Time – Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 1.2 – Caught His Eye

Flashback scene 1:

Recently, one day last week when she walked by the foot of a mountain, she saw in the middle of the beautiful landscape, a couple who were deep in love. The man’s screen name was Ye Zui Shuai (Lord is the most handsome) and the female’s is Mei Ren Yi Jiu (Long lasting beauty). In the middle of all the action, a group of people rushed towards this couple with murderous intent…

Hey killing the lovebirds is enough, why do you need to drag a passerby like me into this? Yao Yuan was very depressed by the situation. Without a word, Xiong Ying Yi Hao (Valiant Eagle Number One) from the group of people, rushed up to her slashing. Pairs of players fought for almost ten minutes. At last she raised her sword and in one swift move, below the sky full of flowers, on the tip of her sword found a pressure point. This move is called “Hua Jian Yue” (Flower sees the Moon), first scarring your eyes, then reducing the opponent’s attack power at the same time taking advantage of the 3 seconds that the opponent is dazed. Yao Yuan attacked precisely with two moves of “Blood Sacrifice”. One slash every 1.5 seconds, both swords depleted the enemy of all his blood. Xiong Ying Yi Hao was finally defeated. During the fight, the two lovebirds were also defeated.

Afterwards, Yao Yuan thought that she needed to give Xiong Ying Yi Hao’s comrades a beating but to her surprise these people only stood there. After someone resurrected Xiong Ying Yi Hao,  there wasn’t any action.

Yao Yuan was secretly alert at the time when Mei Ren Yi Jiu, who was stabbed by them and sprawled on the ground called out on the world channel to the World Clan’s clan leader, the true expert in Golden Age, Jun Lin Tian Xia:  “Jun Lin Tian Xia , can you not spare us?”

At that moment, Jun Lin Tian Xia who was not at the scene replies: “I cannot.”

This half an hour of “emotional dispute” is commonly seen in games, Yao Yuan can only say that her own RP was not good after finishing watching, she was there at the completely wrong time and place, in the middle of a bloodbath between a group of people, it can be considered considered an unexpected calamity.

That day she thought these kind of things had nothing to do with her.  As she was just about to leave, a handsome male character Wen Ru Yu (Warm like jade [1]) came over to her to apologize, saying that their Xiong Ying Yi Hao’s eyesight was poor and was mistaken, asked her if she wants to become friends afterwards.

[1] High quality jade is warm to the touch so he is implying that he is a person of high calibre.

She feels that no words can be said plus she was baffled. She pressed “no” on the friend request that he sent and replied with “Just add good friends, since it was merely a misunderstanding, I will leave now.” After she said that, she moved her character to leave. Before she left, she accidentally glanced over a phrase on the screen. Luo Shui (Descend into water): “Our World Clan’s most valuable member has been rejected?? This has never happened before.”

Wen Ru Yu: “ What are you squabbling about? Don’t you think that our clan leader is not young anymore, isn’t it about time to get married?”

Luo Shui: “You really aren’t afraid of death!”

Author’s notes: 1. Hua Jian Yue: scars your eyes, then disables the opponent for 3 seconds so they can’t attack. 2. Blood Sacrifice: in 1.5 seconds, you lose 25% of your own blood (health) to get 100% on your critical attack 4 times. If you use it 4 times, you could kill yourself.

Flashback scene 2:

Two days after the incident happened , Yao Yuan’s cousin‘s Shui Shang Xian (Fairy on the water) was besieged. Yao Yuan was called in to help and was barely able to save her cousin and ran away. When the opponent’s people, from all corners of the world, were set out to catch them, this Wen Ru Yu person suddenly spoke a few words. He said: “Whoever dares to kill Ruo Wei Jun Gu, will be my, Wen Ru Yu’s, enemy.”

People with status have a different way of talking, the world chat instantly became lively. When someone asked him who Ruo Wei Jun Gu is, he replied: “Our clan leader’s wife.” Therefore, in the blink of an eye, the world chat was spinning in chaos. Yao Yuan, who was sitting in front of the computer, took a deep breath and sent a message: “Wen Ru Yu, what are you saying?”

At the same time, someone sent the exact same message, even the punctuation was the same.

This person was called Jun Lin Tian Xia.

Golden Age’s number one clan’s clan leader.

Then Jun Lin Tian Xia sent another message: “Even if it’s true, don’t spread it everywhere.”


These words caused too much interest and gossip.

So that day, Yao Yuan’s Ruo Wei Jun Gu became very popular.

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