SLKD – Volume 1 Chapter 6.5

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Volume 1 Chapter 6.5 – Satsuki Risa Short Story

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little dizzy. Looks like I’ve caught a cold. This is all that stupid Lin Xiang’s fault. Not sure why these two days I had a feeling that he changed a lot. Whenever I’m with him, for some reason my heart always beats so fast.

As for my cold, it should’ve been caused by what happened two days ago, when Lin Xiang helped me remove the rice? My body started to feel hot after that so I went to wash my face with cold water.

“Stupid Lin Xiang, idiot Lin Xiang.” I cursed as I hugged my pillow.

After I called my homeroom teacher to take a leave, I laid down on my bed to sleep. This time, Lin Xiang’s smiling face appeared once again.

Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think. Why am I always thinking of him?

The worried expression he had when he saved that child, the cool side of him when he beat down those bullies, was constantly appearing in my head. More importantly, was what he actually said to me: “I want to protect you, I don’t wish to see you get hurt.”

After hearing those words, my head was a complete blank, my ears kept repeating those words he said……

Afterwards, I was pulled out of the Isolation Shroud by him….. after seeing him get hit once, at first I thought that he was going to get beat up. However, he turned the tables in a manner so cool and so quick. And here I was crying so hard…..

Today I’m not going to school, can’t see him….. No, no, can’t see Takahashi-kun. My heart feels as if it was blocked by something….

Mom and dad went out so nobody’s home. This was the worst…..

I carried my heavy head to the nearby pharmacy to buy some medicine; afterwards, cooked and ate some porridge. Since I was too tired, I didn’t clean up and went straight to bed to rest.

It should be around 12 now? I wonder if he had eaten yet. Strange, why am I always thinking of him? I knew it… I became strange…..

I buried my head in the blankets, and kept thinking about his smiling face….

“Stupid Lin Xiang….” I scolded him once and I fell asleep….


“Ah~~~~~” I turned my lazy waist, and looked at the clock. It was already 3:30 pm. School should be ending soon?

After sweating so much, my cold was already cured. I guess I should go get a basin of water and wipe my body?

I poured a basin of water, returned to my room and started to strip. Hehe, I could never get tired of seeing this pajamas. The small bear is definitely the cutest.

After removing my shirt, I started to wiped my body. After wiping the front, my back was a little out of reach: “En~~~ah, en~~~”.

Oh~~~ this is so difficult.

*Kacha.* Not sure who opened my door.

I looked up…. it was actually Lin Xiang. Why’s he here?

*Kya~~~~~~~~* I wasn’t wearing any clothes…..

“Sorry, Satsuki….” Lin Xiang immediately closed the door and went out.

Jeez, why’s he here? Oh no, he saw my body….. “Uuuuuuuu~~~~~~ Lin Xiang, why’re you here?”

However, even though I felt a little embarrassed, I didn’t really hate it. Kya~~~~~ Why am I thinking like this? I’m not thinking straight.

“Because…. you didn’t come…. to school, so…. I came to your house to find…. you, I…. called for so long, no…body answered, there… fore, I thought… you were… in trouble. Who would’ve known… you were here wiping your body?” From the door came Lin Xiang’s panicked voice.

That idiot, he was actually caring about me, and even personally came to my house. This is really great…. no, is really stupid.

Since it was a careless mistake, I should just forgive him: “ Jeez…. before coming…. you should have called me first.” I quickly put on my shirt.

At this point, he carefully opened the door, and peeked inside. This idiot has such a red face, so cute, no, is so hateful. He scratched his head, embarrassingly said: “Sorry…. I forgot.”

“It was only a cold, I’ve already recovered.” While speaking, I stood up. Jeez, after being seen, my body started to feel weak again.

Little did I know, I accidentally stepped on the blanket, slipped and was about to fall to the ground….

Suddenly, with Lin Xiang’s fast movements, he took no time to reach my side and held me. Jeez, since when did he become so agile?

This warmhearted sense of security when I’m in his arms, what exactly is this feeling?

Ah? Where is his hand touching? Ah~~~~ That’s my….

“You have a fever?” He touched my forehead.

“Don’t have, don’t have.” Dammit, I want to push him away but I can’t seem to muster up any strength.

“Still insist that you don’t have a fever? You don’t even have the strength to push me away.” He’s worried about me? And, is he pretending to not notice or is he doing it on purpose?

“That is…. because….” Ah~~~~~~~~~~ Stupid Lin Xiang. Your hand’s touching my chest! How am I supposed to bring this up….

“Okay enough, quickly lie down.” While speaking, he carried me to the bed, and gently cover me with my blanket.

Once again he started to pat my head, and gently said: “Are you hungry? I’ll go and cook some porridge for you to eat.”

What’s going on? What is this? Why am I feeling so blessed?

I nodded my head and hid inside my blanket.

Ah~~~~~~~~~~ What is happening to me? I don’t have these sort of feelings when it comes to Takahashi-kun, but why do I feel this way when it comes to Lin Xiang? Don’t tell me that it’s because he’s like my sister?

“In that case I’ll be borrowing your kitchen for awhile.” After saying this, he left.

Hu~~~~~~ Nearly suffocated to death, my head came out from the blanket. My heart’s beating so fast…..

Jeez, I really became strange. No, not me, it’s Lin Xiang who changed. That’s right, I became like this because I was affected by him. Yup. Must be it.

Speaking of him, what is it that’s taking him so long? How long has he been gone? Only one minute? How was this possible? I obviously felt that a long time has passed.

I looked at the ticking clock and thought that it must have been broken.

So long~~~~~~ What is he doing? Only 3 minutes have passed? That can’t be right? This clock was definitely broken.


Gu~~~~ 12 minutes had already passed. This Lin Xiang, What on earth is he doing?

Just as I was about to check on him, the door opened.

In one of Lin Xiang’s hand was a bowl of smoking hot porridge and another, some medicine.

Medicine? Speaking of this, Lin Xiang doesn’t have my house keys. Was it today when I went to buy medicine that I had forgotten to lock the door?….. Ah~~~ Lucky it was Lin Xiang who came.

“Here, drink some porridge.” He placed the medicine on the table and moved a chair to my bedside.

“I already said that this is just a cold.” Besides, I’m fine now.

“Cold? Aren’t you having a fever?” He put his hand on my forehead again, and spoke with a hint of anger: “Still saying no?”

“That is…. because….”Jeez, after he touched me, my body became hot again. Stupid Lin Xiang, stupid Lin Xiang.

“Because of what?”

Because you’re too gentle ah~~~~~ Stupid~~~~~~~

He scooped a spoonful of porridge, blew it, and moved it near my mouth: “Open wide.”

What’s this? This idiot obviously looks annoyed, but why is it giving me a warm feeling instead? This warm feeling of happiness, what is it?

“You’re so disoriented that you even want to eat the spoon as well?” As he said this, he pulled out the spoon in my mouth.

“I…..” Jeez, I was only just dazed for awhile.

“You what? Can’t even finish your sentence? Jeez, what happened? Weren’t you fine a few days back? How’d you catch a cold? Didn’t you say idiots can’t get sick?

“You’re the idiot, stupid Lin Xiang.”

“Haha, you’re so cute. Once you get angry, you speak normally again.” Dammit, even though I don’t want to admit it, but once he smiles, he really is handsome. And…. He actually said I’m cute…..

“Nag…. gy…” Oh no, why is my body hot again.

“Once you eat finish the porridge, take the medicine. Understand?” He pointed towards the medicine on the table.

“Okay….” Jeez, why didn’t I notice his gentle side earlier…..

“Speaking of which, where’s your family?”

“Them? Mom and Dad went on a business trip yesterday. They will be back in four days. Grandfather and grandmother passed away a long time ago…”

“Is that so? Sorry to hear that.”

“Its… o… kay,” Jeez, after seeing him looked so depress, even I’m starting to feel sad.

“Here, eat this quickly and get well soon.”

“I already said…..”


“No… nothing. This…. feeling…. isn’t that bad.” Letting Lin Xiang feed me made me feel so warm, so nice.

“Huh? Did the fever burn your brain? That you would even say that getting sick wasn’t so bad?”

“Humph~~~ Your brain’s the one that is burnt! Stupid.” How can you possibly understand when you’re this stupid?

After drinking the porridge he fed me, I realised that the food he cooked was actually very delicious. This was obviously a porridge yet it was so sweet…..

“In that case, I’m going back. See you tomorrow.” Time sure flies really fast; Lin Xiang said that he was going to leave.

“Are you…. leaving?” I’m not sure why but when I heard him say he was going to leave, my heart suddenly tightened.

“Don’t tell me you want me to stay?” He pretended to look like a pervert as he looked at me. Please… your appearance was not the type that could look perverted okay?

“If you…. insist on staying…. it’s not like I will refuse….” I can’t believe I said that.

“Jeez.” He used some strength and patted me head. Every time he does this, my body always goes numb, but it feels good.

“A man and woman alone together, I can’t guarantee nothing will happen.” While talking, he picked up his bag.

“Wait.” What is going on? I can’t believe I actually wanted him to stay….. it should be because I trust him so I would have these kinds of thoughts….. even if he did do anything to me…. I also… Ah~~~~~ seriously, what am I thinking?

“Is something wrong?” His bright and handsome smile…. made my heart beat very violently.

“Tomorrow… accompany me… to buy magic books.”

“Okay.” He nodded his head, turned, and was about to leave.

“Wait….” Strange. It seems that I don’t want him to leave….

“Is there anything else?”

“No… nothing… else.” I quickly closed the door.

“Satsuki…. if you’re afraid of being alone, then think of Takahashi-kun and you won’t be afraid anymore.” Takahashi-kun? Speaking of which….. I haven’t even once thought about him today. Furthermore, yesterday night I even dreamt of Lin Xiang…. I realised that in the past, I’ve never dreamt of Takahashi-kun before….

“In that case, I shall take my leave. Satsuki, you must come to school tomorrow. Today, without you there… it feels like…. something was missing.” Was it because I wasn’t there that he felt lonely? I feel…. so happy….

After he finished speaking, the sound of footsteps came. I slightly opened the door and looked at his leaving figure. My heart felt so sad, I wish… I wish… he would stay…. and cook something for me to eat. That’s right, it must be because his food was delicious that I wanted him to stay?

He took away the dishes as well. Jeez… how thoughtful is he….

“Ka~~~ deng~~~” The sound of the main door closing rang.

He left! I felt depressed as I opened my door:” Seriously… what is happening to me?” After hearing the door closed, I immediately felt empty

I decided to eat some more porridge so I walked into the kitchen. When I arrived there, what was once a messy kitchen that was caused by me, was now currently a clean and spotless kitchen.

“Jeez, that thoughtful idiot….” This time, I thought of his bright smiling face again.

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