Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

Chen Li tried again and again, all night on the white stone to no avail, ending up listless as she rested her head on the stone, drifting to sleep. A squeaking sound announced the opening of the courtyard door, awaking Chen Li who followed the noise to the front yard. There, she saw Xing Yun about to go out, particularly without basket nor bag. Chen Li asked, confused. “Today, you aren’t selling ginseng?”

“The ginseng is still drying in the sun.” Xing Yun patted Chen Li’s head, “I am going out to buy something nice, stay home and watch the house.”

“Ah wait, I’m going too!” Chen Li quickly twisted around and ran into the backyard and grabbed the stone she was practicing on earlier.

She quickly grabbed it into her mouth and ran back to Xing Yun, muffled as she said “Go already!” She decided, since the moonlight doesn’t work, why not try day light? If she succeed in Midas Gold, it’s just as well to buy some nice stuff back.

Xing Yun stared at the stone in her mouth before freezing for a moment, then deciding to not ask any questions, he simply smiled and said, “Oh? Are you sure you wish to go out? You know the market people, if we get separated, the next time we see each other will be you as a pot of soup. That isn’t good. How about we set a leash around your neck as we go?”

Chen Li widened her eyes, furious, “Cocky!” She spread her wings, saying loudly, “I was about to accompany you to the market with good will and gratitude, yet you say…. Come, lift me up, lift!

When Xing Yun say Chen Li’s out stretched wings, he hesitated before making a sudden smile. He even went as far as to bend over Chen Li, holding her up in his arms and allowing her to shift for a comfortable position as she told Xing Yun, “Lets go carefully, don’t be clumsy!”

Xing Yun just chuckled, “Yes, yes, obeying the chicken.”

On the way, Chen Li repeatedly casted Midas Gold on the rock, yielding no success.

Xing Yun doesn’t care about Chen Li’s business, simply walking the path into the forest. The butcher shouted current price of today’s meat. Xing Yun ponders, the price for the meat has gotten higher, the a
mount he has now cannot afford the 2 teals of meat…. 1 ounce is surely not enough to satisfy the chicken’s stomach, which will result into groans and Chen Li will complain even more. Xing Yun suddenly heard a voice shouting behind him.

Oh? Who is this? Xing Yun turned around and heard, “10 copper coins for your fortune!”

Xing Yun saw a 30-year-old man, holding a banner as he examined a man’s hand saying, “From the vein’s crossing downwards, I can tell that your son is blessed with good fortune…”

Xing Yun was silent for a while before approaching the man and grabbed his palm and said proudly “Today, at noon, your house will catch on fire. If you do not go home now, in the future, you will feel regret.”

Once the words were spoken, everyone descended into confused silence. Even Chen Li popped her head out from Xing Yun’s sleeves as she cocked her head. How could Xing Yun know? In the end, the fortune teller reacted first, shouting angrily, “Ha! F*ck, how could that happen! Stop trying to ruin my business, scram!”

The young man saw the commotion, and seeing how confident and assured Xing Yun is, he quickly started to believe him, rather than the fortune teller. He hesitated for a while, before finally taking his hand back and walked quickly into the direction of his home. Chen Li poked his arm gently, “Why did you lie to him?”

“Don’t struggle.” Xing Yun touched her head. “It’s for the 2 ounces of meat.”

Xing Yun hardly finished saying his words before the fortune teller yelled angrily. “I say! I did nothing to offend you, yet you are robbing my business!”

Facing each other, Xing Yun was calm. “It isn’t robbing your business, what I said is the truth. If you truly do not believe, then in 24 hours later, if my words become true…. Then you must be willing to compensate me accordingly. “

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