SLKD – Volume 1 Chapter 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 7 – Magic Replenishment, Short-Tempered Satsuki and the Strange Meiko-sensei

Because of last night’s matter, I decided to get up a bit earlier today and diligently cook a delicious breakfast for Silent Water.

Yesterday night, the white dragon known as Freed and the black dragon known as Yalide appeared again. This time they didn’t fight; rather, they discussed with me about how to quickly defeat the demons.

As we chatted, the white dragon said his light magic was good and the black dragon said his dark magic was good as well. In this manner, they got into another argument, but they didn’t fight, which was good. Moreover, from their argument, I also understood which attacks were effective in killing demons.

If it’s a relatively high level demon, I could absorb its dark magic and then convert it into my own power. Finally, I can then unleash my Sacred Fire — that way, I can avoid burning my soul. However, the prerequisite is that I must be battling a fire demon. Furthermore, if I don’t absorb enough power then I still need to consume a bit of my soul to activate the Sacred Fire.

In addition, I also became aware that the Sacred Fire can eliminate demons that are possessing human bodies. That bit, with regards to me, is the most important discovery. That’s because up until now, expelling a demon from a possessed body was the hardest undertaking in the modern world — let alone eliminating it.

“Master?” Silent Water rubbed her freshly woken eyes and said with a bit of shock as she saw me in the kitchen.

“Yo~ Silent Water, good morning.” Having caught sight of Silent Water’s messy hair, I felt that she was very cute. She should have just woken up.

“Good morning… eh?” At that moment, Silent Water realized that her hair was in a mess and immediately ran to the washroom.

Haha, sure enough, Silent Water is really cute. Only, her face seemed to appear a bit abnormal.

Ten minutes later, after washing up, Silent Water became a lot more spirited. Her hair was also combed as smoothly as it usually was. However, the weirdness on her face still didn’t go away.

Silent water looked at me a bit strangely and asked: “Master, today… why are you up so earlier? You obviously have to go to school, what if you’re not getting enough sleep? This sort of stuff… won’t it better if you hand it over to Silent Water?”

Silent Water, at the present, has basically already mastered my skills. In barely four days, she mastered my cooking skills that I spent five years on. In fact, the food she cooked was even more delicious compared to mine. Was this the the legendary “the student surpasses the teacher”?

“Today? I need to apologize for the matter from yesterday, so I’m cooking for Silent Water a serving of my specialty dish — egg fried rice. I believe you haven’t eat this before…”

“You really don’t have to apologize for yesterday…” Silent Water lowered her head, embarrassed.

“Silent Water… I don’t have anything I can give you, so…” Right, I’m not Silent Water’s real master and also haven’t given her anything. Originally I said I wanted to take care of her, but presently the situation is in reverse and I’m being taken care of by her…She cooks the food and also cleans the house.

“No… Master already gave me a lot…”

The current atmosphere, how do you say it? In any case, it felt weird…

I saw Silent Water’s sickly face and suddenly had an urge to want to embrace Silent Water?

“Mas…ter…” Silent Water’s body trembled suddenly in my embrace.

“Sorry, I don’t know… what this is about either.” What’s going on? Right after having the urge to hug Silent Water, in the next second I suddenly embraced Silent Water?

At that moment, I could feel that inside my body, something formless was flowing into Silent Water’s body. Silent Water also felt that her hands, which she originally didn’t know where to put, were now tightly embracing my waist.

After approximately 10 seconds, the feeling that resembled energy transfer faded away. At that moment, the strangeness on her face already disappeared and her usual rosiness was restored.

“Master… thank you…” What happened?

“Thank me for what?” I thought Silent Water would get mad instead.

“Thank you, your… formidable magic power… giving a bit of it to me…”

Magic power? What’s this about?

‘Boy…’ At that moment the voice of the white dragon, Freed, came up by my ear.

‘Freed? What’s this about?’

‘After fusing for so many days, Yalide and I can now communicate with you through your conscious. Even though we can keep this up for at most 1 hour a day, it is enough for us to assist you during emergencies. Remember, this must not be exposed or it will bring about lots of problems.’

‘Fusing? For now, let’s not talk about this. What was that just now?’

‘That? Oh, that. That was the spirit’s magic replenishment. You bastard, still have the nerve to talk about not forming a contract with her? Do you know that for a spirit to remaining and live normally in the human world, they need magic power?’

‘This…. I really didn’t know about it.’ That’s because it doesn’t seem to be written in any books. No…. as long as spirits exists, humans would probably always try to catch them to form contracts?

‘Okay, now I will simplify it for you. After spirits form a contract with humans, they can share magic power with their master. Humans can recover spiritual power daily and convert it to magic power. With this, they can supply their spirits with the necessary magic power. However, spirits without a contract need to use their own magic power to continue living in the human world. If spirits do not have a master, they will have a very slow magic power recovery. Furthermore, for king class spirits like her, naturally they will need a lot more magic power to support their activities.’

‘King class spirits? What is this about?’ I’ve heard about sharing of magic power before but I have never heard of king class spirits.

‘Are you serious? You don’t even know about this? King class spirits are the protector of the spirit race. In total, there are light, dark, water, fire, wind, lightning. These are the 6 basic elements. They are entrusted with the duty of protecting the spirit race. Their ancestors were our faithful servants.’

‘…… I really didn’t know about this.’ These books sure are useless. Furthermore, humans seldom venture into the dangerous demon world, so how would they be able to clearly understand about the spirits? In addition, not all spirits are as talkative as Silent Water…..

‘The higher the spirit class, the more magic power they need. The reason you unconsciously hugged her, was because your powers reacted to her needs. As a result, it led to resonance, which allows you to replenish her magic power through hugging her.’

‘So it was like this…. in that case, I can use magic now?’ I have always wanted to try those cool magic used by Takahashi.

‘Yes…. but the magic you use belong to the power type. Until you can learn to control that magic, all spells you use will go berserk.’ said Yalide.

So the reason was like this. This explains why during the first day, that mini tornado became a giant tornado instead.

‘How can I control this magic?’

‘I’m very sorry, but I don’t think there are any ways for you to control this magic.’

‘Why?’ Isn’t this too saddening?

‘It’s because you didn’t start practicing from a young age. Actually, it is all a coincidence that you are able to come to this world and us living in your body.’


‘As Yalide and I were sealed, our body had disappeared, however, our souls did not completely vanish. The current me is just a incomplete soul. Yalide and I had drifted though a few space, where time and space seems to be countless. I can’t remember drifting through how many space or how much time went by. Just like this, we drifted around for more than one thousand years. Only until a few days ago, did we happen to drift to your previous world, and you, coincidentally fell into the sea, and we accidentally bumped into you which brought out your soul. We have never come across this before….. perhaps your soul gave us power, and allowed us to return to this space and time, and even live inside your body….’

‘So it was like this…..’

“…… Master…… Master……. Excuse me, how are you?” Silent Water, extremely flustered, pulled my arm.

“Ah? What is it?“ While talking to Yalide, I had lost track of time.

“I knew it, it’s because you gave me too much magic power, so you’re probably tired?” Silent Water blamed herself as she spoke.

“No no no, this is definitely not it…. it’s just….. I was thinking too deeply about some things just now…..” I quickly patted Silent Water’s head.

Anyway, it’s good that nothing happened to her…..

“Don’t frown. I already said it doesn’t concern you. Have a seat, I’ll go and make some breakfast for you…..” While speaking, I continue to cook the fried rice from where I had left off.

After checking that I was no longer heavily distracted, the guilt she had had disappeared.

She quietly sat in front of the dining table and waited for me to finish cooking.

After taking a bite of the fried rice that I cooked, she covered her mouth and with a face full of happiness said: “So delicious…. Master…. thank you.”

“If you like it then it’s fine.”


After coming to school and seeing Satsuki sitting on her seat with a reddish complexion, I feel at ease.

“Yo~~ good morning.” I put down my bag and greeted her like usual.

“Ah… good morning.” said Satsuki with a face full of happiness.

Did something happened? This expression that Satsuki has.

“Did something good happened?” I asked.

“Ah? nothing.” Satsuki blankly looked at my face, then returned to her usual self and said.

What a strange girl.

“Xiang~ good morning.” Takahashi came over and greeted me.

Today’s Takahashi is handsome like usual.

“Satsuki-san, good morning.”

“Ah, good morning.” To my surprise, Satsuki actually looked at Takahashi as she answered. I simply can’t believe this.

“Takahashi seems to be surprised by Satsuki’s change as well, then he showed his white teeth, and handsomely said: “Today’s Satsuki…-san, feels very different.”

“Really….?” Satsuki actually smiled towards Takahashi…..

“I knew it, Satsuki-san is really pretty.” Ah~~~~~~ Takahashi is on the offense now

Go on, Satsuki, good luck, this is your chance to deepen your relationship with him.

“Haha, thanks.” Satsuki embarrassingly smiled.

What happened? Today’s Satsuki is so brave, from the looks of it, by tomorrow, their relationship should get hotter. Does catching a cold, change a person’s personality?

“Hey~~~ Satsuki-san, are you free today after school? I don’t have to work at the shop today, so do you want to watch a movie with me?” As expected of Takahashi, he’s so daring, so quickly asked Satsuki out to a movie.

Satsuki, you must grab hold of this opportunity, this is Takahashi’s first time asking a girl out to a date! ! !

Satsuki sweetly smiled and said: “I’m willing.” Wah~~~~ Today’s Satsuki is really brave.

The only thing is, what is this sour feeling in my heart? If anything else, I should be feeling happy…..

“However, I’m really sorry Takahashi-kun.” Satsuki again said: “I’m not free today.”

Did I hear wrongly? Did I hear wrongly? Satsuki, what did you just say?

Takahashi-kun did not mind and said: “Is that so, then tomorrow? I’m on leave tomorrow as well. Shall we go tomorrow then?”

At this point, I completely understood why Takahashi was on leave, it’s obviously because of Satsuki that he applied for one? Takahashi is working in a very popular coffee shop and how can such a popular coffee shop allow people to take a leave for two consecutive days?

Actually…. its popularity, should be due to Takahashi’s handsomeness?

I went to Takahashi’s shop before and I completely understood that those young girls came just to see Takahashi…..

“Hmm~~” Satsuki thought for awhile, and said: “I’m not sure if I’m free tomorrow, why not wait till tomorrow and decide?

Ha? Satsuki…. what are you saying…. do you even have other things to do? Don’t think I don’t know that you didn’t join any clubs. After school, at most you and a few other girls went to the cake shop to eat some cakes and headed straight home after that like a good girl….

— The above information, all of it came from the nerdy Lin Xiang that likes Satsuki, to the degree of madness, who after a few days of stalking, managed to obtain this information…..

“Is that so? Then I will invite you again tomorrow.” Takahashi cooly turn around, and went back to his seat.

“Hey…. what are you doing? That was such a good opportunity.”

“Did you forgot what we said yesterday, about accompanying me to buy magic books? said Satsuki.

“Can’t we just buy the magic books at a later time? Just now was a such a good chance….” Speaking of which, I had forgotten about this. This girl only dares to talk face to face with Takahashi, but is still timid, so she didn’t go with Takahashi? But… seeing her expression, she doesn’t look timid at all ! !

“I don’t know as well, I only know that I want to be with you…. No, what I said just now was wrong, what I wanted to say was, I wanted to buy magic books today.” Satsuki’s pinkish face suddenly redden. Was it because of what she said that she’s afraid that I will misunderstand?

The only thing is, this is so strange. In the past, whenever Takahashi is beside her, her face will be reddish no matter what, but now, there isn’t any reaction when she talks to Takahashi face to face.

“Oh.” I nodded my head. Even though I’m not sure what’s going with her, if she doesn’t feel like going, then she don’t have to go.


The first class was a spirit explanation class. Originally I was relatively interested in this class, however, since I could currently speak with Freed, I’d obviously listen to Freed’s explanation of spirits.

I laid on the desk and seriously discussed with Freed about the origins of spirits and other things concerning spirits. Not sure when, Satsuki forcibly shook me and I lifted my head up to look. I discovered that the entire class was watching me, Satsuki was also looking at me awkwardly.

The teacher said to me angrily: “Lin Xiang-san? Don’t tell me you think you completely understand spirits, hm?”

I stood up, bowed and said: “I’m sorry.”

“Being apologetic allows you to attend class and not pay attention? Now, I’ll ask you a question and if you can’t answer it, then you will copy the book a hundred times for me.”

I took a look at the book that appeared to be thick as a dictionary and swallowed my saliva: “Please ask your question.”

“Hmph. Your attitude isn’t too bad, but I won’t let you go just like that.” After saying that, he cleared his throat and then asked: “A spirit, how does it select the master it needs?”

“According to the degree of its summoner’s spiritual power, it will select the master suited for itself. If the summoner’s power is too low and a high level spirit selected him, then the power of that high level spirit will be hindered and it’s power will decline. Therefore, high level spirits require humans with high concentration of spiritual power to summon them into the Human World. However, for weak spirits, in order to avoid being hunted by demons, will also select a master suited for themselves. As a result, just because a spirit user has low spiritual power, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have spirits.”

Satsuki originally wanted to open the book, she was certain that I wouldn’t be able to answer. However, after my complete answer came out, she could only stare at me blankly.

The teacher’s facial expression could not be described, he coughed suddenly and then said: “Not bad, you can be considered to have passed. In that case, here’s another question.”

I already knew he wouldn’t let me go this easily. Just like the homeroom teacher.

I nodded my head.

“For the various kinds of spirits, how do they assist their masters?” The teacher’s facial expression was very wicked, he appeared to be completely convinced that I wouldn’t be able to answer.

At that moment, the students in the class also whispered: “What? Isn’t that kind of difficulty clearly making someone copy?”

“Do you know?”

“I don’t know.”

“It not written in the book…”

“This shouldn’t be content to be learned next semester, right?”

Satsuki also desperately flipped through the book, but once I opened my mouth to speak, she just stared at me: “Spirits, all together can be divided into 9 different attributes: wind, fire, water, lightning, wood, earth, metal, fog and poison.” Light and darkness, I didn’t dare to say. That was because nobody knew that there were light and darkness spirits.

I now recalled that the angels’ “divine beasts”, should be light attribute spirits and that the demons’ “demonic beasts”, should be darkness attribute spirits.

“They will select their own masters according to their own attribute. Some may choose identical attributes, while some may choose interdependent attributes. For example: fog attribute spirits, they can confuse enemies, that is, they can release a so-called illusion technique. No matter if it’s to attack an enemy or to flee, they can play a very good role.” I raised an example.

“Wind attribute spirits are able to hasten their masters’ attack speed. Although they’re classified as a magical-support type attribute, if they take the initiate to attack, their power isn’t too bad. Fire spirits, with their astonishing destructive power, are capable of melting rocks with their flames. Water spirits, with a defensive power and an attack power that can be said to be perfect, are relatively popular spirits. Lightning spirits are the embodiment of thunder and lightning, and have extreme speed and formidable attack power; they are spirits that are relatively difficult to control. Wood spirits, being able to freely control plants, possess strong capabilities in pinning down enemy movement. Earth spirits, the most commonly seen type of spirit, have the Earth as their strength and possess frightening physical power. However, their attack power isn’t too high. They are more commonly used in construction. Metal spirits are able to transform into various kinds of weapons and are relatively unusual spirits. Poison spirits are proficient with poisons and are basically very rare to see; most of them are contracted to dark magicians.” I gave out all the spirits’ capabilities, so I should be able to pass the test?

Once I finished speaking, besides Satsuki who had used a type of proud facial expression — ‘He is my desk-mate’ to look at me, all the other people used some unexplainable expression to look at me. The teacher clapped his hands and then nodded his head: “Lin Xiang-san…You don’t have to listen to my class anymore. In fact, truthfully speaking, I believe spirit explanation class is a completely meaningless subject. The two questions you just answered are actually the crucial points we need to learn this year. We need to understand the criteria that spirits use to select their masters and the abilities of the various kinds of spirits, even though other people that may understand the abilities of spirits feel that knowing this is useless. However, they do not understand that a spirit’s ability, apart from one’s own power, is the other condition in allowing oneself to become stronger. A strong ability user, the reason why they’re strong is because they understand how to use their own power and their spirit’s power to defeat their enemy. Since you are able to remember the effects of so many spirits, just by relying on that point, I understand that you already completely grasp the comprehension of what the abilities of spirits are.”

At that moment, the teacher’s facial expression was extremely haggard… right, I remembered my classmates saying that when he was younger he was originally a powerful spirit user, but because his own spirit, in order to save him, forcibly released their contract and died. From then on, he fell from grace. Originally he was someone capable of becoming an elite guardian of the Human World, but now he has become a no-name teacher.

“You can sit down first.” The teacher waved his hand and then pulled himself together and said: “I said he doesn’t have to listen to my class, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of you can. You guys need to seriously pay attention and understand spirits from head to toe.”

Since he said I didn’t need listen to his class, by right, I could properly lay down to chat with Freed.

—————————————— After Class ————————————

“Lin Xiang, not bad, for an idiot.” Satsuki happily patted me, making it seem like she was the one who answered.

“I’m an idiot… in that case, what are you?” I raised my hand in preparation to mess up Satsuki’s hair. She didn’t evade; rather, she took the initiative to stretch her head over.

I saw Takahashi coming over, stopped, and immediately withdrew my hand.

“Xiang~ You are really impressive, even Fukichi, that stubborn old man, was helpless against you.” Takahashi said a word of praise to me and then shifted his eyesight over to Satsuki.

“Satsuki-san, since there is a 10 minute break now, how about we go buy some juice? I’ll treat you.”

“Thanks, Takahashi-kun, I’m not thirsty.” After saying that, Satsuki took out her English book and started to study some words.

Takahashi paid it no mind and smiled: “In that case, good luck with your studying, I won’t disturb you.”

That period was English class, I didn’t dare to sleep. At least in her class I don’t sleep, but I’m not like the other male students, continuously staring at Ijima Meiko’s face in hopes that her beautiful electrifying eyes could settle over their bodies for just a moment.

As for me, I was looking at the English text in the back. That’s because, I discovered something fascinating. The nerdy Lin Xiang’s academic achievement was 2nd place in his entire grade, but I knew that he mechanically memorized everything in order to obtain that kind of achievement.

English, with regards to him, was the hardest subject. But right now, no matter which page I flipped to, I could actually understand every page, seemingly as if I originally spoke English.

This fascinating matter made me feel endlessly excited. I continuously flipped through the book, looked at the text that I previously didn’t understand, completely understanding them now.

“Is there a problem with the book? Lin Xiang-san?” All of a sudden, an extremely compelling voice rang by the side of my ear.

I raised my head to look. Meiko-sensei, at some unknown time, stood beside me.

‘Shit, I was momentarily too excited to the point that I was in a trance and didn’t take note of her coming.’ My mind was secretly shocked, but thinking carefully, what was there to be afraid of?

“Reporting to sensei, there isn’t anything wrong.” I replied like a soldier.

At that moment, a pleasant laughter that seeped into a person’s heart rang in the peaceful classroom. I only saw Meiko-sensei use her beautiful smile to look at me: “You’re very amusing, the you from before was very timid. Is it that after catching a cold, a person will change? Actually saying ‘reporting to sensei?’ haha~~~”

Catching a cold will change a person, that point, I agreed; Satsuki was just like that. However, that was the first time I saw Meiko-sensei laugh. She laughs so beautifully.

At that moment, I clearly detected the killing intent within the eyes of the male students in the class. That’s probably because Meiko-sensei, said to be an ice-queen, has never laughed in class before.

You must understand, other male students have racked their brains in hopes of gaining her one laugh. But at that moment, because of my one phrase, she laughed so happily.

The male students in the class naturally enjoyed her beautiful smile, but at the same time, also had produced some resentment towards me.

They were probably thinking: “How could that worthless Lin Xiang make Meiko-sensei laugh? I clearly thought of so many jokes, yet still couldn’t get her to laugh once. Don’t tell me I’m worse off than that worthless Lin Xiang?” I suspected that’s what they’re thinking.

“Alright, since you said it’s so simple, stand up, I’ll ask you a question.” Meiko-sensei winked her eyes with a hidden meaning.

Sensei, can you take a look at the surrounding atmosphere? You actually winked that cutely at me?

I helplessly stood up, at that moment, Satsuki looked at me unhappily. Why was she unhappy? Right now I’m not worried about that, I’m only worried about what kind of question she would ask me.

“What’s your name?” Meiko-sensei used English to ask me a simple question.

“Lin Xiang.” I replied in English.


I glanced at the seemingly happy Meiko-sensei, and then helplessly replied: “Male.”

“Aren’t you a student?”


“Aren’t you a breakfast person?”

“Yes.” Right now I felt that the questions she asked have a degree of difficulty, because ‘aren’t’ questions in English are easily misleading.

“Aren’t you currently in class?” Right now I also realized that words she used in her questions aren’t the simple commonly used words learned in middle school. Rather, some are relatively lesser used and troublesome words. I really admire myself for actually picking it up.


“Aren’t you fond of me?”


“Pu~~~” Meiko-sensei laughed.

Satsuki also secretly hit me, what happened? Carefully recalled…

“No, no, I’m not fond of Meiko-sensei… Ah, wrong, I am fond of Meiko-sensei… ah… huh? Strange… that…”

Meiko laughed while covering her stomach with her hand and placed her other beautiful white hand — which countless boys yearn to hold — on my shoulder, as if we were good friends for many years. She laughed for a while and then said: “You’re so funny, I feel that you’ve really changed.” Right now she still spoke in English: “At the moment, do you like me or do you not like me?”

What’s so funny? I don’t understand…

“I…” At the moment, I saw Satsuki pout her lips, she appeared to be unhappy.

“I also… don’t know.” I really don’t know how to reply to her, if I said I don’t like her, it would appear as if I wasn’t giving her any face. Yet, if I said I like her, it would become a somewhat strange situation.

“Aiya, how terrible, I forgot we’re currently in class. Your change is to blame, causing me to lose my self-control.” Meiko withdrew her hand: “Alright, it seems as if you indeed already have a good grasp in this area that can easily be mixed up.” Currently, she was still speaking in English, some of the class basically can’t understand.

After that, she couldn’t help but laugh again: “But, next time before you answer a question, you need to listen carefully to the question. Right now, I’ll just consider that you like me. In that case, when will you invite me to go on a date?”

“Ha?” Not only did I yell out, but the boys in the class yelled out as well. That’s because after Meiko finished asking her question, she spoke in Japanese, so the boys in the class also heard it.

“I…” I didn’t know how to reply, I just said: “Sensei, don’t forget we’re currently in class… Pranks and what not, shouldn’t be played.”

“Right right right. But, not sure why, I just feel a lot happier right now, little Xiang. Oh, you don’t mind me calling you that, right?”

“I don’t mind…” Today’s Meiko-sensei, her behaviour is really too strange.

“In that case, little Xiang, after class come find me in the office.” Meiko-sensei turned around and walked back to platform.

“What’s the matter?” I asked what was inside every male student’s thoughts.

“You’ll know when you come. Sit down first.” Meiko-sensei winked at me, bewitchingly. Afterwards, she stood back up on the platform; her face already recovered its original ice-cold appearance.

I sat down, Satsuki coldly said: “How great, Meiko-sensei is inviting you to go to the office.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? She’s just joking.”

“Oh? Joking?” At that moment, I realized that Satsuki was mad, because her tiny mouth was pouting.

Why was she angry?

“Right, didn’t you see just now her face was full of desire to tease me?”

“That I really couldn’t make out, I only made out that she is very interested in you.”

“…” What else can I say? As I looked at Satsuki’s pouting lips on top of her knitted eyebrows, I knew that right now, her mood was extremely bad.

The more I talk, the more mistakes I would make. The less I talk, the better. Therefore, I decided to not talk. If it was after class I could perhaps pat her head and divert her attention; but, right now we’re in class, so I don’t dare.

In any case, I knew Meiko-sensei was just joking.

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