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No Sire, No! 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.

No Sire, No!

No Sire, No!

Alternative name: 公子不要啊!
Author: Animation Hall
Artist: Animation Hall
Category: Comedy, Historical, Manhua, Reverse Harem, Romance
Reading Direction: Left to right
Status: Completed
Scanlation Group: Alyschu and Co
Total views: 10512
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Due to love at first sight, an outstandingly beautiful female dancer became a young master’s page boy and sets forth to protect the young master's chastity!

alyschu: This is a rom-com completed series with a super rushed ending that kind of blew it for me, but I figured that the pretty art makes up for the downhill slope that happens near the end. Since it only has 46 chapters on ac.qq, I plan to slowly finish this series. I don't have the patience to do detailed redraws and transparent bubbles are a pain in the ass, so it will be done very slowly unless someone does the cleaning for me.
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