Accompanying the Phoenix – Prologue

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The oppressive sound of thunder echoed as the black clouds from above made the atmosphere even more heavy.

“The Demon Emperor has issued a command, the Azure Sky King must quickly return to our Palace!”

The long hair bounded by golden hair bands danced with the wind as the sleeve of a robe fluttered between them. The maiden who had been called the Azure Sky King slowly replied: “This king won’t return.” Embroidered peonies were visibly displayed on her black corset robe as her voice possessed a heroic spirit and boldness that was rare in most maidens, “It doesn’t matter whose order it comes from.”

“If so, then we wish Your Highness would not blame us for this offense.” The leading gray clothed man waved his hand, and the figures of two people jumped out from behind him, encircling her within their triangular formation.

“To dare block this king’s path, you have guts.” Shen Li’s eyes flashed with coldness, and a silver colored longspear revolved in the palm of her hands. The blade of the spear drew a silver arc as killing intent surged out of her entire body, making the corners of her clothes flutter: “Come whenever!”

The man in the lead glanced towards another man at the same time, and appeared to be afraid of the consequences. The man behind Shen Li’s right side swiftly unsheathed his sword, bringing along a sharp offensive force. “Don’t be too impulsive, Mo Fang!” The man at the lead yelled, but could not stop the action. Shen Li raised her brows and unhesitantly met the attack with her silver spear. Only the sounds of clanking could be heard as their weapons interlocked. The clear noises brought about by the weapons surged with magic power that moved out in every direction.

The remaining two people gritted their teeth and could only lift their blades to catch up, making a besieging formation around Shen Li.

Among the three, any one of them would be considered a famous force to be reckoned with. However, in the face of Shen Li, they had to strain themselves. But in the end, two hands were no match for four, and Shen Li was incapable of being ruthless enough to deal a killing blow to either of them. Even though her magic power surpassed all three of them, in the midst of their encirclement, it was hard to avoid being at a disadvantage. Not long after, she revealed an opening. Mo Fang ruthlessly grasp his sword and thrust forward, and unexpectedly aimed in the direction of her heart!

One of them shouted out loud: “Mo Fang! Do not harm the king’s life!”

Mo Fang ignored him as the sharp end of his blade split open the robe and entered flesh. In between the strong pressure of the three’s formation, Shen Li was infuriated: “You, boy, show promise! As expected of the soldiers that I have brought up! To be so ruthless!” Mo Fang did not speak, and only slightly moved in an angle that the two behind him could not see. Then, he plunged his neck towards Shen Li’s blade. As blood drifted in the air, Shen Li opened her eyes wide and asked in disbelief with a trail of blood between her lips: “What’re you trying to do? Frighten this king to death?!”

“Your Highness.” Mo Fang said in an overcast voice, “Mo Fang can only help you till here. Take care.” After finished speaking, he used all his strength to push Shen Li and pulled out the blade that had missed his heart. Fresh blood flowed as her body rapidly dropped down from the high above the clouds. As for the heavily injured Mo Fang, he was caught by the other two men. It was not known what he said to them, but all three of their silhouettes flashed, and disappeared without a trace.

In the midst of the flashing lightning and rolling thunder, Shen Li suddenly understood everything. It looks like Mo Fang had been trying to help her. Perhaps he had known that at this moment, even if she were to die, she would never be willing to return to the Demon World’s Underground Palace.

What a good kid! As expected of the soldier she brought up, he was loyal enough!

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