Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 8.1

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Although it her actions seem to take a long time, it was actually done in a twinkling of an eye; So fast that no one else from the Prince’s side dared to help him- They were all petrified.

Chen Li strided forward, grabbing the prince roughly by his collar and pulled him up. Staring directly into his slit like eyes, she asked, “ Scarm, or Die?” Her whole body radiated killing intent, glowing with a faint hint of crimson as her eyes seemed to radiate heat.

“Such…. Such an audacious evildoer!….” Although he pretended to be calm as he shouted those 4 words bravely, his trembling legs gave it away. His eyes reddened from fear long before. “I’m going!”

By his collar, Chen Li dragged him to the door, opened it, and threw him outside the yard. As if he were gold, everyone struggled to catch him, the rest of the guards unsheathing their swords. Chen Li only sneered, staring at the prince. “ It seems like you want to die here. “

The Crown Prince frantically crawled into his carriage before screaming at the guards. “Go, GO!! Do not tardy!”

When the burst of chaos from the encounter was finished, the humble medicine house returned to it’s previous peaceful silence. Chen Li angrily shut the door, only to see Xing Yun. When he saw her, particularly, the soaked robed clinging on to her skin. He quickly covered up his eyes and turned to the pond instead. Seeing this, Chen Li felt a strange sensation within her heart before fire rose up instead. “You!! Why is it that you seem so profound and mysterious normally, yet in a fight like this, you get beaten up so easily and can only get bullied!?!”

Xing Yun saw Chen Li’s angry stare, yet he only smiled gently in return. “ Ai, I am not as powerful as you, nor did I ever say or think that you were this powerful. After all, I am just a mere mortal, unable to escape from sickness or old age. I am only able to stay bound to this earth.”

Looking at his burnt red face and his pale lips, Chen Li suddenly realised that she had once again neglected to remember, and she had no excuses. Yes ah right, he was just an ordinary person, so the boiling water can scald him, even the simplest martial art can still hurt him… Even if he can foretell the future and knows of the truths, in the end he is still made of blood and flesh- Easily killed.

Yet even so, knowing so much- Even about his own limited lifespan, he can still live calmly and peacefully here….

Chen Li could only sigh and sit on a stone chair. She kept silent, complementing before finally opening her mouth to ask a rather vague question, “ Today, my actions, did they only make the situation worse…….. Caused trouble for you?”

Although today, she had beaten them very easily… But as the Azure Sky King, she knows that these actions of provoking royalty might invite more trouble, especially knowing from experience… If the knowledge of devils and magic are revealed to the kingdom, they will surely struggle to obtain it for themselves…..

“No, it wasn’t you. It was just me who created the hole, and you’ve only poked it bigger.”

Curious, “ What did you tell him?”

Xing Yun laughed in reply. “ To summarize it, you could say that he wanted me as a subordinate, but I did not want him to threaten me, and replied with a comment about his fat.  He irritated me so I made fun of his body and hands, then you know the rest. “ He shook his head helplessly. “I guess you really shouldn’t talk about one’s figure.”

Perhaps it’s just your cheap mouth, ah….

His lips suddenly changed into a slight smile. “ That man and his stubborn arrogance, he was always looking forward and plotting to his father and brother’s death early death. If the country was to be handed down to that kind of trash, I’m afraid that life will be ruined.” He stopped talking and instead looked up at the stars in the sky, those who represent heaven. He looked for a long, long time before speaking again. “ All the land under heaven are perhaps afraid to acknowledge a new master.”

Chen Li felt strange. “ Don’t you don’t like to foresee the future?”

“This is not foreseeing. It’s only me being concerned about the sake of this nation and what happens to us.” He got up and started walking back inside, his voice distant. “ This is his current nature that is slowly coming out. As for the future… Nevertheless, it’s possible that his character may change in a better direction. “

His words being so unfathomable and mysterious…. In the end, Chen Li really can’t decide if he is strong or weak.

“Chen Li, please come and help bring some water to create an ointment from the herbs. Otherwise, my face would be left with a nasty scar.”

Chen Li clenched her teeth, “You really know how to take advantage of people!” As soon as she finished, she realised something- “Why must I help you in the first place? Whether if it was the prince or the guards, they were all your fault, no?” After all, the only thing she has to consider is when she can recover and get out of here.

When she was done, from the kitchen responded with 2 hacking coughs. Her originally angry expression converged in a sigh before obediently going to the pond to scoop the water and hailed it back to the kitchen. “Go back and rest. ” She said helplessly as she squeezed by him from the edge of the stove. “ I’ll handle it.”

Xing Yun could only stare blankly as he was moved to the side, watching as Chen Li searched impatiently through the cabinets for the medicine. Finally, she could only turn sheepishly to Xing Yun. “ Where…. Where do I get the ointment?”

A smile started to spread from Xing Yun. “ Or should I just get it instead?”

Unable to help, Chen Li could only stand to the side as she watched him adeptly beat the medicine. Despite staying for so long, it was rare for the two of them to be in a calm and peaceful silence. As she thought, Chen Li suddenly asked, “If I wasn’t here today, then what actions would you’ve taken instead? Obviously you would’ve been unable to defend against the beating, but you still would’ve retaliated somehow or pretended to be more contempt, right?”

“If you weren’t here, I would naturally not be as rampant.” Xing Yun spoke as he swirled the pot of stewing medicine. “ If you aren’t here, “ He continued naturally, a slight smile on his face. Chen Li felt a small burst of surprise as she stared at him, although he didn’t turn to reply. “ You are far more aggressive than me, Ah. Unlike my easy-going attitude, I have a valiant aura around my body rendering everyone in awe. Very handsome.

Handsome…. Handsomeness?!?! Aura?!?

There was actually man so shameless and arrogant to say this in front of her! Chen Li felt so angry that her body once again emitted a murderous intent, but that soon turned into helplessness. Ai, what can she do?!?

Chen Li glowered at Xing Yun as she examined the side of his smiling face. Although there were still patches of red, it did not affect his overall appearance, nor Chen Li’s stirring heartstrings.

“…. …. Give me the cloth, the pot is too hot, you cannot hold it.” Xing Yun seemed to say something, but Chen Li was lost in her thoughts and the words fell to the back of her mind. She was still in a somewhat confused and irritated state. When she snapped out of it, Chen Li was suddenly aware that Xing Yun had long turned around and was looking at her. Chen Li moved her eyes and instead moved her hands towards the medicine pot. Before Xing Yun could stop her, she had already grabbed the scalding hot pot by the handle. The hot surface was grabbed, the medicine inside spilling.

However, she still did not let go until she put the pot down. When it was set, she glanced at her burnt hands and only blinked twice, wiping it behind her back, before telling Xing Yun, “The medicine is done now.”

Xing Yun could only stare, stupefied. Despite the calm smile on her face, he could see that Chen Li were hiding her hands behind her back, fanning to cool the pain. Xing Yun sighed. “ Even if this is a female’s home territory, and you wish to lead… In times like these, relying on a man is fine too.” He gently pulled out Chen Li’s hands from behind her back and carefully inspected it. Despite the heat, it was only red with a little bit of swelling. However, if this was an ordinary person’s hand, they would’ve already been badly burnt. “Although a man isn’t even this reckless…. Luckily this burn ointment, now that it’s done, can be used to treat both of us now.”

When Xing Yun held her wrist, Chen Li was unused to it and uncomfortably pulled back her hand. After deliberating for a little, she decided to change the topic. “Yesterday, when I called you a rotten ass that has gotten kicked out of heaven, you were so angered that you took all the bacon mocked me relentlessly with it. Yet today, when you got burnt with tea spilled all over you by the Crown Prince, you are not even the least bit upset. Or is it that you think it’s fun to mock me?”

“You believe that I’m not angry?” Xing Yun crumbled up the rest of the herbs to add it to the mixture. “I’m simply not in a hurry to deal with him.”

Chen Li felt surprised and looked at him. “You? Deal with the Crown Prince?”

Xing Yun smiled. “ I myself cannot do anything, but others can. Chen Li, tomorrow, accompany me to go out.”

“Oh, huh, wait, what? Why do I need to accompany you?”

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