DKC – Chapter 679

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Chapter 679 – Breaking through to advance a rank (4)

He was of the lightning element system.

Among all the elements, the lightning element had the strongest attack power.

Not waiting for Li Aoqiong to make a move, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan’s eyes met, both of them simultaneously pounced towards Li Aoqiong like hungry wolves!

Li Aoqiong, as the Jade Lake’s Li family’s Young Master, his strength was very strong. Among their younger generation, only Nangong Liuyun could completely suppress him.

Originally, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan could not hold him off. However, because Su Luo had given each of them a martial arts secret book before, their strengths had increased by leaps and bounds. Due to them having studied diligently, in the end, they were able to break through to the seventh rank. As a result, the two of them together could now fight Li Aoqiong to a standstill.

However, in the end, the scales still fell towards one side.

One could only see a shadow slowly appearing behind Li Aoqiong.

“Second Uncle Li?” Seeing this, Beichen Ying’s complexion immediately became ugly.

The Li family’s second uncle was Li Yaoxiang.

The Li family was truly extremely shameless!

They agreed not to chase and kill Su Luo within a year, yet, they went back on their words. Nangong had just left and they had already torn up the contract.

This still does not count.

One Li Aoqiong at the summit of seventh rank was still fine, now, an eighth rank Li Yaoxiang had come. These two were both masters at the Jade Lake Palace.

Dispatching the two of them just to kill a young woman? The Jade Lake’s Palace had simply become extremely shameless.

An angry expression appeared on Beichen Ying’s face: “Second Uncle Li, based on your status, you aren’t moving to kill the younger generation, right? If these words spread, it won’t be pleasant to hear.”

Li Yaoxiang had his hands folded behind him, leisurely standing in his original position and even smiling coldly towards Beichen Ying: “The younger generation should not meddle in other people’s business, to avoid bringing calamity to your Beichen Palace.”

Among the three great palaces, Beichen Palace’s relationship with the Green Jade’s Palace was pretty good. However, they were always estranged with the Jade Lake Palace.

Beichen Ying was so angry that his complexion became beet red and he threateningly said: “Second Uncle Li, if you truly make a move, then do not blame this nephew for spreading this matter to the storytellers. At that time, Li family’s second uncle’s name will resound all over the continent! Jade Lake’s Li family going back on their words will also be spread. At that time, when the Jade Lake’s Palace’s reputation reaches rock bottom, then do not come to blame this nephew!”

Li Yaoxiang coldly smiled.

One could only see him fling his sleeves, and immediately, ten blue-gowned people noiselessly surrounded Su Luo in a circle, who was sitting on the spirit stone altar.

Immediately, thick killing intent tensed up the atmosphere.

Li Yaoxiang cast Beichen Ying a glance, a crafty expression flashing through his gaze: “They are not people from the Li family, and could not be regarded as going against the contract.”

Clearly, he knew about the one year agreement between Li Aoqiong and Su Luo.

Li Yaoxiang’s hands moved slightly.

As long as he waved his hands, the ten assassins surrounding Su Luo would immediately cut her up into fine powder, forever disappearing from this continent.

Seeing the tragedy that was about to happen, Beichen Ying and Lan Xuan could not stop their fighting to help, their hearts were extremely anxious.

They were extremely close to Nangong Liuyun, so they knew that this time, Nangong Liuyun’s feelings towards Su Luo was genuine. His feelings would inevitably shock them speechless if they underestimated its depths. In his heart, there simply was no place for Li Yaoyao, even their childhood feelings growing up didn’t exist anymore.

If Su Luo was to lose her life under their protection, then, their brotherly affection would also come to an end.

The most important thing was, no one could imagine what kind of crazy things he would do if he learned the news of Su Luo’s death.

“Li Yaoxiang, quickly stay your hand!” The more Beichen Ying thought about it, the more terrified he became. Seeing Li Yaoxiang raise his hands high, immediately, he started to shout loudly from worry.

“Motherf*cking Li Yaoxiang, you wish to destroy the entire Jade Lake’s Li family, right? Quickly stay your hand! Stop!” Lan Xuan was so anxious that his eyes became red, abandoning the fight with Li Aoqiong and directly rushing towards Li Yaoxiang!

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    Will he simply goes on rampage and starts to kill any and everyone who ever showed hostility to Su Luo (Jade Lake, the Imperial family, etc) until he runs out of strength or succeeds.

    Will he suicides while making some speech to forever haunts the slut that she will NEVER have him, and that he will move on to go after his ONE TRUE LOVE.

    Will he marries her but then never even give a crap about her?
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        They idiotically think that Nangong Liuyun has feelings for Li Yunyun, but then again they mistakenly thought that his platonic childhood friendship was romantic interest so it’s pretty clear the Jade Lake Li family are bad at social cues and good at lying to themselves.

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