ENL – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – Dark Night Devil Wolf

Ji Fengyan couldn’t resist from laughing out loud as she watched Liu Huo flee in panic.

Fine, she had to admit that she really was a bit too evil, but Liu Huo’s reaction was just too interesting. She really couldn’t resist at that time.

Turning her thoughts back, Ji Fengyan looked over at the “Howling Heaven Hound” who had curled up into the corner and puffed up its fur. Smiling cheerfully as she walked over, she plucked out a dark red medicinal pill from the Spatial Soul Jade that released an intoxicating scent. When the originally anxious Howling Heaven Hound smelled it, those blue eyes slightly shone as it unconsciously wanted to step forward but once retreated in alert.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. If you’re obedient, I guarantee that you’ll be treated much better then you were in the wild,” Ji Fengyan patiently cajoled.

The Howling Heaven Hound vigilantly watched her. When its eyes drifted to that medicinal pill, it was unable to hide its yearning…

What happened that night, nobody knows. However, early the next morning when Ling He walked over to the firewood room from the back courtyard, he was completely dumbfounded. The tall and majestic Yang Jian stood outside the firewood room, a half-size dog-like creature lying next to him. It really did scare Ling He by quite a bit.

It was only after Ling He took a careful look did he finally realize that the unmoving Yang Jian was a human figure carved from wood. Instead, it was the creature lying next to Yang Jian that attracted his attention.

“Isn’t that a…”

“Big Brother He.” As Ling He noticed something, Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang out from behind. When he turned to take a look, he saw Ji Fengyan holding a rather timid Bai Ze as she walked into the courtyard.

“My lady, what is this?” Ling He was a bit confused as he looked at JI Fengyan.

She smiled. “This is Yang Jian and that black dog next to him is called Howling Heaven Hound.”

Ling He was speechless.

He didn’t know what insane ideas his young lady was coming up with again, but as for that Howling Heaven Hound… Please, that was clearly a dark night devil wolf’s young, okay?!

The dark night devil wolf was a type of extremely ferocious magic beast. Having exceptional combat capabilities, once they were excited by the scent of blood and entered battle, they would never stop or rest, completely unrelenting in their pursuit. Quite a few life exterminators wanted to catch a dark night devil wolf to use as their mount, but unfortunately the dark night devil wolves were few in numbers to the extent where even the Imperial Family had little contact with them. Only on the black market would one or two occasionally appear and the price of each and every one were all valued at a sky-high price. Most of the time though, there was a price but no market. Coupled with the dark night devil wolf’s extremely ferocious nature, very few people could control them, even if one was lucky enough to start raising a dark night devil wolf from youth. Their savage nature meant that they would very rarely listen to their master’s orders, to the point where there have even been cases of them killing their own masters.

Therefore, at this time there still hadn’t been even one life exterminator that was capable of using a dark night devil wold as a mount.

The appearance of this dark night devil wolf had already caused Ling He enough astonishment, but what made him speechless was that their young lady actually called this dark night devil wolf’s young a… black dog.

Ling He secretly wiped away a bit of sweat.

Just as he was preparing to have a nice chat with her about the rarity of a dark night devil wolf as well as the problems with raising it, Ji Fengyan suddenly squatted down and beckoned with her hands towards the dark night devil wolf lying on the ground.

Soon after…

The devil wolf’s young that was supposed to be uncontrollably ferocious unexpectedly…

Wagged its tail as it dashed over to Ji Fengyan’s side, completely without any of its rumoured domineering aura. Instead, it had a strong hint of trying to act cute as it rubbed itself against her hands.

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