Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 7.3

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“Apologies for our disturbance. My master wishes to come visit you two tonight, and requests that you two will stay here and wait for him. In your house, we’ve also planned to arrange some stuff and look around. ”

“But why when he comes, we must accept it and wait obediently in our homes?” Chen Li frowned, “No time today, tell your master that he should go cancel his visit. When we have time, we will go invite him over.” The door moved to close.

The two blue clothed men were stunned- They have admittedly never received such treatment before. When they saw the door moving, they immediately reached out their hands as they tried to stop it. However, this woman who did not seem to have any power, suddenly slammed the door shut. The two guards didn’t even get the chance to touch the door before a heavy pressure suddenly descended on them, not even able to move a finger as it pushed the two away.

The two exchanged a deep look before apparently both coming to a solution. They stepped back as they took a deep breath, preparing to forcefully open the door. But then suddenly, the door opened. In the doorway stood a man, dressed in white with a sunny smile on his face and behind him was the maiden from earlier. He asked the two blue clothed men,

“You want to look around and change some stuff? Ah, of course, come in, come in.” He opened up the door widely. However, despite his optimistic cooperation only making the guards even more worried, they both still walked in.

Xing Yun led them into the kitchen, pointing at the beam overhead. “ Ah, it’s too dirty. The cleaning rag is under the stove. “ He patted one of the man’s shoulders, “Here, this is your job.” He then walked into the hall with the other guard, “ Ai, this hasn’t been swept for quite a long time. Help me get this place clean, that way your master can enjoy a pleasant visit.”

After he arranged someplace for the two to work, he then walked and grabbed his basket before patting Chen Li’s shoulder’s in a similar fashion. “ Ah, Chen Li, supervise them won’t you? I need to go and dig up some more ginseng, and will be back soon.”

All that could be heard was the courtyard door slamming shut, his back disappearing from sight, leaving Chen Li only able to twitch her mouth. This guy… Is really so incredible! Really cannot be seen through!


At night, in the front yard.

Xing Yun boiled a pot of tea, gazing at the clean, clean home with a satisfied manner as he listened to the heavy sound of approaching foot steps gradually get louder. Chen Li was holding a cup of tea as she stared at the courtyard, looking a little unhappy. Xing Yun smiled at her, “ To be able to see a Crown Prince, no matter what the outcome, is quite good. So why are you making a face worse than weeping?”

“ Who has such a face?” Chen Li immediately shot back. “ You’ve already foreseen that it’s the Crown Prince! Tell me, if the master supports such foolish and arrogant subordinates, then what kind of terrible manner would he have? Do you really believe that he would be good?”

Xing Yun only smiled as he sipped his tea, not giving a reply.

With a snap of a whip, the grand carriage stopped, it’s luxurious body taking up almost all of the alleyway. Dressed in red silk, he slowly walked down the carriage. Chen Li squinted her eyes, peering at him closely. A pair of hooded eyelids, small, cherry red lips, all good features, but massive layers of fat were rolling off his body. Chen Li almost even felt worried- Is he okay, living with so much fat on his body?!?

During this time, the Crown Prince walked to the front of the door and stared at Chen Li from top to bottom before moving into the courtyard. The many attendants that he had brought with him attempted to follow. But before they could, Chen Li moved out her hand to block the way. “ There is only space for one chair, only one person. “ Hearing this, the royal guards hands instantly moved towards the hilt of their weapons, but the round faced prince only waved his hand. “Wait outside.”

Chen Li raised her eyebrow, impressed- You really can’t judge based on one’s appearance!

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