ENL – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63 – I’m Really Sorry for Making You Wait so Long

Ling He and the others waited for a long time in the residence. Even after having finished lunch, they still saw no movement from Ji Fengyan. Unable to resist any longer, Ling He went to look for Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was sitting in her own room in front of a desk, fiddling with a palm-sized little paper figure.

“My lady, in the end when are we leaving?” Ling He asked.

Taking a glance at Ling He, Ji Fengyan then looked back at the little paper figure in her hands.

Suddenly, the little paper figure’s head lightly fluttered. It was unknown whether it was blown by the wind or something else.

Her lips lifting in a smile, Ji Fengyan stood up after putting that little paper figure away. “Mmm, Big Brother He, we can leave right now.”

Ling He finally released his breath. Shouting for everyone, he directly rushed out of the residence.

The distance from the residence and the city’s gates weren’t that far. It only took a few minutes for Ji Fengyan and the others to arrive outside the city gates.

Outside the city gates, there had early on already been a large group of people gathered there. At this time in the afternoon, the sun stood high in the sky, radiating a scorching heat. It was unknown how long these people stood there as their luxurious clothes had already been soaked through with quite a bit of sweat.

Lei Xu and Lei Min were also in the group, their faces somewhat pale. After seeing Ji Fengyan arrive, Lei Min’s face sunk to its breaking point!

They had agreed to meet with Ji Fengyan outside the city this morning but only came after having lunch to mess with her. However, he never thought that this girl would actually be later than them!

This time, Lei Xu had specifically called a few of the big families in Ji City that had status and power over to pressure Ji Fengyan. In the end…

A group of illustrious fellows had dried in the sun for a good long time before finally seeing the person Lei Xu had spoken about.

“Sorry, I overslept a bit and made everybody wait for so long.” Ji Fengyan brightly laughed. Without anybody perceiving it, she lightly twitched her finger, causing a stream of white fog to float out for Lei Min’s back. Swaying under the fierce sun, it went unnoticed by everyone.

Lei Min simply wanted to crush and end this woman who courted death.

Taking a while to compose himself, Lei Xu finally managed to suppress the resentment in his heart, forcing his face to smile. “No problem, we’d only just arrived a few moments ago as well. I still haven’t introduced these people to Fengyan yet. They are the family leaders of several eminent families in Ji City and enjoy the high prestige accorded to them from their positions.

Not even one of those middle-aged men didn’t have a round body and weren’t wearing luxurious clothes. When they saw that Ji Fengyan was an unremarkable little girl, even with Lei Xu’s introductions, their attitude was extremely perfunctory.

Ji Fengyan smiled calmly and also didn’t have any thoughts about dealing with this group of people.

“Since everybody has arrived, then would Sir Lei please lead us on our way?”

Lei Xu nodded, having early on already arranged a horse carriage outside the city. Everybody boarded the carriage and headed towards the mineral veins.

Inside the horse carriage, Ling He gazed at his young lady with complete worship. “No wonder my lady wanted to wait until now before leaving. Did you already guess early on that those two **** ** * *** wouldn’t be on time?”

The agreed time was definitely in the morning, however from the looks of Lei Xu and the others, they should’ve also just arrived not that long ago. If Ji Fengyan’s people had went outside the city gates and waited in the morning, then they probably would’ve been dried until they saw stars. Now it was switched around!

Ji Fengyan held her chin, seeming to smile. While she did not give an accurate response, but her actions had already clearly exposed her.

“Big Brother He, rest well. I’m predicting that in a moment, there’ll be a good show to watch.”

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