Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 26.2

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Chen Li was startled. Suddenly, Xing Zhi gripped her hand as warm energy flowed from his palm into hers. She could feel something in her body whisk outside just as black miasma spilled out of Xing Zhi’s bloodstained arm. A moment after, Xing Zhi commanded, “Hold your breath.”

Without hesitation, Chen Li held her breath. The reason unknown, the beasts suddenly seemed to rush towards them, their shrieks deafening. She felt light headed as the harsh screams were all left behind. When Chen Li recovered, she looked up to see Xing Zhi in front of her, the moonlight reflecting off the side of his face, outlining it with an ethereal glow. He was panting, 2 drops of sweat slowly trailing down the side of his face.

Chen Li asked blankly, “Did you not say…… 2 laps?”

“Ah,” Xing Zhi rubbed his forehead, “How clever, you knew that we hadn’t finished our stroll yet.”

“Did you lie to me again?”

“No, not being able to expel the miasma wasn’t the truth. But in that kind of situation, I felt it’d be rather dangerous for me to do so. Therefore, I chose to stretch my arms and legs a bit with a technique.” His breathing was rough, “Only this technique is somewhat soul-searing. Just let me rest a little……”

He let go of Chen Li’s hand and stumbled back, clutching his forehead. Chen Li looked at him, startled. Her wrist felt cold as the wind blew; remnants of sweat from Xing Zhi’s palm were left on her wrist.

Chen Li suddenly realised, these past few days, he had been remoulding the seal, despite being injured by the demonic beasts, even for an Ancient God, it was too much. Moreover, the lingering miasma left on his wound couldn’t have been simple, the reason why he didn’t drive out the miasma earlier. But he could feel the killing intent from the beasts, so he was forced to expel it without preparation, and had no choice but to escape with her from the Space-Time Rip.

Chen Li’s other hand covered the place where Xing Zhi had held. So even the legendary Ancient God is able to be injured and feel pain. It turns out……. God Xing Zhi also loves to act brave and show off, ah.

Chen Li and Xing Zhi slowly walked back to the field camp. Many of the tents had been dismantled and packed away as a watchman looked around, holding a torch. The watchman looked at them with surprise, “You are…….. Sir God and King…….”

“Something came up, “ Chen Li raised her voice, “Where’s General Shang Bei?”

Hearing her displeasure, the watchmen hurriedly replied, “King, you’ve disappeared for 5 days, la! General Shang Bei had thought you’ve ran away again. He made all the soldiers search for you, and when you couldn’t be found, he had hurried back to inform the Demon Emperor of your whereabouts.”

Chen Li sighed, sure enough…….

Xing Zhi interrupted, “When did they leave?”

“They left yesterday.”

Xing Zhi pondered for a moment, “An army travels slowly, and many are even wounded so they can’t walk as fast. Perhaps we can reach the capital before they do.”

Chen Li decided, saying, “We’ll return now.” Just as her voice fell, she turned to look at Xing Zhi who smiled in return, “King doesn’t need to worry. Xing Zhi hasn’t become useless just yet.” Chen Li nodded and didn’t reply as she quickly harnessed the clouds. Xing Zhi also harnessed a cloud and followed her.

Below them, the watchman stared as their backs faded into the distance and asked a nearby soldier, “Hm….. is it just me being overly sensitive, or is there something there?”

Soldier: “Watchman, I am also overly sensitive…….”


Xing Zhi and Chen Li’s speed was many times faster than the army so by the time they reached the capital, the soldiers still hadn’t returned. The whole city was decorated by rarely seen streamers and colorful banners, as the capital’s prideful flag blew with the wind. Chen Li watched as the flag danced in the air, happy as she said, “Each and every battle we fight, the most beloved moment of victory is when we return, and see the smiling faces of the people as they raise the flag high into the cloud with pride. Only then do I truly feel that the things I do, are meaningful.”

Xing Zhi was slightly startled and looked at Chen Li, a hint of a smile growing on his face. He couldn’t help but grin as he said, “En, King has ambition.”

Spotting her mansion, Chen Li said, “I’m dirty right now, so seeing the Emperor like this would be too rude. I’ll go home first to wash up, can God go see the Demon Emperor first?”

“I……” He had just spoken when they suddenly heard a woman scream from below them, “King! King! You’ve come back!!!!”

Chen Li frowned and looked down only to see Rou Ya carrying a bucket, crying as she ran over to her from the guest room before falling onto the ground, sobbing. Chen Li quickly released the cloud as she hurried toward Rou Ya, “What could’ve scared you so much?”. Rou Ya raised her head to see Chen Li. A round pair of eyes stared at her blankly, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Chen Li frowned, “What happened?”

Rou Ya threw the bucket to the side and tightly grabbed onto Chen Li’s waist, crying, “Wu, wu! King! There’s a beast! Always bullying Rou Ya!”

Hearing the word “Beast”, Chen Li’s heart immediately tensed up, but had no time to ask anything when a loud “Bang!” suddenly sounded. The door was slammed open. His whole body was colored red, only a small towel wrapped around his crotch as the man roared in anger, “Dead girl! You dared to let the water scald this Lord?! See if this Lord doesn’t flay off a layer of your skin!”

His voice had just fallen when a cool breeze blew, dispersing the mist in front of the man, letting him see the figures of a man and woman in the front yard, somewhat startling him. Chen Li glanced over his red, hot body before narrowing her eyes: “Who are you?”

The man was silent, only Rou Ya still sobbed as she clutched onto Chen Li, “King, King…….”

Knowing the woman’s identity, the man’s face changed from red, to blue, then green. In the nick of time, a white robe was slipped onto him, covering his body by Xing Zhi, who smiled faintly, “Gentleman Fu Rong, those in Heaven must’ve never taught you, that you must wear clothes before you go out.” Looking at the smile on Xing Zhi’s face, Fu Rong couldn’t help but secretly tremble. He hurriedly ran back into the room, closing the door quickly behind him.

It was quiet once again. Chen Li stiffly turned to look at Xing Zhi, “He? Gentleman Fu Rong? Heaven’s grandson?”

Seeing Xing Zhi’s eyes lower as he gently nodded, Chen Li’s mouth twitched. After a moment of silence, she picked up Rou Ya’s skirt, her voice ice cold: “Why did you let that thing inside this King’s palace?”

Rou Ya was in tears, “Rou Ya didn’t want to, ah! This is the Demon Emperor’s order! Rou Ya can’t refuse, wah……”

Chen Li let go of Rou Ya and rubbed her forehead, listening to her cry, “King claimed that King was going into retreat, but King obviously wanted to run away. When the Demon Emperor’s people came, they caught Xuxu in King’s human form and changed him back into a bird. They took Xuxu away, and he never came back, wah…… Rou Ya’s sad. Later Rou Ya heard that Fu Rong came to the Demon Emperor, and so the Demon Emperor chose to let him live here for a while. He had Rou Ya serve him, but he was so hard to wait, ah! A picky eater, angered the cook, loves to throw things, Zhang Sao even quit. Uwuuu even in a shower, he complained that it was too hot, too cold, always whining, such a troublesome man, King, you should just kill him, okay!”

“Unbridled!” The door opened again as Fu Rong shouted angrily, “What slave dares to speak like that!”

Chen Li stood in front of Rou Ya, her back protecting her as her cold eyes stared at Fu Rong. “My girl dares to speak like this, if you are dissatisfied, speak. Chen Li is listening.”

When Fu Rong remembered the Demonic Realm’s rumors about her, he swallowed his saliva and averted his eyes, “I didn’t…… say anything.”

“Gentleman Fu Rong, Chen Li had previously gone to the mortal world and unknowingly offended you. But Chen Li wishes to ask you, Gentleman Fu Rong is the Celestial Emperor’s beloved son, so why would you come down to my Demon Realm?” Her words were cold, blantantly revealing the contempt in her heart. “Could it be that a few days ago, you’ve heard Chen Li failed to escape the marriage and now you can’t bear to not see?”

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