GoT Book 8 Chapter 14

Special Message From Puttty:

All of you may not know but I have a website, where I used to translate in with my real life friends, unfortunately, all of them quit translating since it isn’t their cup of tea, but one of the novels one of them translated has been picked back up by me.

As of right now, God of thunder is really boring for me, since there isn’t any particularly interesting development, but this doesn’t mean I will stop translating GoT, it will still have its weekly and sponsored chapters, I will just love my other novel more. Its name is King of the Eternal Night. A particularly tragic novel, a genre I like, ohohohohoho. The MC is so cruel he managed to crush another kid’s balls in the story only eight chapters in. Ohohohohoho.

Thank you to James for donating. Enjoy.

If you want to donate go to the God of Thunder page and click the donate button. $25 per chapter, there isn’t a limit and the chapter will be translated within a day (or two).

Also let me know if you spot and mistakes or have suggestions by posting in the comments. Or if you just want to show your support. Thanks!

Translated by Puttty

Edited by l3lacksheep

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