Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 17.1

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The Azure Sky King Palace was very close to the imperial city. As Chen Li flew back to her palace, countless demons looked up and stared at her. She was used to it as she landed in her mansion, but before she could even stop, a large figure ran up and kneeled in front of her, clutching her legs and crying, “King! You’ve finally come back!!”

Chen Li was startled, but then just rubbed her forehead, “Up. Prepare the water, I want to take a bath. Chef? Make a meal, I’m hungry.”

The chubby girl lifted her head, eyes flashing with tears as she looked at Chen Li. “Earlier, general Mo Fang had come and informed us that King would return today. Rou Ya has already heated the water, and the cook has prepared the meal just as King came back.”

For a moment, Chen Li was surprised. She had never thought that Mo Fang had the foresight to prepare everything already! When she turned to look back, Mo Fang actually saluted to her, speaking, “On King’s safe arrival, Mo Fang asks to be excused.”

“……………………Er, very well.”

Rou Ya escorted Chen Li to her room, and Chen Li lied down on the bed. She wasn’t fond of large amounts of  people, so her palace’s staff were kept at the minimum. The cleaning lady is Ms.Zhang, an unsocial women. Normally, it is quite hard to see her, since she was always hiding in hidden places, silently cleaning the palace. The tasks of a lady-in-waiting, clothes maid, and server were all done by Rou Ya. She was a small, but boisterous and cheerful girl. The cook is simple and kind. He usually never leaves the kitchen. There’s also……….

“Ah, King! King! The king has returned, la~!” In the bedroom, sat a cage which contained a very loud, squawking parrot.

“Xuxu, shut your beak!” Chen Li glanced at it, then walked behind the screen. She took off her robes and sat them aside, sinking into the water comfortably. She raised her head in satisfaction, wanting to relax quietly. But then, across the screen, the parrot started squawking once again, “Did not run away, ah King! You were caught and now have to get wed to that prince, sad? King, king, king!”

Chen Li’s mouth twitched and she waved her hand. The door of the iron cage opened with a loud “clang!”. Her hand changed into a claw, and lightly pulled. The parrot that was in the cage had suddenly reappeared in her hand, pulled through space! Chen Li’s clawed fingers pinched it’s wing and raised her eyebrow, staring at the parrot, “To think of it, I’ve never seen you without your feathers before.”

Inside the room, Xuxu was silent.

“King, don’t, ah! Ai! Good King, ah! Forgive, King!

Outside of the door, Rou Ya was guarding over the entrance. She looked at the doorway happily, “Today, Xuxu and King are quite happy together.” Just as she rested on the edge of the door, a bare bird suddenly rammed out with all his might, pushing at the crack between the door and shot out. It’s buttocks shook left and right as it ferociously dug a hole before jumping inside, burying himself. “Ah!…….” Rou Ya was startled, “That was………. Xuxu?”

“Leave him alone, he can’t run away.” Chen Li’s indifferent voice carried out from inside the room, “In any case, he can’t fly now.”Listening to her happy tone, there was a sense of satisfaction inside.

Rou Ya was overwhelmed with shock, turning her head. She deeply believed that King must’ve been subject to many terrible forms of abuse…. This psychology….. What a change from before.


When it was time to eat, an emissary from heaven came, bearing a message: “The Azure Sky King was to come to the Heavenly Palace in the afternoon and heaven’s emissary has come with the wedding dresses design, as to let Chen Li choose.” Chen Li just nodded, continuing to leisurely eat her meal. After the emissary left, Rou Ya, who was fanning Chen Li as she ate, humphed. “Choose what wedding gown? That casanova playboy Fu Rong! We, who were willing to come back and allow King to wed him, was the luckiest thing that happened to him! But he actually dared to run into the Palace to ask of the Heavenly Emperor to abolish the marriage more than a few times! It was like he actually believed King wanted to marry him!”

Chen Li listened, glancing at Rou Ya, “Gentleman Fu Rong actually went and disturbed the Heavenly Emperor how many times?”

Rou Ya carefully counted her fingers, but when she reached the last one, she could only scratch her head, saying, “Countless. King, when you were in the mortal world, I’ve heard that in Heaven, Fu Rong’s space was filled with women.”

“Ah, then my heart is satisfied.” At least this way, the other person arranged in the marriage was suffering from this as well. Just thinking about it already made her feel happier, ah.


“Damned woman!!” A mahogany plate was covered by silk threaded gold robes, the plate thrown harshly on the ground. The servant immediately knelt down, “Lord Immortal, beseech to quell your anger.” His body was cloaked with a snow white robe, inlaid with gold. The man ferociously stepped on the remains of the mahogany plate, angrily shouting, “It’s her fault, not escaping the arranged marriage! Now she’s choosing the wedding gown? Why do I not know of this?!?”

The servant continued to kneel, meekly whispering, “T-The Azure Sky King was found back as early as January……”

“She couldn’t fight this!? Useless at this critical time!” Fu Rong was furious, clenching his teeth, “No! I must go and beg the Celestial Emperor! That kind of women to marry, absolutely not!” As soon as he finished his words, he lifted up the hem of his robe and hurried to the Heavenly Palace.

The accompanying servant followed hastily, “Immortal, no, ah! If you make another scene, the Heavenly Emperor won’t be happy!”

Fu Rong just ignored him as he continued to hurry to the Heavenly Emperor’s Palace. Without bothering to inform the servants of his arrival, he just pushed through the door, entering. With a loud “Tong!”, he threw himself to the floor kneeling, weeping loudly, “Royal Grandfather, grandson…… grandson is bitter, ah!”

The palace was silent, but Fu Rong continued to sob. However, there were no angry remarks from the Heavenly Emperor. He suddenly got a bad feeling and lifted his head to see. On the throne sat the Heavenly Emperor, his face black with anger. But standing next to him was a man. His hair was pinned lazily with a blue brooch, wisps hanging out. A long, white gown adorned his body, not even a speck of dust to be seen. His figure was handsome, and he radiated an aura of a King, high and lofty, attracting Fu Rong’s attention.

The Heavenly Emperor suppressed his anger, voice dark, “Fu Rong, have you come to see Sir Xing Zhi?”

Fu Rong was shocked. Even though he spent most of his time on debauchery and didn’t study the various famous gods of Heaven, he would still know Xing Zhi- The only living ancient god.


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    Poor parrot, you just had to annoy her before the memory of her being plucked could fade away.

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