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Daughter of Heaven

Daughter of Heaven

Alternative name: 天之王女, Queen Regnant of Heaven, Heaven's Ruler, Heaven's Monarch
Author: Fan Wen Zhong
Artist: Fan Wen Zhong
Category: Fantasy, Historical, Manhua, Romance
Reading Direction: Left to right
Status: Ongoing
Scanlation Group: Alyschu and Co
Total views: 31174
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He is a small country’s crown prince; born in the cracks of privilege, maturing on a bloody path, duty-bound to never turn back, to continue forward on his king’s road with hardships beyond compare. She is the daughter of a sinner who had fled the city, who slowly changed her role as she grew up. Was this pushed forth by fate, or caused by human nature? During troubled times, the predestined man and woman met, mutually fell in love, oppressed, and killed. Is this a choice between love and virtue, or is it up to fate to decide? In this feast of kings, who exactly is the victor?

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