Against The Gods – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing

“Old Devil! Old Tiger!!”

Seeing both Black Devil And Black Tiger get beheaded instantaneously, all of Black Demon’s courage dissipated, and he nearly vomited blood on the spot. All of the Black Demon Mercenaries were even more rooted in place, and did not dare to believe that the three powerful Vice Captains with the power of the True Profound Realm would actually die instantly at the hands of a sixteen year old youngster.

“Heh heh, there’s no need to be so sorrowful, you will all meet again shortly.” Yun Che leaned his body to the side and smiled coldly towards Black Demon. He suddenly raised the Tiger Soul Sword and a meter-long tongue of flame swept towards Black Demon from far away.

“YOU BASTARD! I WANT YOU TO PAY WITH YOUR BLOOD, I’M GOING TO DISMEMBER YOU INTO A THOUSAND PIECES!” Black Demon’s anger skyrocketed. With a swing of his Wolf Fanged Mace, he dispersed Yun Che’s tongue of flame before jumping high into the air to smash towards Yun Che with a jump attack. Yun Che also jumped; both his hands tightly gripped the Tiger Soul Sword, and clashed with Black Demon in midair.


Sparks flew in all directions. Both their bodies quivered violently at the same time before getting blown backwards. When Yun Che landed, his body only slightly swayed but he stood firm right after; when Black Demon landed, he retreated five or six steps in succession before he was able to stabilize his stance. A finger deep hole impressively appeared on the iron Wolf Fanged Mace in his hand.

After meeting Yun Che face-to-face and exchanging blows, Black Demon finally understood why Black Devil, Black Tiger, and Black Wolf had been easily executed by Yun Che one after another. It was because even he, was at disadvantageous position from this clash of pure profound energy!!

Black Demon’s eyeballs went into a violent turmoil, his face was full of disbelief… Impossible! Definitely impossible! He clearly only has the profound strength of the Nascent Profound Realm’s tenth level, whereas I, am in the third level of the True Profound Realm! How could the intensity of his profound energy be stronger than mine! This is impossible, absolutely impossible!

However, even if he was unwilling to believe it, the truth was right in front of his eyes. The opponent’s level of profound strength was clearly inferior to him, yet the intensity of his profound energy was nevertheless, far superior than his. In addition, the opponent’s weapon held a big advantage as well. After all, his Wolf Fanged Mace was a True Profound artifact and was also instilled with his profound energy during battle. For his opponent to actually create such a huge hole with only one strike, it was extremely likely that the mace would be split in half if it were to withstand a few more blows.

“It seems you are also no more than this.” Yun Che said sarcastically as he raised his hand to stroke the back of the Tiger Soul Sword.

“Brat, don’t be too cocky this quick, this daddy merely went easy on you just now! You are a trash Nascent Profound Realm practitioner, how can you be the opponent of me, Black Demon, HAAAH! STORM STRIKE!”

Black Demon had mingled in the outside world for several decades, but because he didn’t belong to any sect, Black Demon naturally could not learn any high-grade profound skills. However, he had learned quite a few of those low-grade profound skills which one could buy anywhere. He closed in on Yun Che and suddenly spun rapidly, stirring up a formidable profound energy storm while swinging his Wolf Fanged Mace


Yun Che fell back slightly and quickly used the Tiger Soul Sword to block off all of Black Demon’s attacks. Everytime the Tiger Soul Sword clashed with the Wolf Fanged Mace, it generated a crisp clanging sound and filled the sky with sparks. After over thirty successive blows, Yun Che flew backwards, and fell back over a dozen steps. Black Demon’s attacks also stopped at this moment, and he roared madly while pointing at Yun Che: “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS STANDING THERE FOR! GO AND KILL HIM FOR ME! WHOEVER KILLS HIM WILL BE THE VICE CAPTAIN!!”

The Black Demon Mercenaries were still in a state of stupor after the deaths of all three Vice Captains and could not completely react. But hearing Black Demon’s loud roar at this moment, was as if they were awakening from a dream. They suddenly rushed out and besieged Yun Che from all sides.

“Senior Sister, protect yourself carefully!”

Yun Che did not dare to be careless in the face of the seventy to eighty Nascent Profound Realm Black Demon Mercenaries’ siege. Under such circumstances, he could no longer take care of Lan Xueruo. However, with Lan Xueruo’s ability, she could still face enemies of the Nascent Profound Realm, even with her weak body, for a short while without any risk.


Over a dozen Black Demon Mercenaries closed in with a simple formation and leaped towards Yun Che at the same time. Yun Che did not avoid it, but revealed a cold smile from the corner of his mouth. While he received their attacks with one sweep, a gigantic tongue of flame came fluttering out, causing the Tiger Soul Sword to seemingly grow over two meters long.

Puff puff puff puff puff….…

As the tongue of flame hit the first person, the impact broke his neck before continuing to sweep towards the second, third, and fourth without any decrease in power… When facing so many enemies, it was considered a taboo to attack everyone unless one had an absolutely overwhelming power, because the power of the attack would substantially scatter. One should instead focus their power in one direction to lessen the pressure on oneself.

However, what Yun Che chose to do was sweep horizontally with his fire profound energy! In the face of all these Nascent Profound enemies, his profound strength was not considered overwhelming, but his weapon was a Earth Profound Artifact that could easily cut through the profound energy defense of the Nascent Profound Realm! The flames that he released were the flames of the Phoenix, which was under the control of the power of the Evil God! In addition to the absolute pressure of his profound art and weapon, his superior profound strength allowed his horizontal sweep to become a genuine horizontal sweep that was not forced at all.

Seven or eight of the group of over a dozen people who were sieging him were directly swept away with one such strike from Yun Che. A sound of wind closed in from behind and a heavy broadaxe came swinging toward his neck. Without even turning around, he formed a fist with his left hand and smashed at the wind.


The Black Demon Mercenary that had tried to sneak attack Yun Che had his chest bones suddenly split into pieces, and he vomited blood as he flew far away.


Towards these Black Demon Mercenaries, Yun Che had no trace of pity or mercy. With a jump, he avoided the attacks from three Black Demon Mercenaries and stomped at the Black Demon Mercenary to his rear, opening a bloody hole in his chest. Borrowing the recoil power, his body dashed out from a far distance, sweeping three people into the tongue of flame high up in the sky. When he landed, another three were sent flying with one attack.

More and more Black Demon Mercenaries started to attack from all sides, surrounding Yun Che in the crowd like a tidal wave. Yun Che remained calm and collected; using the Star God’s Broken Shadow, he weaved through the crowd like a swift inside a storm. Wherever the Tiger Soul Sword landed, weapons would break and people would die in just one strike. Against the Tiger Soul Sword, the profound energy defense of these practitioners at the Nascent Profound Realm were not much different compared to a thin piece of paper.

Not long after, Yun Che’s body had been splattered with huge patches of blood. However, he completely lacked perception to all of this. He had simply killed too many people in his lifetime. To him, killing was as ordinary as harvesting wheat; it was unable to stir up the slightest of waves in his heart.

Black Demon, who was standing far away, wanted to take advantage of the moment when Yun Che was being surrounded and carry out a sneak attack to end things once and for all. But looking at his blood-soaked body and watching him cut down the waves of Black Demon Mercenaries like wheat, a deep chill began to flood in his heart… This was clearly a boy, yet he made swift and clean kills, without any trace of hesitation or reluctance. Furthermore, his eyes and expression when killing was just too tranquil; so tranquil it didn’t even feel like he was killing people!

He, had also killed quite a number of people in his lifetime; at least eighty if not a hundred. However, he definitely would not be that calm while killing people.

He was only at the Nascent Profound Realm, yet he had such a terrifying power… Those shocking tongues of flame, that dreadful sword which bestowed death to whomever it touches… Black Demon’s heart started to beat faster and faster. The thought of sneak attacking Yun Che quickly faded away and a growing fear began to breed deep inside his inner heart. His footsteps began to shrink back before he turned his body to wildly flee.

“Trying to run?” His actions were all in Yun Che’s eyes. Yun Che’s gaze darkened as he swept the Tiger Soul Sword, forcing all the Black Demon Mercenaries around him away before kicking off the ground to leap thirty meters into the sky. His body began to burn with flames as his gaze locked onto Black Demon.

“Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing!”

The flames on Yun Che’s body ignited frantically and two wings of flame spread out on his back. His entire person shot downwards. From afar, it was like a miniature phoenix swooping down from the sky, that also carried a faint phoenix cry along with it.

Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing; the phoenix fire skill recorded in the fifth stage of the [World Ode of the Phoenix]. When mobilized, wings of flame would rise from one’s back and rush at the enemy in a bold and powerful assault, to then trigger a large-scale flame explosion. Originally, in order to utilize this skill, it was necessary to have one’s phoenix fire strength at the fifth stage; but its profound entrance had been broken through under Yun Che’s extremely high comprehension ability and the power possessed by the Fire Seed of the Evil God. He had mixed his phoenix fire power with the evil god’s fire power in order to prompt this action.

The fierce pressure and blazing temperature from the sky caused Black Demon to subconsciously look back, but even if he had detected it earlier, it was fundamentally impossible for him to evade the powerful rushing swoop of the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing…


A loud booming cry resonated throughout the horizon. On the dry ground, numerous cracks rapidly spread like spiderwebs, but they were immediately enveloped by crazily ignited flames. Within the raging flames, a black figure shot out, spraying a huge amount of fresh blood before falling to the ground like a discarded worn-out sack, and raised a cloud of dust.

Every Black Demon Mercenary froze in their tracks. With their eyes wide open, they stared in horror at the twitching black figure behind the flames. Lan Xueruo also stood there blankly; her small hand covered her mouth as her gaze clouded and filled with astonishment.

Yun Che slowly walked to the front of Black Demon. He looked at the body that was sprawled on the ground and incapable of standing, with a cold indifference. A huge amount of energy was consumed every time the Empyrean Dance of the Phoenix Wing got unleashed, and it was the second time he had used it today; in addition to opening the Evil Soul profound gate for a long time, his body had started to weaken severely. However, the effect of this blow was clear and easy to see; during the previous impact, he had clearly heard the shattering sound of Black Demon’s backbone.

With his backbone shattered, Black Demon could be considered to be completely crippled. Even if he were to survive this injury, he would still only be able to spend the rest of his life paralyzed.

“Spare me… Spare me… I don’t want to die yet…”

After sensing Yun Che’s approach, Black Demon let out painful begs of forgiveness. It was human instinct to cherish one’s life; not to mention a pure villain like him, who had not enjoyed enough of his life even after half a lifetime of being free and unfettered. Yun Che bent over and coldly replied as he removed the yellow spatial ring on his hand: “There is already no value in your existence.”

As his voice faded, Yun Che split Black Demon’s neck with a palm.

With a “crack”, Black Demon’s neck directly fractured as his eyes bulged outwards; he never made another sound or breath again.

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