ENL – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – This Isn’t Scientific

Bringing the large Elusive Dream Ore with her, Ji Fengyan walked openly amongst the streets of Ji City, unperceived by others. It was only after arriving at her residence did she finally remove the Vision Concealment Art that she had cast. Once that stone was brought into her room, she dismissed the five ghosts.

Ling He was just walking by Ji Fengyan’s door and carelessly casted a glance inside. However, after taking just two steps, he immediately dashed back. Entirely dumfounded, his gaze was flabbergasted as he looked at the Elusive Dream Ore which had suddenly appeared in Ji Fengyan’s room.

“My lady, this… Where did this Elusive Dream Ore come from?” Ling He asked, his voice trembling.

“I got it from a bet.” Ji Fengyan chuckled as she patted the Elusive Dream Ore.

Ling He swallowed, his face full of disbelief.

He had long since heard of Ji City’s custom of stone gambling. But unfortunately, his purse was shy and pitiful, thus he didn’t dare to participate. Where would he have ever thought that when Ji Fengyan said she was going to take something, she would actually bring back such a big Elusive Dream Ore?!

“What? Is there something wrong?” She asked as she the conflicted expression on Ling He’s face.

Immediately, Ling He shook his head like a drum-rattle.

Their young lady, not only was she unfathomably mysterious, even her luck in stone gambling was actually that good!

What to do?! Suddenly, he had the urge to throw himself over and hug her thigh!

“Oh, right.” Ji Fengyan abruptly thought of something. Turning around, she took a few objects from the table in the room. Walking over to Ling He, she stuffed the things in her hands into his.

“Big Brother He, I still have an Elusive Dream Ore and two other things here. Could you help me check if there’s any differences between this Elusive Dream Ore and the one in my room?” Ji Fengyan had a guess in her mind. While she had drained all of the spiritual energies from those ores, she also had no idea if there were any other effects. If there was none… Then wouldn’t this be an excellent way to earn large amounts of profit?

Ling He looked flabbergasted at those three stones in his hands, his heart completely shaken. One Elusive Dream Ore, one Luminous Moon Ore, and one very excellent jade pendant. It didn’t matter which one, all of them were valued at extremely high prices!

Dazed for a long moment, Ling He finally returned to reality. Moving that thin Elusive Dream Ore near his eyes to take take a look, he began to speak after pondering for a long time. “Your subordinate doesn’t really understand that much about ores, but regarding Elusive Dream Ore, your subordinate has seen one before. This Elusive Dream Ore and the one in my lady’s room does have some differences…”

Before Ling He could finish, Ji Fengyan’s smiling face changed into on of depression.

Guess it’s still not possible, right?

Ji Fengyan was still thinking of draining the ore’s spiritual energy on one side and selling those that lost their spiritual energy on the other. However, looking at things now… She was thinking too much!

Ling He completely didn’t understand why his young lady’s expression seemed as mournful as if she had lost money when he had only finished speaking half of his words. However, he continued to talk honestly. “Despite this Elusive Dream Ore being small, its quality is even purer than the one in my lady’s room. It can be said to be top-grade amongst Elusive Dream Ores. This type of top-grade ore is extremely rare and even such a little piece like this is also difficult to obtain.”

When she heard Ling He’s words, Ji Fengyan was completely stupefied.

The smaller one is better than the bigger one?

What kind of joke was this?

Both of those Elusive Dream Ores were originally one whole and essentially had no differences. The only variable was that the one in Ling He’s hands was drained of all of its spiritual energy while Ji Fengyan was cultivating. However… This piece that was drained of all of its spiritual energy, how could it be even better?

“This… My lady, is there anything else? The medicinal herbs you’ve ordered have arrived. If there’s nothing else, then your subordinate will quickly go take care of it…” Ling He carefully said. He was already quaking with terror at Ji Fengyan’s rapidly changing expressions.

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