Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 8

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The entrance door was closed. If one looked around, they would see that only Xing Yun, Chen Li, and the Crown Prince were the only ones in the courtyard. However, all 3 of them knew clearly, despite the emptiness, that there were the presences of many others within or around the courtyard.

The prince sat down on the stone chair, casually remarking, “ To meet you really isn’t easy, ah.”

Xing Yun smiled, “It’s still easier than seeing the Crown Prince himself. “

Chen Li had lived a long life through her childhood in the battlefield, and often gone to the imperial court due to achievements from the military. When she meets officials that are bold and upright, she is fair. However, what she hates most are those lying and manipulative scoundrels, she really cannot deal with. With no skill at sweet talk and unable to curry favour, Chen Li chose to instead head inside the kitchen and search for the basin to scoop water for cooking.

“But for a commoner to be able to meet the Crown Prince, one must have some kind of ability, no? After all, it’s said that you are able to connect with the supernatural, meet sprits and see the future. My heart desires to view how such things happen, to see the arrays at work. I do not know if you will show me?”

“I don’t dare.”

Seeing him disagree so quickly, the Crown Prince’s face darkened. However, Xing Yun didn’t seem to see as he continued innocently. “I really do not know what idea you are talking about. I merely don’t like to divine for gold or anything, and I really can’t see nor understand these supernatural beings you talk about. If the Crown Prince still doubts me, feel free to come over another time, or even just go and ask someone else. “

“Oh?” The prince carried a mocking smile. “ Your stubbornness is doing nothing but lowering your own value. Tell me, if you guess what is in my mind right now, I will give you riches and power! Even when I become the Emperor, you will receive the title of an Emperor’s aide- Below one, above hundreds!”

“I refuse.” Xing Yun shook his head.

“Think clearly- There’s no one that would refuse this. What’s there to lose when you gain riches and glory?” The prince inspected the courtyard. “ This tiny shabby courtyard you have, if you accept my offer, just how easy would it be for this to change?”

Xing Yun just sipped his tea, no one able to decipher a hint of his thoughts. Then, he laughed. “ You, the Crown Prince, keeps on bribing me with riches and titles like you’ve already became an emperor. Yet right now, you want to know when, and if you will really succeed the throne. After all, the current king is far past his prime, yet he is keeping a tight grip on this country; He is not even giving a hint of passing it to you. You demanded me to foretell your future, but it’s not easy. However, I can tell you now, that if this place were to be destroyed, than something unfavourable will happen.

The Crown Prince’s face changed, his fat fist pounding the table so loudly that even the heavens could feel it as he shouted, “ How big your guts are!”

At this time, Chen Li was looking around the kitchen, and looked out to see the commotion just in time to see the blue robed guard jump out of nowhere with a knife against Xing Yun’s throat. The once dignified and calm Prince was even went so far as to throw the hot cup of tea at him! He quickly attempted the duck, but before he could, the two guards forced him up, allowing the steaming hot water to splash all over his body in a split second.

When Chen Li heard Xing Yun groan with pain and the Crown Prince calling for hotter water, her pupils shrank as her heart beat. She stormed out, her eyes blazing with righteousness. The second her foot moved out, the 2 guards instantly appeared in front of her, swords unsheathed. Seeing this, Chen Li let out a mocking sneer as she tripped and trampled on one of them before sending one flying with her kick, hitting the black clothed servant behind Xing Yun, leaving them to fall into a pile. Another blue clothed guard stopped in front of her, his sword stabbing directly at her heart. But before it could reach her, her hand slid out and gripped the blade with fingers. Her palms tightened, and with a gentle twist, the solid steel blade crumpled up like paper; The guard was so scared that he fainted right then and there.

Chen Li dropped his sword and solidly knocked him out before ignoring the guard. She moved as fast as a ghost, running to the pond and grabbing the basin, filling it with water before flinging it at the prince. It splashed on him, the force so big that it caused his bulky body to roll over on the floor. “OW!!!” He grunted in pain, his oily hair slick with water and face flushed from embarrassment.

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