DKC – Chapter 867

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Chapter 867 – A glimmer of hope (8)

It never crossed anybody’s mind, that it would react like this.

Su Luo was the first to react: “Quickly, chase after it!”

Zi Yan broke out of her stupor immediately after, and released her strides to chase out after it.

With great difficulty, they had cut out a spirit pet, how could they let it run away just like this?

The little divine dragon ran first, Su Luo followed close behind, and then followed by Zi Yan.

However, when Su Luo ran to the cave entrance, she saw someone holding her little divine dragon up by its tail.

And that person——

Was actually Fairy Yan Xia!

“Zi Yan, you go ahead and chase after it first.” Su Luo calmly instructed Zi Yan.

“But…” Zi Yan was somewhat hesitant.

“Fairy Yan Xia is a friend of my master’s, she has something to say to me. You being here will not be convenient.” Su Luo’s face was calm, but whether her heart was also calm, only she would know.

“Okay then, let’s meet up at the foot of the mountain when the time comes.” After Zi Yan finished her sentence, she dashed in the direction where the little elemental elf fled to.

On the empty grounds in front of the cliff wall, Su Luo stood calmly for a long time.

The one and only Fairy Yan Xia was standing before her.

Today’s Fairy Yan Xia wore a blue, wide-sleeved and flowy fairy robe, along with her creamy skin and fiery red lips, she looked like a blue rose demon.

Su Luo was looking at her indifferently, neither haughtily nor humbly, she said: “The dragon race is naturally arrogant, with extremely huge ego, Predecessor might as well let him go first.”

“Are you threatening this fairy?” Fairy Yan Xia flicked her wide sleeve in a harsh and imposing manner that could dominate over the world.

“This junior wouldn’t dare. Junior just wouldn’t want predecessor to make an enemy on all sides.” Su Luo smiled faintly.

“What you mean is, that this fairy already has enough enemies?” Fairy Yan Xia’s tone was emphatic and menacing.

Su Luo’s heart was somewhat annoyed, eyebrows knitting slightly.

What was up with Fairy Yan Xia this time?

They had met once before in the throne room, at that time, Fairy Yan Xia was cold and indifferent towards her. She had completely ignored her, but this time… why did it feel like she was intentionally targeting her?

Could it be that Fairy Yan Xia was going through menopause? The corners of Su Luo’s mouth curled up slightly.

In order not to annoy this person with strong cultivation but who was an emotionally unstable old woman, Su Luo smiled shallowly: “If Predecessor has come to look for my master, then it is a bit unfortunate, Master went chasing after Ci Ning.”

“This fairy knows.” Fairy Yan Xia looked at Su Luo with a smile that was not quite a smile.

She knew? If she knew, then why was she waiting here for? If she wanted, she should chase after him without delay. Su Luo silently cursed in her heart.

“This time, this fairy came especially to look for you.” The corners of Fairy Yan Xia’s eyes perked up a little and the smile on her face widened.

“Looking for me?” Su Luo felt this was getting increasingly weirder.

She absolutely had no relationship with this legendary, second most wanted Fairy Yan Xia.

“Right, exactly to look for you.” Fairy Yan Xia tossed the little divine dragon into her bosom, “Fine, go with this fairy.”

As she was talking, she turned to leave.

What could this be regarded as…

Su Luo stopped her footsteps: “Don’t know where Predecessor is taking me?”

Su Luo didn’t even refer to herself as junior anymore.

Fairy Yan Xia’s lips curled into a sneer: “Is this you not wanting to go?”

Fairy Yan Xia’s face clouded over, an imperceptibly strong, overbearing force pressing down on her.

Before, Elder Luo had somewhat restrained himself, but the Fairy Yan Xia right now had burst out with a berserk pressure without a bit of restraint.

Under this overbearing pressure, Su Luo only felt all of her bones echo with cracking sounds, as if her body would explode in the next second.

“Prede….cessor!” Su Luo clenched her teeth, subsequently, a mouthful of blood rushed out.

The murderous-looking Fairy Yan Xia had no intention of sparing her!

Su Luo was extremely puzzled, she had no idea where she had offended this unstable and likes-to-be-angry old woman.

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