Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 9.2

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At this ironic time, Chen Li had finally gotten her belt out and was holding it in her side. The delicate maiden’s belt had ripped and was currently covering her body with parts of her dress. If one looked at it from the back, with Chen Li’s filthy robes, it really did look like a dirty thief had come to violate the innocent lady. However, Chen Li herself did not have a clue and was very confused, turning her head back to look at the guards, puzzled. The two nannies rushed to the improperly dressed pink girl, who was hastily raising her hands in a flurry. “ Do not come, do not come!!”


The two nannies footsteps slowed to a stop, “Such a brazen thief, to dare to touch the young miss!”


Chen Li twitched her mouth, “…No…….” Without waiting for her to finish, the nanny started to run around and began to make a commotion to call more people. She felt a sour feeling within her heart, the girl currently had no way of wearing her dress- If the two servants were to call many guards over, and those big, brawny men were all staring at the young maiden….. Such an embarrassment, it would be better not to live!


Chen Li rubbed her forehead in frustration before turning to look to look at the young miss. “It’s better for me to carry you to go run.”


The young miss’s forehead was already beaded with sweat. “Go…? Go where?”


Before Chen Li had time to ponder, the two nannies had come back, each with a squadron of guards! She sighed, the young miss pulled on her clothes desperately. “ Ah, what do we do?!”


“Right now, the only thing we can do is to book it!”


“What’s do you mean, cook it?”

TL note: The young miss mistaken cook and book since they sound similar in chinese.


The two who were talking in a panic suddenly heard a hoarse voice interrupt them. “What’s the ruckus!”


The young missus’s face suddenly smiled, but then she realised her current state and bit her lips to prevent a sound from leaking out. Pulling Chen Li’s robes slightly, she hid behind her as she gestured for Chen Li to look in front. Chen Li did as gestured and was surprised to see Prince Rui standing ahead of her with Xing Yun by his side.


Xing Yun caught Chen Li’s gaze and sighed helplessly before shaking his head, as if to say, You’ve left my watch for only a few minutes, yet you’ve already managed to stir up so much trouble!


Prince Rui approached, glancing at Chen Li before his stare fell onto the small squatting figure behind Chen Li’s legs. His brow furrowed, but his tone was soft and gentle. “What happened?” The young miss only remained silent, hiding behind Chen Li who spoke, “ There’s no need for all the guards. Make them withdraw from here.”  The young miss echoed it with a nod.


Prince Rui waved his hand and the crowd dispersed. The young miss’s hand loosened it’s grip on Chen Li’s robes. In return, Chen Li shuffled slightly to the side and coughed twice. Yet still, the young miss did not speak. Suddenly, Prince Rui bent to his knees, lowering his ear to where the young missus’s lips were able to reach. She softly whispered words into his ear, causing Prince Rui’s ferocious face to change. His lips were raised into a light arc, his gentle smile softening against the brutal scars on his face. He took off his outer robe and placed it gently on the young girl before bundling her and carried her into his arms. When he turned to leave, he suddenly turned around again to face Xing Yun.


“Sir, your courtyard is not equal to the palace.” The two had only chatted for a short amount of time, yet the king is already even polite enough as to use a honorific like “sir” to address Xing Yun. The intent of his words were to clearly take Xing Yun under his wings as his people.


Chen Li pondered, it seems that the Prince really does trust Xing Yun. If he joins the Prince’s house as his people, then she can finally leave, assured of his safety.  She didn’t think that Xing Yun would actually shake his head and say, “ Thank you, Prince Rui for your kindness. However, I have a strong sense of belonging to my courtyard and it gives me a peace of mind. Second, I am afraid my presence here may bring unwanted troubles to Prince, so I will leave here today. “


The prince did not try to force him and just nodded his head. Xing Yun and Chen Li left the palace.


“You really just can’t keep out of trouble for even a moment.” After they walked a distance away from the palace, Xing Yun began scolding Chen Li. But today, Chen Li did not shout back, making Xing Yun almost choke with surprise. She continued to ignore him, only gazing in the direction of Prince Rui’s palace with a frown. After a while, he looked closely at Chen Li before asking hesitantly, “You haven’t fallen in love for another man’s girl, have you?”


“ No, I am just curious about why the prince would want to raise a demon.”


Xing Yun was startled, but then Chen Li just waved her hand. “Ah well, it doesn’t matter to me.” She turned to stare at Xing Yun. “ But you. Why didn’t you take advantage of the opportunity to stay at the Prince’s palace? This way….” How could she escape? Opening his mouth, Xing Yun patted Chen Li’s head.


“Let’s not quarrel. Today, the prince was generous and gave me some coins. Today, we can buy some meat to eat.”


Chen Li’s mouth twitched, finally deciding not to say anything. Nothing more to do, seeing how so long they’ve already been together, might as well help him finish this problem and protect him for a few more days.


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