Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 10

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Incense wafted out, windows were covered dead tight, walls were affixed with evil warding tasmanian. Inside, sat the Crown Prince on a sandalwood throne, a cold look on his face. “Rui Palace, to think that they would find such a place.” He was livid, throwing down a jade brocade violently, making the mug on the table tremble. Nearby, kneeled a black robed man who kept silent. “I must not let them stay there…. Fu Sheng! Where is the monk and warlock?”


“Reporting to Prince, they are waiting behind the door.”


The Crown Prince nodded, satisfied. “Well, well, good. Let’s see what kind of capability they have.”


In the small courtyard, the grapevines danced with the wind. Chen Li looked at the clusters of grapes that were bearing fruit, yet she was unable to eat since it had reached the end of it’s lifespan and was wrinkled. She sighed, if the food that he makes were so delicious, then the fruit trees he grows must be so as well. Chen Li was determined that she would leave within 3 days, no matter Xing Yun’s state or trouble. She no longer has an excuse to stay, and even if she were to, she would only make things worse. The threat of the Crown Prince is manageable by staying in the royal palace, but the threat from the demon world…. What can a mortal do against that?


“Bang” A sound echoed and Chen Li turned to look. From the front yard  of the house where the medicine was sold, Xing Yun was struggling to carry a large stone. Sweat was pouring down his face, his lips taut as he planned to move again. He looked focused, almost obsessed with. Seldom able to see Xing Yun in this kind of manner, Chen Li couldn’t help but stay and stare at him. From within her heart, unconsciously rose an idea; How wonderful it would be if there was no arranged marriage waiting for her.


If there was no arranged marriage, then she wouldn’t have to flee. If not for that, she wouldn’t have to be as anxious to flee from here, she could’ve….


She could….


Do what?

Chen Li’s mind finally fell back down to earth. An idea had popped out , yet she had forgotten in a blink of an eye. What was it, that her heart had been looking forward to, ah?


“Chen Li.” Soon, a call from the front yard interrupted her thoughts. She threw off the mixed mood within her heart and walked to the front yard.


In the front yard, the scattered stones making up the array had been rearranged. Xing Yun stood in front of a large vat of water and beckoned to Chen Li. “Help me lift the water vat together.” Chen Li’s lip curved into a smirk, she walked over and picked up the water vat that was the weight of half a man above her head with only one arm. “Where?”


“To the other side of the yard.” Xing Yun replied. Looking a thow easily Chen Li was carrying the vat of water, he added, “I’ve changed the defensive array surrounding this house into an extremely fierce one that causes massive fear. It’s most potent in the evening. This new one is extremely difficult to deal with, so when you need to pass the front yard, tell me and we’ll go out together.”


In this area, Chen Li had always respected Xing Yun’s skill, and had always knew that he was an mortal skilled in moon/sun condensing soul arrays. However, even if Xing Yun’s array was very ferocious and powerful, it could not kill people, and how could it be more powerful than the top soldiers of the demon world? Therefore, when Xing Yun was explaining how powerful the array is, Chen Li treated his words like the passing wind and paid no heed of it. Instead, she decided to change the topic and ask Xing Yun, “Why did you choose to change the array?”


Xing Yun smiled. “Is it not for you and me, so we may sleep in peace?”

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