Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 25

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Chen Li fell silent.


After Shang Bei left, all of Chen Li’s sleepiness had seemingly vanished. Alone, she quietly left her tent, strolling aimlessly around the field camp. Tomorrow, she as “King” would be leading the soldiers back into the capital, victorious. As a result, everybody was somewhat reluctant to waste the night and were all sitting outside their tents. Some were chatting, and others were drinking, but they were all envisioning how it’d be like if everywhere in the Demonic Realm was this pure. Chen Li just quietly walked away from them, her heart wondering if Xing Zhi had already left for Heaven. Walking out of the field camp, she looked up to gaze at the moon. She didn’t know why, but she felt an inexplicable urge in her heart to go to Heaven’s Space Time Rip.


The air here was already far cleaner than before. If it wasn’t for the two chains shining faintly, Chen Li wouldn’t have even been able to see the small, shrunken slit in between the earth.


Xing Zhi’s already gone. As she reached out her hand to touch the pair of iron chains, Chen Li suddenly realised that she must’ve had some kind of problem with her brain! She knew that there wouldn’t be anybody here, but still, she came running over anxiously. Chen Li smiled bitterly, pulling her hands away from the chain to leave. A wind came out of the crevice, blowing her hair to the side.


Chen Li felt alarmed, her nose sensing a strange smell. She frowned and looked at the crevice inside the darkness, the gust still blowing out from it.


This smell…. Is familiar.


Chen Li pondered, but then suddenly, an eye opened from inside the crevice! Astonished, she tried to scramble back, but as she did, her ankle was grabbed! No matter how she struggled, it was now useless. That eye inside the earth glowed with strong emotions, revealing a crazed glee in it’s eyes.


Chen Li’s combat experience was extremely rich, and despite her initial surprise, her mind quickly regained its former calm. With a wave of her hand, the Hongying spear was in her grip. It gleamed in the moonlight as it moved wickedly in Chen Li’s hands, stabbing ruthlessly into the eye. But when she pierced she could tell that it was not flesh, but the muddy ground. She tried to tug out her spear only to feel a strong force tightly grabbing the spear.


Chen Li clenched her teeth, about to use her magic when the pulling on her ankle suddenly intensified. Without allowing her to alert anyone, her whole body was dragged into the slit.


The wind blew. Not a thing was left on the cliff.


Within the darkness, bits of pieces of voices echoed in Chen Li’s ears noisily. No matter what Chen Li did, from blocking her ears, to sealing all 5 senses, the monster’s voice still remained. It dug deep into her mind, slowly making her lose all reason.


“Shut up.” Chen Li couldn’t help but snap, “Shut up!”


“Kill…… “ This word, sometimes high and shirl, other times low and malicious. It slowly turned her world red, a scarlet red. A bloody red, as if she was slaughtering seamlessly like a dance in a battlefield, bringing death upon the appearance of her enemies. A boiling flame rose up in her chest and her eyes glowed crimson, her body emitting a red light. But suddenly, a cooling wave washed over her heart, flowing gently into her limbs as a pleasant feeling settled into her body. A gentle hand with the warmth of a sun gently stroked her head, “Cluck, cluck, why are you so angry?”


Angry? She’s always been restraining her anger far too much in that little courtyard…
“Chen Li?”

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  1. midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    oh no, chen li—! i also miss xing yun, ay…xing zhi, why you no tell chen li about who you are—?!? -thumps table repeatedly while sobbing-
    well, seems xing zhi came to save her, hm?

  2. Kimchigal says:

    Thank you!

  3. Reader1 says:

    Thankyou I love this story so much!!!

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