Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 7.2

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Chen Li just clenched her mouth as she twisted past Xing Yun. Being mistreated whilst in the wrong body may be somewhat acceptable, but currently could not! However, when she tried to get past him, her chest had actually brushed against Xing Yun’s. If this was a normal situation, perhaps Chen Li could’ve gone faster and no one would’ve knew…. But alas, dressed in Xing Yun’s overly large tobes, her hem got stuck on a hook, leaving her in an very embarrassing position.

When Xing Yun glanced down, his eyes widened as he backed up slowly, his posture awkward. A cautionary distance away, Xing Yun cleared his throat with a cough loudly, “ Look, uh, I’m not saying that it’s hard for me…”

“What is not hard, hmpth! Making so much of a fuss!” Chen Li reverted back to her look of arrogant indifference as she quickly unhooked the robes and strode out from the kitchen as nothing that had just happened affected her in any way.

Xing Yun leaned on the stove, not moving. When the heat on his body faded, only then did he begin to move his back with tiny movements as he slowly stood up. His eyes moved as they looked past the doorframe to a small corner in the courtyard, landing on a figure of a woman lying down near the little pond as she scooped up water with the ladle. However, despite lying there for such a long time, she still did not even scoop out a single pail of water.

Xing Yun who was at the side, unconsciously rubbed his chest with his hand, feeling that it will take a long time for the water to come, better to just stir fry it with some oil instead…


Chen Li stared at the water, poking at the reflection staring back at her- Ai, really, what is wrong with this little courtyard! She stared at the maiden in the water with disbelief-  It looked just like her, yet her cheeks were painted with a pink flush! Ai, Ai, What happened?! Who was it that painted her face? Chen Li felt like this couldn’t be possible.

The grand and famous Azure Sky King. Who wouldn’t know of her? Yet today because of a single mortal…. Had blushed.

“Cluck, Cluck! Time to eat. “

Chen Li wasn’t sure about how long she had been immersed in her thoughts, but when she heart Xing Yun’s cry, the blush that could hardly be seen for hundreds of thousands of years immediately disappeared. “  This…. One’s name is Chen Li! Don’t you dare use “cluck, cluck, cluck, to call for me again!” She turned her head around to see Xing Yun standing with a plate in his hands in the doorway, his shadow long against the grass. Looking at him, Chen Li unknowingly stared at him, distracted.

Seeing Chen Li stare at him in such a strange manner, Xing Yun’s eyes blinked, and rolled into a circle before his lips spread open as he laughed. “ Chen Li, time to eat. “

Seeing how Xing Yun had finally changed his manner of address, Chen Li nodded in a satisfied manner. Then, Xing Yun opened his mouth again, “ King, your meal.”

“It’s Chen Li! Are you looking for a fight?!”

 Those pharses, “cluck, cluck, cluck, “ changing to “Chen Li, “ before adding “King”, no one has ever said those in that order to her before. Making Chen Li reply in that manner… It all felt very foreign to her…. It felt almost as if she had found a home to live a carefree life.

Chen Li stared at the meat on the plate before looking at Xing Yun. “If you’ve ruined this meat, you have to give me some more. “

Xing Yun laughed softly. “ But what if it is too delicious? What would you give me?”

She pondered for a moment before opening her mouth. “If it is too delicious, than I’ll cook you something even better!”

Xing Yun looked stunned, then only smiling without a word.

If one could make ordinary bread turn delicious, how could the meat not be amazing? As the result, the next day when Xing Yun went off to sell wild ginseng at the city, Chen Li, with a manner of life and death, came up to him and thrusted 2 large, stone sized pieces of gold into his robes and told him seriously- “Buy meat!!” But even with Chen Li’s deathly serious request, he gave it back. He was afraid that bringing 2 large pieces of gold into the marketplace simply to buy huge bulks of meat would definitely get him arrested by the government from suspension. Thus, he refused.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Hearing this, both Xing Yun and Chen Li turned to look, her brows creasing- The last time the door was knocked, 3 guards had stormed in and beaten Xing Yun up. Quickly, Chen Li threw the stones onto the ground, pointing at them quickly. Within seconds, the gold color seemed to melt as it faded away and became normal stones once again.

Xing Yun went to open the door, but before he could touch the knob, Chen Li stopped him. “I will go.” Without waiting for Xing Yun to reply, she walked 2 steps forward and opened the door. There stood 2 men, dressed in the dark navy clothes of a guard. A sword were on their belt and a jade emblem were proudly created upon their chest. When the two saw Chen Li, they both bowed politely.

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