ENL – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – You’ll Be the Howling Heaven Hound!

Ji Fengyan really wasn’t that good at carving animals. What’s more, all of the usable wood had already been used to build Yang Jian. If she wanted to carve a Howling Heaven Hound…

Tomorrow, Ji Fengyan planned on bringing Yang Jian to the mountains outside of Ji City to chop two logs of wood to bring back!

As she was thinking about which location that she went to today had the most suitable wood, the door to the firewood room was suddenly pushed open.

Unconsciously turning her head around, Ji Fengyan saw young friend Liu Huo who had disappeared for more then half the day standing in front of the door, his hands carrying a large sack.

That sack was still wriggling…

“Hey, the little kid who ran away from home finally knows to come back?” Ji Fengyan grinned as she ridiculed Liu Huo.

Liu Huo ignored Ji Fengyan’s sarcasm, his gaze directly looking towards Yang Jian who was kneeling in front of her. Lightly furrowing his brows, his expression was a bit weird as he saw Yang Jian just kneeling there without movement.

Perceiving Liu Huo’s gaze, Ji Fengyan smiled.

“Don’t be nervous. This is Yang Jian who’ll be a part of our family in the future,” she said, patting Yang Jian’s shoulder.

Liu Huo twisted his lips.

Did she think that he couldn’t tell that this “Yang Jian” was a wooden carving?

Towards Ji Fengyan’s bizarre behaviour, Liu Huo could only choose to ignore it. He placed the large sack that he brought back in front of her.

“For you.”

“For me?” Ji Fengyan slightly raised her brows. Seeing Liu Huo’s expressionless face, she opened that sack on one hand and laughed on the other. “Little Liu Huo, did you go out to prepare a present for me today? I really am moved…”

Before she could finish speaking, that sack had already been opened by her. Immediately, a dark figure leapt out.

With a swish sound, it immediately dashed to a corner in the firewood room.

Ji Fengyan was astonished as she looked at that black creature standing alertly in the corner.

It was a half-grown dog-like creature with lustrous black fur, those blue eyes seeming entrancingly radiant. At this moment, its vertical pupils were full of alertness and nervousness, the fur on its back standing on edge.

“That mount of yours can’t be use, this…” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan and had just began to speak.

“Howling Heaven!” She shouted.

“What?” Liu Huo became confused.

“Ahaha, it’s you! You’ll be the Howling Heaven Hound!” Ji Fengyan’s eyes gleamed as she stared at that dog-like creature who had its fur puffed up. Without any hesitation, she directly gave it the Howling Heaven Hound name.

“Wait a second, it isn’t a dog…” Liu Huo furrowed his brows. Just as he was preparing to explain, he suddenly… fell into a warm embrace.

Ji Fengyan hugged Liu Huo. Due to the fact that both of their heights were similar, the scene of both of them hugging really was quite delicate.

“Liu Huo, I really am too thankful towards you”

That little black puppy really satisfied the impression that she had towards the Howling Heaven Hound. Now, she completely had no need to go out and chop wood to carve one!

It simply couldn’t be better!

Liu Huo felt a buzzing sound in his head as he was suddenly hugged by Ji Fengyan, the words that he had wanted to say a moment ago immediately forgotten. Stunned for quite a while, Liu Huo finally came back to reality. Clearly a bit flustered, he pushed her away as a suspicious redness appeared on his perfect little face.

Not waiting for Ji Fengyan to say anything, Liu Huo quickly turned around and fled out of her sight without leaving a single trace, abandoning Ji Fengyan and the “Howling Heaven Hound” to stare at each other in the firewood room.

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