ENL – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80 – Lei Family Father and Son Duo

“Father, you must definitely get revenge for your son! That Ji Fengyan is simply a lunatic!” Lei Min hoarsely cursed with gritted teeth, lying on the bed. He had never suffered such embarrassment before in his lifetime. Being held to the ground and caned, how could he take such a humiliation?

“Lunatic?” Lei Xu narrowed his eyes, his tone cold. “Did you really think that Ji Fengyan is a lunatic? Min’er, both of us were wrong, completely wrong. Ji Fengyan is far from being the ignorant person that we thought her to be. She is very clear about her own circumstance and also very clear about what to do to deal with all of it.”

“Father! She has already injured me to such an extent and you’re actually speaking up for her?” Lei Min looked in disbelief at his own father.

“Min’er, I’m not speaking up for her, instead I’m reminding you. This time we lowered our guard. Before, I had always thought that the reason we were able to control Ji Fengyan inside Ji City was because she was a simple child, but in reality what she did was coincidentally the most intelligent choice. Had she gotten into a conflict with us in Ji City, then just based on those guards of hers, she would have been far from being our opponent in terms of military might. However, once we had left Ji City, then the situation would be completely reversed,” he said.

Lei Min was slightly stunned. Although his heart harboured hatred, he wasn’t an idiot. He was able to understand Lei Xu’s words.

“You don’t need to worry. Since I now understand what type of person she is, then I naturally have a method to deal with her. Even if she knows the locations of those mineral veins, so what? Right now, she is in Ji City’s domain and in here I am able to deal with her as I please.” Lei Xu’s eyes flashed with a cold malicious light.

“Father is thinking of-” Lei Min was a bit shocked in his heart.

Lei Xu smiled. “You’re Ji Fengyan’s fiancé, that cannot be doubted. Since you’ve suffered an injury now, then Ji Fengyan ought to be taking care of you.”

“However, that dead girl is extremely cunning. How would she be willing to come and serve me?” Lei Min asked with furrowed brows.

“You still can’t see it? Before, no matter what we did, Ji Fengyan had always had a calm and collected attitude, but this time when she took action it was because those guards of hers had almost been hurt. If I’m not mistaken, then that girl should probably care a lot about those people that her father left behind. Although I have no way to kill her because of that decree of appointment, the people around her aren’t protected by it. No matter what I want to do to them, isn’t it all at my whim?” He said, shaking his head.

Lei Min’s eyes slightly shone.

Lei Xu comforted him. “This affair doesn’t need to be rushed, you just need to recover well. What I need to do still requires the permission of the Eldest Princess. If she agrees, then things will be much easier.”

“However, isn’t the Eldest Princess currently concerned about the situation of why the Grandmaster isn’t seeing anyone? Would she… even be willing to help us?” Lei Min asked in concern.

“I don’t need her to come out and help us, I only need her tacit consent that’s all. Furthermore… If this Ji City truly does end up in Ji Fengyan’s hands, then it’s likely that the Eldest Princess… also won’t be happy, right?” Lei Xu chuckled, having a well thought out plan.

“Min’er, you just need to watch. In just a few days, I’ll have that dead girl Ji Fengyan docilely come over and personally serve you and all your needs.”

Lei Min naturally didn’t say anything else about it.

“Then your child will wait for that day to come.”

The corners of Lei Xu’s lips curled up in a sinister smile. “Just patiently wait, there’ll be a good show to watch.”

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