Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 17

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The ice encrusted doors slowly creaked open. Wisps of cold air gushed out from the Palace, revealing a 10-Foot main hall. 4 icicles stood, representing 4 different directions. In the middle, a glittering, translucent pure ice orb floated.

Within the frozen orb, there was a woman. A dark colored robe hugged her body, clinching her waist. Her hair was loose, eyes closed as if sleeping. But when the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the hall, her 2 eyes suddenly opened. They glistened with a sharp light as she turned to the source of the noise.

“King,” The black robed envoy kneeled on one knee, kowtowing in a salute, “Subordinate carries orders from Demon Emperor, came to escort King out of confinement.” He fished out a porcelain bottle from his bosom and unscrewed the cork, allowing the blood within the bottle to splash out onto the ground. Instantly, the 4 icicles lit up as inscriptions circled then. In the middle, the frozen ice orb slowly melted. When the ice had thawed to roughly the size of half a person, the rays of light emitted by the icicles stopped. The frozen orb that has lost it’s airborne support instantly plummeted to the ground, shattering into uncountable years worth of snow and ice inside the main hall.

Being frozen for too long, Chen Li’s 4 limbs were somewhat stiff, her body was covered with ice fragments. With the black clothed envoy’s help, she slowly managed to stand up, “You sealed me in the Ice Sacrificial Palace, but it’s only considered as confinement?”

The Ice Sacrificial Palace was one of the Demon Realm’s forbidden lands, and holds the status and use as Heaven’s Space-Time Rip, able to suppress even the most vicious and powerful of demons. The only difference between the two was that the Ice Sacrificial Palace’s power was even greater than Heaven’s Space-Time Rip. But in return, it could only trap one demon at a time. But throughout the millennia, all the felons were either captured and placed in Heaven’s Space-Time Rip or killed. Therefore, the Ice Sacrificial Palace had remained here empty.

Chen Li had never once dreamed that she herself would’ve been sealed within there one day, nor has she ever thought that the marriage edict given by the Heavenly Emperor would’ve caused the Demon Emperor to feel this much stress- that he was so afraid of her once more trying to escape the marriage, he put her here! Chen Li stretched her arms, stepping over the foot of the mountain of ice. She walked to the front door, her mouth ridiculing, “Has the wedding team from heaven come to escort the bride there? That’s why you’re finally willing to free me.”

The black clothed envoy followed behind her, respectfully answering, “King is impatient. There is still another month of preparation before the wedding.”

Chen Li was startled, turning her head to ask him, “ How long was I in there?” She remembered that day after she was caught by the Demon Emperor, he had ordered that she was to be confined to the Ice Sacrificial Palace. However, no one had told her how long she would be confined. Within the ice, she had no way of telling time. A day or a year they would’ve all felt the same to her.

The envoy replied, “The Demon Emperor’s heart was benevolent, and had only confined King until January.”

In January….. 30 days had already passed, ah……

Once they stepped out of the Ice Sacrificial Palace, the stone doors behind them loudly slammed shut. Chen Li raised her head to look, and not far away was Mo Fang calmly standing. When he saw her come out, he bowed his head in a salute. Seeing him, Chen Li was started. She didn’t think that he would be here, and was even more surprised when Mo Fang turned to speak to the black robed messenger, “I will escort the King to return back now.”

“With this, this subordinate will return to deliver a successful report to the Demon Emperor.”

The black robed envoy disappeared. Mo Fang lowered his head and kneeled, “Mo Fang couldn’t help King escape, please punish this subordinate.”

Chen Li was surprised for a moment, but then smiled and patted Mo Fang’s shoulder, “I know you must’ve tried your best, struggling for that half a day. Just me escaping is suffice for you…. But it’s just I that couldn’t escape. It was my fault for not being able to live up to your efforts.”


“Go, return back home.” Chen li stretched lazily, “ I haven’t gone home to sleep for a long time.”

“King, Mo Fang must say something.” He was silent for a long time, before finally speaking, “That human, has passed away within the mortal world.”

“En.” Chen Li answered, “I have already guessed so.”

One day in the sky was equal to one year in the mortal world. 30 whole years have passed. Xing Yun has no more than an ordinary human body. To have died in bed of old age by now would’ve been normal. Moreover, if not for the fact that Xing Yun has already left his world, how would the Demon Emperor dare to release her so easily? He, who has watched her grow up since birth, knew all too clearly of her temperament.

“Go back.” Chen Li walked 2 steps, then suddenly turned her head to look at Mo Fang, “When he passed away, did you see him?”

Mo Fang nodded, “Very calm and serene.”

“Of course, because he is Xing Yun, ah.” No matter how bad something is, in his eyes, he will just brush it away like dust. Her lips curved, “He ought to smile.”

Mo Fang remained silent, his eyes flickering. He remembered, when he was in the mortal world watching his last moments, he was lying on the sickbed. Although he was old, his demeanor had never changed. He stared at him, saying, “Ah, Chen Li’s subordinate.” His life energy was weak and feeble. Just that short phrase forced him to gasp for breath. Afterwards, he then said, “Has Chen Li been well recently?”

Mo Fang did not answer him, and Xing Yun didn’t continue to ask either. Rather, he just leaned back and smiled. He closed his eyes and went to rest. Really is an indifferent person, but even as such a man, he still kept Chen Li in his mind, remembering for more than 30 years. Mo Fang chose to not tell Chen Li of this matter, instead just quietly asking, “Will King look for his reincarnation?”

“Won’t look.” Chen Li stepped on a cloud, not looking back as she said, “I fell for Xing Yun only, the first generation. Any other incarnations of him, I have nothing to do with them.”

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