ENL – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Where is Fellow Daoist Going?

The bottle in his hand still had a bit of heat and warmth, pressing against Liu Huo’s palm. Lifting up his head, he looked at Ji Fengyan’s cheerfully smiling face, his gaze sweeping over the sweat on her forehead.

“Got it.” Liu Huo lowered his eyes, his thoughts unknown.

“Then you should go back first. I still need to clean up here.” Ji Fengyan smiled.

Liu Huo also didn’t say anything else and silently left. However, when he had reached the exit, he abruptly stopped walking and turned around to look at Ji Fengyan who had returned to that pile of medicinal herbs, his expression a bit complicated. After watching her for a moment, he finally left.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan…

After fetching out a few medicinal herbs, once again stood up and went back to the cauldron’s side, taking out all of those medicinal pills that had filled it out.

The ridiculous amount simply made people wide-eyed and speechless.

“Damn, refining so many at once really does take quite a bit of time. Next time, it would probably better if I separated them.” Ji Fengyan placed those medicinal pills into several bottles, preparing to give them to Ling He and the others for them to take at the same time.

If there was an injury then take care of the injury, if there is no injury then strengthen the body!

However, what she didn’t know was…

The convenient circumstances in which she had refined her medicinal pills looked completely different in a certain beautiful teenager’s eyes.

If that certain person knew that Ji Fengyan was busy for an entire afternoon not only refining that one bottle in his hand, but refining twenty something bottles of exactly the same medicinal pills, who knew what his thoughts would be…

Ji Fengyan had even conveniently used a bottle to feed Bai Ze. In the end, a certain delicate misunderstanding had continued on just like that.

The morning of the next day, Ling He had already prepared everything appropriately. Summoning the guards, he had only left a few people in the residence to protect it. Having polished their weapons to a bright shine, they were ready to help Ji Fengyan increase her power today.


“Eh? Big Brother He, what are you guys doing?” Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze into the front courtyard and swept her eyes over those hot-blooded men who were standing there like death gods.

“My lady, it’s about time for us to leave.” Ling He responded vigorously.

Ji Fengyan blinked her eyes. “Big Brother He, you really are forthright.”


“Don’t just stand there, do what you want or should do. When it’s time to leave, I’ll notify you.” After finishing, Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze along with her as she left.

The thoughts of Ling He and the others who were left behind in the wind were all in chaos.

Didn’t their young lady really want to see those mineral veins?


Is it that at this moment, she wasn’t the least bit anxious?

Unable to comprehend Ji Fengyan’s thoughts, Ling He and the others left for their own.

Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze to the back courtyard. Feeding one medicinal pill after another into little Bai Ze’s mouth, she began to mutter. “Quickly grow up and become a bit more immortal.”

When Liu Huo arrived at the back courtyard, all he saw was Ji Fengyan whispering as if casting a spell to a dumb-faced little Bai Ze. He stared at that little white deer. “It’s only an ordinary deer. No matter how you raise it, it will still have no way of following you onto the battlefield like other mounts.”

Ji Fengyan turned around and looked at Liu Huo who had suddenly appeared. “It’s so immortal… Uh, pretty. How could I possibly let it go onto the battlefield?”

A beautiful immortal deer. It only had to let her sit on it and everything else was fine.

Liu Huo lightly furrowed his brows. Seeing Ji Fengyan’s brightly smiling face, he didn’t why but he abruptly shook his head as he turned around and left.

“You want to go out?” Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo in astonishment. After this man came here, he had never took the initiative in leaving the residence.

Slightly pausing, Liu Huo nodded before continuing on his way out.

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