speak or intervene, but all of a sudden, when I heard Fifth Elder’s grand speech, I truly couldn’t hold back anymore…. A person who has fooled the entire Xiao Clan these ten or so years, unexpectedly professed himself to be a ‘straightforward and upright person that had never deceived another’! This is simply a joke bigger than the heavens itself!”

Has fooled the entire Xiao Clan these ten or so years… Those few words startled everyone.

As he listened to Xiao Yunlong’s words and saw his expression, Xiao Che’s brow suddenly sank, and a bad premonition surfaced within his heart.

“Xiao Yulong, what do you mean!” Xiao Lie immediately knitted his eyebrows and asked in a low voice.

Xiao Yunhai also spoke with a serious expression on his face: “Yulong! Fifth Elder has always been a person of virtue and prestige. In the presence of our noble guests from the Xiao Sect, in the presence of our Xiao Clan, and in the presence of our friends from Floating Cloud City, you mustn’t indiscriminately gossip!”

Xiao Yulong bowed slightly, and said: “I request father to rest assure, your son naturally would not dare to speak so casually in broad daylight.” As he looked at Xiao Lie, his eyes narrowed and he laughed faintly: “Fifth Elder, you claim to be a ‘straightforward and upright person who had never deceived another’, then do you dare to pledge on your son Xiao Ying’s lifetime of honor and glory…. that Xiao Che is indeed your blood-related grandson!!”

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