DKC – Chapter 866

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Chapter 866 – A glimmer of hope (7)

The round belly was still rising and falling, obviously, this little thing was still alive.

“What… is this?” Zi Yan couldn’t bear it anymore and extended her finger to poke at that thing’s cheek.

Su Luo slanted her head and studied it for a while, eventually shaking her head: “Haven’t seen it before.”

Pudgy, round, looked strong and good-natured, it looked a little like a blue elf.

“How did it get sealed in there?” Zi Yan felt that this was extremely mystical.

This cave was sealed away in the cliff, and this little thing again was sealed inside the source stone.

This time, if it wasn’t for the little divine dragon’s acting before thinking, this little thing would have had to spend countless years without being discovered by people.

“What I’m curious about is how is it still alive until now?” Su Luo poked its melon-shaped head, curiously provoking that cute, infant-like elf.

“What I’m curious about is when it will wake up.” Zi Yan had a very good impression of this little thing.

Before her words faded, a little paw suddenly appeared from the side, with a ‘pow’ sound slapping the little elf’s head.

That force was really great.

Su Luo and Zi Yan didn’t immediately check, thus allowing the little elf to be slapped like this.

Su Luo dumbfoundedly stared at the little divine dragon: “Why are you hitting it?”

That’s right, the paw that extended out from the side was indeed the little divine dragon’s.

Zi Yan’s heart was extremely pained and hurriedly picked up the elf to hug it to her bosom. She rubbed that round head, and did not forget to lecture the little divine dragon: “Even though you’re strong, you shouldn’t wantonly hit people. Some people could die after one of your hits, you know?”

Little divine dragon opened his big, innocent and limpid eyes, and looked at Zi Yan in confusion… it didn’t understand.

At this moment, the plump arm of the elf in Zi Yan’s bosom moved a little.

Immediately after, that pair of eyes slowly opened.

“So as it turned out, waking it up by hitting it works.” Su Luo realized suddenly and immediately rubbed the little divine dragon’s head.

This guy had inherited memory, so he understood a lot of things.

The little elf laying in Zi Yan’s embrace, was looking directly at her with its pair of clear monochrome eyes.

Zi Yan met its eyes.

Su Luo was digging through the memories in her brain, suddenly, a light turned on: “Could it be an Elemental Elf?”

“Elemental Elf?” Zi Yan had astonishment written all over her face.

“It’s very possible.” Su Luo leaned close and carefully examined it: “It is said that an Elemental Elf can provide its master with an infinite supply of spirit power.”

For most people, they needed to take Spirit Restoration Pills to replenish their spirit powers. However, an expert in possession of an Elemental Elf, didn’t need to take a Spirit Restoration Pill, their Elemental Elf could provide a steady stream of spirit force to restore their powers.

“This, isn’t this being too blessed?” Everyone knew, how expensive high grade Spirit Restoration Pills cost.

If in the future, there was no need for the Spirit Restoration Pill to replenish her spirit powers… Zi Yan’s face suddenly lit up with excitement!

Su Luo was also happy for her.

She had a limitless supply of Spirit Restoration Pills on her, so an Elemental Elf was of little use to her. But with regards to Zi Yan, who was not Apothecary material, it was indeed a rare to come by treasure.

The little elemental elf tilted its round head, and blinked its pair of huge, clear and monochrome eyes, showing its confusion and helplessness.

“Aiyo, then this is great, from now on… “ Zi Yan was unable to contain her joy.

However, before she could finish speaking——

This little elemental elf lowered its head and bit Zi Yan’s finger firmly, and in a flash, it darted away into the air at full speed.

Don’t just think that because its little figure was round, that it would be heavy, but it was extremely fast, like light it flashing past them.

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