Against The Gods – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131 – Murong Yi


Once the cracks spread to the very edges of the barrier, the Profound Blood Barrier finally broke open, breaking into countless scattered profound energy fragments. Yun Che’s Falling Moon Sinking Star was akin to a loose tiger. Advancing wildly, layers upon layers of bombardment hit on Feng Yue’s chest……. There was only less than half a foot’s distance between the barrier and Feng Yue’s chest, yet it brought about a deafening roar.


A tremendous sound of rocks exploding rang next to Feng Yue’s ears. Both of his ears and head were immersed in the huge roaring sound, and he felt as if a huge sledgehammer had struck his chest. A jet of blood spurted out of his mouth as his body flew backwards like an arrow… As he flew outwards, the violent power of Falling Moon Sinking Star carved a deep groove into the ground.

Feng Yue’s body flew off the stage over the crowds of tightly packed onlookers, traveling almost twenty feet before smashing into the ground. After, he rolled for a while like a rolling gourd, then laid on the ground, never to make another movement. A pool of scarlet blood slowly spread under his body.

At this moment, it was as if the entire world had fallen into a frightful silence.

Yun Che slowly retracted his hand. In front of him, a ghastly deep ravine extended outwards by ten feet. A cold smile flashed on his mouth. He was a man who never treated his enemies with even a shred of mercy; if there were no outsiders here, he wouldn’t have hesitated even a moment to kill Feng Yue. But this was the Blue Wind Profound Palace after all, and he was about to become a disciple of the Blue Wind Profound Palace, so he absolutely wouldn’t deal a killing blow to Feng Yue. However, at least for the next month, Feng Yue shouldn’t even think about getting out of bed, much less using profound energy. Furthermore, the forceful destruction of the Profound Blood Barrier also dealt considerable damage to his vitality and profound veins, so the aftermath would definitely not be as simple as just the decrease in one level of profound strength anymore.

Not a single sound could be heard from all of the witnesses. Seeing the half-dead Feng Yue, who had been flung several tens of feet away, and the long, deep ravine, a cold air surged out of their bodies. They all looked at Yun Che as if he was a monster!

Feng Yue’s strongest ability was his defense. He had not attacked and concentrated all his profound energy into his defense, but even under the condition of using a life-threatening forbidden technique to protect his life, Yun Che had still managed to deal a grave injury within three moves. No one doubted that, if this hadn’t been one attacking and one defending and was a real fight, Feng Yue would still have been defeated by Yun Che, possibly even faster and even more miserably!

Tenth ranker at the Nascent Profound Realm completely defeating a third ranked at the True Profound Realm! And this was not just a difference of three levels, but also the divide between realms. All the spectators had originally thought this feat to be completely impossible! However, this situation had truly happened right in front of their eyes, and overturned their previous knowledge.

Qin Wuyou, who had been residing in the pavilion, had already stood up. With profound strength at the Earth Profound Realm, and the status of the Blue Wind Profound Palace’s Middle Palace instructor, he had a broad range of experience. He had a rather unmoving state of mind, yet his expression was colored red. At this moment, he had finally begun to realize why Lan Xueruo had been so insistent on choosing him… The Monarch Heart Secret Arts, which could examine one’s potential to an extent, was truly worthy of its name.

“Heh heh, this brat you brought here is really incredible.”

Behind Qin Wuyou, a middle-aged man with a beard that dangled to his chest, who was clad in a green robe, slowly walked over. His appearance was similar to Qin Wuyou, but he looked to be slightly younger. He stood next to Qin Wuyou and watched Yun Che on the stage with a face filled with praise.

“He is someone Princess Cang Yue had selected.” Qin Wuyou slowly said.

“Oh?” The middle-aged man’s face showed a little shock, then he nodded slightly and went deep in thought.

Yun Che, standing on the stage, had long since become everyone’s focus. Especially the new disciples who had just passed the assessment; no matter male or female, everyone’s eyes filled with unparalleled fanaticism. The disciples who had been thoroughly thrashed by Feng Yue before were all filled with fanatical admiration; they all felt gratitude and a sense of being avenged. Yun Xiaofan stubbornly stood up; even though his body suffered an unbearable pain, his mouth revealed a pleasantly surprised smile as he passionately looked at Yun Che with adoration.

The shock in Sikong Du’s heart lasted for a long time before he slowly suppressed it. Others may not be aware, but he clearly understood just how powerful Feng Yue’s Profound Blood Barrier was. Even a tenth level True Profound realm profound practitioner like him would not be able to break the barrier with one strike if they were not serious.

No wonder Instructor Qin valued him so much, and had personally come to watch his assessment process. Being able to exhibit such a frightful power at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound realm, it was impossible not to be in shock of this boy’s talent… The worry and warnings he had given him before were completely unnecessary.

Yun Che’s gaze glanced at Feng Yue’s body for a moment, then swept around to finally land on Ao Yan’s body.

When Feng Yue had been blasted into the air, Ao Yan’s face had become pale in a flash. At this time, when he suddenly made contact with Yun Che’s cold gaze, his entire body shuddered and he unconsciously scooted two steps backwards in panic. His face was filled with fear and beads of sweat uncontrollably rolled down his forehead.

Yun Che laughed in disdain and glanced away. Turning to Instructor Qi, who had an extremely ugly expression, he called out brightly: “Instructor Qi, you’ve been personally witnessing this event the entire time. This “Pact of Three Moves” between me and Feng Yue, I should be the victor, right? In accordance with our agreement before, from now on, wherever I am, Feng Yue must walk backwards. To all my friends present, please bear witness.”

Instructor Qi’s expression was uncertain for a moment. He clenched his teeth, and said while bracing himself: “Yun Che! Even if you are the victor… This was only a learning experience, yet you attacked so heavy-handedly! With such a vicious heart, how are you fit to be a disciple of my Blue Wind Profound Palace!”

“Ah…” Yun Che laughed contemptuously, and said lightly: “My profound strength is only at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound realm, and Feng Yue is at the third level of the True Profound realm. The difference between us is so great, so I have no reason not to display my full power, right? Only, how would I know that even though Feng Yue has such great profound strength, he’s actually just an idiot who can’t even take an attack from a Nascent Profound realm profound practitioner; can you really blame me for this? Furthermore, Feng Yue also said before, when disciples spar, getting injured is a common occurrence, and even Instructor Qi accepted that. Feng Yue seriously injured Yun Xiaofan, yet you didn’t rebuke him at all. Now that I’ve injured Feng Yue you criticize me and even said that I’m not fit to be a disciple of Blue Wind Profound Palace. This, is a little bit of a stretch now, isn’t it?”

Instructor Qi was an instructor at Blue Wind Profound Palace after all. As a disciple of the Profound Palace, even a disciple from the Inner Palace wouldn’t willingly offend an instructor; Middle Palace and Outer Palace disciples would not even consider this notion. But what kind of temper did Yun Che have? Whoever gave him face, he would give them face. Whoever didn’t give him face, even if it was God, he would definitely not give even a little face. Why wouldn’t Instructor Qi think that Yun Che, a soon-to-be disciple of the Profound Palace, would bare accusations and ridicule him in front of everyone. Furthermore, everything he had said was justified, made perfect sense, did not leave a single droplet of information out, and forced him to a position where he could not respond. He could only stand there with a face completely colored red in embarrassment, and hold in his anger while not able to act upon it at all.

Sikong Du walked over, and said while cheerfully smiling: “Elder Qi, about this assessment, Yun Che has definitely passed, right? Yun Che was also the victor of the “Pact of Three Moves” with Feng Yue, and all the spectators present can bear witness. I believe that Instructor Qi, who is fair and just, must not have any objections. Also, Yun Che defeated disciple Feng Yue in the assessment, so, he can enter the Profound Palace, which means he has the right to directly enter the Middle Palace. Instructor Qi must not have any objection to this, right? As for the remaining battle assessments, since Feng Yue has suffered serious injuries, this disciple can step in and complete the task; what do you think about this, Instructor Qi?”

Instructor Qi’s face shivered a little. He held his breath for a while, and could only fiercely respond with a “hmph” sound. This event had occurred at the Central Plaza, and countless spectators had witnessed the entire process personally. Even if he wanted to protect Feng Yue, it was simply impossible to punish or make things difficult for Yun Che. Otherwise, he might not remain in Blue Wind Profound Palace any longer.

Enter the Middle Palace directly? Sounds of exclamation spread throughout the crowd. Especially those who had just entered the Profound Palace and those who had been stuck at the Outer Palace for a long time, who were disciples who could not even hope to enter the Middle Palace; their faces were filled with envy. At the Blue Wind Profound Palace, if one wanted to enter the Middle Palace, one’s profound strength must at least be at the third level of the True Profound realm; Feng Yue could only be considered one of the lowest disciples in the Middle Palace. While Yun Che was only at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound realm, he had defeated Feng Yue in front of everyone, so he was definitely qualified to directly enter the Middle Palace.

Right at this moment, a thundering howl suddenly sounded through the crowds of people:

“Out of the way! Which one’s Yun Che, get your ass out here!”

In the midst of the screams, the crowd was forcefully split. A tall and brawny, roughly twenty year old man walked out. Behind him, shockingly, walked Murong Ye. The entire right half of Murong Ye’s face was swollen; the bleeding from the wound had stopped, but the gory wound was still quite scary. Once he saw Yun Che standing on the stage, his eyes stared wide and reached out to point at him. He screamed: “Cousin! It’s him, he was the one who hit me!”

“That person’s armband… he’s also an Inner Palace disciple!”

“He’s Murong Yi, ranked seventy-third on the Heavenly Profound List! What’s happening… These Inner Palace disciples who are gone for most of the year, two of them actually appeared today!

“I heard this Murong Yi’s father is the Northern Field Marshal! Not only is his talent frightening, his influence is also monstrous… It looks like he came for Yun Che? Yun Che couldn’t have offended him, right?

“Offending an Inner Palace disciple, who is also the son of the Northern Field Marshal; he’ll have his fair share of trouble later.”

Following Murong Ye’s pointed finger, Murong Yi glanced at Yun Che for a moment, then flew onto the stage in one jump. He eyed Yun Che coldly: “So you’re Yun Che?”

“That’s right.” Once he saw Murong Ye, Yun Che understood what had happened. Qin Wuyou had just informed him about Murong Ye’s cousin Murong Yi… Indeed, after he had beaten this useless scrap of wood up, he had exhibited the behavior of trash, and ran, crying and screaming, for help from someone more powerful.

“Were you the one who hit his face?” Murong Yi pointed at Murong Ye, and asked with a dark glare.

“That’s right, I was the one who hit him.” Yun Che admitted very calmly.

“Very good.” Murong Yi nodded slowly. His eyes suddenly flashed as his body charged forward, bringing about a violent gust of turbulent air. His right hand formed a claw, and grasped at Yun Che’s throat like an eagle.

Just as Murong Yi moved, a silhouette flashed from the side. Profound energy exploded outwards, and a palm slammed against Murong Yi’s right claw. With a “bang”, both people flew backwards. A “crack” sound resounded from the point they made contact, and the meter-tall stone stage directly split. A half-foot wide crack directly spread to the edge of the stage, splitting the stage right down the center.

A gust of profound energy spread outwards, nearly pushing Yun Che over. He was shocked in his heart: these were indeed Inner Palace disciples! Even the aftermath of their strikes contained such astonishing power.

Murong Yi landed on the edge of the stage and almost fell off. He suddenly raised his head, glared at the person who attacked him, and yelled: “Sikong Du, what do you mean by this!!”

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