Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 7.1

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Hmm… To throw Xing Yun into the courtyard before leaving him and striding away grandly or, carry him over and help him lie down on the rocking chair…. Chen Li debated in her head, hesitating as she looked at Xing Yun’s body.

Chen Li believed that Xing Yun should definitely pay for playing her as a joke for so many days; He cannot die to escape punishment! Scavenging around the home, Chen Li searched and searched for the medicine Xing Yun normally sold. When she found them, she heaved with effort as she carried piles of medicine to Xing Yun. Walking in front of him, Chen Li observed the fainted Xing Yun. Pondering a little, she forced open his mouth and proceeded to dump the medicine into Xing Yun’s open mouth.

“Wai-!!” Under this moment of peril, Xing Yun awoke frantically. His face was pale as he coughed up some of the choked medicine. He pushed Chen Li’s clumsy hands away with a sigh. “I can do it myself.”

Chen Li arched an eyebrow. “ Were you simply acting out of cowardice?”

“Ah no, earlier, I really did faint. I’ve just woken up and only wanted to enjoy the sensation of being cared for. “ Xing Yun laughed. “But I suppose I must’ve hoped too far. “

“You really have hoped too far!!” Chen Li glared angrily, “ Today, you’ve eaten all of the bacon, teased me so many times, I’ve even had to help you with some scumbags today!” She struggled to restrain her anger, her legs splayed out as her bum fell to the floor unconsciously. When she registered this, she suddenly remembered that she was no longer a chicken! Her body stiffened up from embarrassment as she jumped up onto an squatting position.

Alas, Xing Yun looked as if he was already fully healed as he laughed at Chen Li, “See? You really are much more comfortable as a broiler chicken, right?” Despite his ill appearance, his face was still enough to make one’s heart beat.

However, regardless of Xing Yun and his face, Chen Li clenched her fists as she took deep breaths before sighing.

“ Do you think there’s a reason preventing me from killing you?!.”

One could feel a mixture between awe and murderous intent, yet he not only listened happily, but even let out a calm smile as he scolded . “ Stop it, give me the medicine. I’ve saved half the bacon in a secret place in the kitchen. If you want it, I need to recover. If you are still hungry, I can cook you a bowl of broth to drink.”

Critical hit! Chen Li staggered back- Xing Yun’s smoothly crafted words had easily deflected the hit.

The reason to kill…. So easily gone….

Unable to find a reason to clench her fists any longer, Chen Li thought that within this house, he must’ve set up an array so he could always get the upper hand!


Chen Li’s human form has been restored, but her foundation is presently very unstable. For example, her powers had still only recovered 1-2 percent. All afternoon, Chen Li was wondering about when she will have to leave this small courtyard. Xing Yun’s fight had been placed of great timing, undoubtedly helping her restore her powers even faster. However, if she stays, the demon emperor fill surely find her, and when that happens, the mortal….

“Help me get the bacon. “

Xing Yun’s voice suddenly sounded from the kitchen, “The meat is strung up too high. My waist cannot bend, I cannot get it. “

Chen Li looked at the struggling Xing Yun, a flower of guilt slowly blooming in her gut. Her pursuers chasing her are bad enough, if this mortal gets involved… Chen Li sighed, “Where?”

She got and walked to the kitchen, looking up to see a long piece of meat hanging from a beam at the top of the kitchen. At the side, Xing Yun handed her a long pole to reach it. Chen Li chose not to take the pole, instead grabbing a bowl and throwing it like a frisbee at the bacon. The bowl cut the string holding up the meat and flew back through the air with a graceful curve, just in time to catch the bacon before flying safely down in Chen Li’s hands.

Showing off such a skill, Chen Li naturally felt very proud. Relishing the feeling, Chen Li snook in a glance at Xing Yun, wishing to see him marvel at her prowess. Yet when she saw him, all he did was walk calmly to the stove to take out a extremely dirty rag and gave it to her, “ Great. Now that you’ve taken all this effort, might as well wipe the beams clean with this as well. “

Chen Li stared at the cloth in her hands, it’s color to filthy too even discern it’s original color, dumbfounded. With a subtle tone in her voice, she asked slowly. “ Might you know who that you are ordering about?”

Xing Yun just laughed, carefree. “ I never asked you about who you were, nor your identity. So how would this little humble commoner know?”

Chen Li’s face became even more ugly.

Xing Yun could only shake his head helplessly as she threw away the rag. “ Ah, okay, okay. You don’t want to mop, then you don’t have to… Come, at least help me with these 2 pots of water.” Chen Li only stared at Xing Yun coldly. In response to this, Xing Yun folded, his arms clutching his stomach as he cried out, “ It hurts! Doing this all to feed you… My injury hurts!”


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