Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 24

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According to Xing Zhi, one of the remaining two seals, representing ‘earth’ was buried under the training platform. Chen Li ordered all the soldiers within the field camp to retreat a 3-mile radius from the platform. She was about to turn around and leave as well when Xing Zhi stopped her. “Awakening the seal will take a long time, and if I cannot be interrupted. Therefore you need to guard by my side. Don’t let people bother me.”


All the soldiers already retreated 3 miles away, and besides, who even dares to disturb you…. Chen Li opened her mouth to retaliate, but then forcefully choked her words back into her stomach. She silently stood aside as Xing Zhi laid his palm on the earth. Similar to the other two seals, it soon began to glow with brilliant light. The ground trembled beneath her, but this time, Chen Li paid no attention to her surroundings. She only gazed at Xing Zhi’s face, an unknown emotion settling within her jet-black eyes.


The dry, sandy yellow soil gradually grew moist. Wifts of grass slowly grew by the edges of the tents, the air turning clean and pure. But unlike the other 2 times, Chen Li didn’t feel at peace. This time, the air made it seem much harder to breathe.


But since it was only felt for a mere moment, Chen Li simply ignored it. When Xing Zhi finished, her black eyes moved subtly as she turned around to leave, “My matters in the Space-Time Rip Ruins are finished, so I’ll be heading back to receive my punishment.”


Xing Zhi watched her calm silhouette walk away, eyes staring.




When Chen Li had killed the Scorpion-Tailed Fox, the Space-Time Rip was still quite far away so she never truly had the chance to see it herself. So when Chen Li raised her head to see huge, black slit that extended through the horizon, she could not help but stare, shocked dumb. Rich, black miasma unceasingly gushed out of the ginormous slit. However, with 3 of the seals awakened, the miasma was constantly suppressed, disintegrated before it could escape the crevice. But even so, the nearby miasma was enough to oppress a person’s heart. Without the seals, one can only imagine how terrible the situation would’ve become.


Heaven’s Space Time Rip was very different from the Ice Sacrificial Palace, which was created naturally. The Space Time Rip was a space ripped out of another dimension by one person, and was turned into a cage. And in that cage, contains monsters several, or even hundreds of times stronger than that Scorpion Tailed Fox.


Chen Li’s eyes turned serious as she moved her head slightly to see a figure slightly walking towards her, step by step. The miasma dense wind caused his robes and hair to fly wildly in the air, but even that could not change the unshakable calm and indifference in his stance.
Really…. A splitting image.

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