ENL – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – The Upcoming Plan

Ji Fengyan’s thoughts were in chaos. Waving her hand to signal Ling He to leave first, she immersed herself into this big puzzle.

She looked at the Elusive Dream Ore that she took back from Ling He and looked at the one in her room. A bold theory began to formulate quietly in her mind.

An immortal cultivator’s cultivation mostly depended on spirit energy as its foundation, coalescing and becoming one with the essences of heaven and earth. When she used the spiritual energies on those ores to cultivate, in another way, those ores also absorbed the essences of heaven and earth that she cultivated, so…

Not only wouldn’t Ji Fengyan’s cultivation not turn those rare ores into useless dregs, instead it would even increase their grades!

This discovery completely delighted her!

Not delaying her cultivation and also able to earn money; this she liked!

Having gotten an answer, Ji Fengyan no longer had any more scruples, happily dashing into her room to cultivate. As she was in a cheerful mood, she essentially didn’t notice Liu Huo’s figure who had appeared at the entrance to her courtyard at an unknown time, silently watching as Ji Fengyan’s back gradually disappeared.

It was unknown what those clear eyes were thinking about.

On Ji Fengyan’s side, fortuitous events occurred one after the other, however on the City Lord’s Residence’s side, thing’s weren’t so happy.

Ever since Su Lingsheng returned from the stone gambling shop, she had been in a constant high fever. Up until now, she still had no way of getting up. Lei Min stayed by her side for half a day, right until after Su Lingsheng was given medicine by the doctor, before being called over by Lei Xu.

“How did all of this happen? Wasn’t Lingsheng in perfect condition when she left today? Why would she become like this when she returned? Min’er, in the end what happened? Lingsheng is one of the Eldest Princess’ people, if she has a problem then both of us won’t be able to take the blame from the Eldest Princess!” Lei Xu criticized as he furrowed his brows. Seated in the main hall, he gazed at an equally gloomy-faced Lei Min.

Lei Min’s mood also wasn’t good and being spoken to like that by Lei Xu agitated him even more. He could only tell Lei Xu about all that had happened in the store from before.

“What? Ji Fengyan, that girl, could actually win against Lingsheng in stone gambling?” Lei Xu’s eyes bulged in disbelief, feeling as if he had heard the funniest joke today.

“It should be like this. I also had no idea about what exactly happened.” Lei Min said darkly.

Lei Xu narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming complicated and inscrutable.

“That Ji Fengyan girl is even more troublesome than I thought. She absolutely cannot become the city lord of Ji City, otherwise our plan will be ruined!” He said, looking seriously at his son.

“She wasn’t like this before and I also have no idea about what has happened in the Imperial Capital these last few years to actually cause her disposition to become so stubborn. However… since she would take the initiative in looking for trouble from Su Lingsheng, then that shows she isn’t as flippant as she looks. Perhaps she is jealous about the relationship between Lingsheng and I.” Lei Min remarked, having a slight trace of pride.

“I don’t care about the situation between her and Su Lingsheng, but if the two of you can’t quickly get married then the situation about her being the new city lord will get out sooner or later. This still needs to be quickly taken care of.” Lei Xu rubbed his chin as he spoke. “However, it’s good that she is still young. I see that the people she brought with her are covered in colours. Ji City is our territory, wanting to take down this little foolish girl also isn’t anything difficult.”

“Saying this, that means father already has an idea?” Lei Min’s eyes slightly brightened.

Lei Xu nodded his head. “The mounts that the Imperial Capital has sent over has already arrived. Tomorrow, you’ll come with me and deliver those mounts over for Ji Fengyan to choose from.”

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