ENL – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance

That evening like usual, Ji Fengyan had called all of the guards in the entire residence to “cultivate”. Before even a moment had passed, a set of steady footsteps could be heard.

Those guards sitting in the courtyard silently opened their eyes, seeing a tall and majestic figure walk in.

The ones who came were Yang Jian and the Howling Heaven Hound.

Everybody had already received a hint from Ling He, so they couldn’t help but be a bit curious about this human figure that could move, but when they truly saw it they were still completely astonished. Aside from the wooden grains, Yang Jian looked almost no different from a normal person.

No one would have thought that their young lady would have such excellent craftsmanship!

Looking up at Yang Jian who had came back with a full load, Ji Fengyan smiled as she stood up, throwing down a “Do as you please”, before entering the raw stone room with both him and the Howling Heaven Hound.

The raw stones in the raw stone room had already all been opened by her and was now completely empty.

Yang Jian brought the large basket on his shoulders down. With a “thump” sound, it landed on the floor and raised up a cloud of dust.

That large basket was filled with several different types of rare ores, so full that it could’ve caused a person to be dazed.

Ji Fengyan had used her own blood as the anchor to fill up Yang Jian’s chest, even the ability to differentiate the spiritual energies of those ores were also transferred to him. Therefore, the ores that Yang Jian had selected completely met her requirements.

Sweeping an eye over it, Ji Fengyan was rather satisfied. This basket of rare ores far exceeded the amount that she managed to haul back from those stores.

After choosing a few ores that she could use for cultivation tonight, Ji Fengyan lowered her head to look at the eager Howling Heaven Hound who was panting with its tongue stuck out. Seeing those pair of blue eyes, she couldn’t help but smile as she took out a dark red medicinal pill and casually threw it. With a “swish”, the Howling Heaven Hound leapt up and caught it in its mouth!

Once that tiny medicinal pill entered into its stomach, the Howling Heaven Hound was incomparably satisfied as it laid down onto the ground, using its two front paws to rub its belly.

Looking at the serious Yang Jian off to the side, Ji Fengyan’s mind flashed with a thought. Going to another room, she took out rare ore that she had already drained the spiritual energy from and dashed off to look for Ling He, telling him that she wanted to forge a special weapon.

Towards his young lady’s bizarre ideas, Ling He was already somewhat numb to them, so he called a member of the guards over.

“This young lad comes from a blacksmith’s family. Before he entered the army, he used to follow his father in forging. Although he can’t beat a true blacksmith in terms of skill, he’s still not that bad. Whatever my lady needs, you can tell it all to him.” Ling He said.

The guard that was lead in front of Ji Fengyan was a rather skinny young man. Compared to a majority of the other guards, his physique was smaller by considerable amount. When he saw her, his expression was extremely serious, standing there with solemnity.

“This subordinate is Zuo Nuo, I await my lady’s instructions,” he said, standing perfectly straight.

“Since it’s our own people, then things will be a lot more convenient. Come.” Ji Fengyan said, taking out a blueprint that she had quickly drew out today from her chest and stuffing it into Zuo Nuo’s hands.

When Zuo Nuo took a look at the blueprint, he was instantly dumbfounded. That weapon was very long, looking a lot like the long lances that knights used, the sharp end a double-edged blade-shaped trident. It was a weapon that he had never seen before.

“My lady, this is?” Zuo Nuo was a bit discombobulated for a time.

“It’s called the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. You just need to forge it according to the blueprint and use the best materials. Whatever you need, just go to the storage and take it.” Ji Fengyan valiantly said.

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